My dream Adventure

Join me on my adventure that I dream of doing.

It's a little strange and I know it will never happen...


2. 1

It starts off when I was in school and I was asked to get something from the store room. I walked out of the classroom and went into the messy, dark storeroom to hunt for some markers and paint that I was asked to get.

I found a piece of material and as lifted it up to look underneath my foot moved from the door and it closed. I was whizzed into a multi-coloured portal. It seemed like I was spinning for hours until... BUMP! I landed on the ground. I looked around and saw duck sized horses all around me.

Where was I? How did I get here through my class storeroom?


I stood up slowly and stumbled across the rocky ground to an apple tree. I climbed up the rough tree and picked an juicy red apple.

I munched on it as I made my way to a large village with lots of people. Some held jewelry up to me asking if I wanted to buy some of it. Some offered treats and phones. I pushed on past until I reached the city hall. The mayor said  that I was in Speller. I think I read a book about this place.

This town is full of magic. I strolled along the town and bumped into four of the characters. Abby, Spike, Captain Starlight and The Great Mandini.

"Hello, how do I get back to Lonick?" I asked.

"Just go to the bank and around the corner there should be a post box. Whisper into it where you wish to go then step into the portal," said Abby.

"Thank-you," I said and headed on my way.

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