It was on the outside


4. Entry four

This wasn't right, it never was.We shouldn't be here, we never should have. we looked both at dad, he got out of the car and never looked back.I didn't shout, i didn't scream. I just watched. In shock, and fear.

A figure was coming up the road, closer and closer, a woman soon became clear. Her brown curly hair flowed past her shoulders, her eyes covered with black shades, she wore a black gown. "Hello kids" said the woman calmly when she got to us "I'm your cousin, Ivy" She looked like she had no relation to us what so either, here eye color a light blue whereas me and my brother Gabriel had misty green eyes.

"I heard about your parents for i am a good friends of the woman with the accusation" she said smoothly.

"Did she meen frenimy?" muttered my brother. I didn't have a clever answer as i was confused.

"You will be staying with me and my family" said Ivy in a almost angelic voice.       

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