Two in One

Should I try and fit in with the populars or be an individual?
Should I stay friends with Katy or branch out and make new ones?
The horrors and delights of secondary school are confined in this diary written with such passion by young Robyn.


1. Things are ok, I guess

Dear Diary,

Its Friday at last! Seems like Monday was a month ago! Jacky, the most popular girl in school, has actually invited me, the nobody, to join her gang and go to the cinema tonight. It took some persuading till I got a yes from mum…  Alright, a lot of persuading. I got there in the end though. The simple guilt trip…

“Hey mum, did you know everyone’s parents have said yes to the cinema. They can all go apart from me, even Katy (my best friend whose mum is super protective). Also, remember just the other day when you had a lot on your plate and I collected Louis from Nursery…”

She said yes at that stage which was perfect if I want to fit in here at secondary school. Katy has been my bezzie since infants; I can’t afford to lose her now. Although she has suddenly gone all grown up, tossing on tonnes of massacre each day making her look like a panda.

Oh yeah, and Louis, well he’s my little brother just a toddler. When I say brother, he is more of a step brother. My hooked up with this college crush and had me pretty young, but then he ran off soon after I was born leaving mum to fend for herself. Then mum met this other guy when I was 6, I can’t really remember it apart from it being perfect at first. Thought he was a real gentleman, taking mum out for meals and looking after her and myself. Mum married him and got pregnant with Louis. Like my dad he ran off too, the minute mum gave birth. What is Men’s problem with babies. Oh well, we are happy now though. Mum is doing just fine, were coping with the little money we can scrape together.



30 minutes later…

Also the fittest guy at school will be there, Alex! He has a 6 pack, we’ve all seen. During our previous residential when we went swimming he couldn’t help but show it off. And his hair… the way he flicks it into place every 10 seconds. By the way he is also the fastest boy in the school and he wins all the cross-country races too. He is also clever in the top set for everything. I guess you’re asking the same question I’m thinking, “Doesn’t that mean he shows resemblance to a god?” well no! He always swears and hangs out with the populars, tries too hard to be cool. If not I would be over to him in a sec. I still like him though. So does every girl. Let’s just hope I don’t embarrass myself tonight; I can always feel my cheeks burning as a turn a magenta colour. The way I start blushing in front of him makes it “obvious I like him” apparently, at least that’s what Jacky said.

I heard mums footsteps up the stairs then a head popped round the door looking as if it was levitating with nothing supporting it. “As is a big night for you,” she said, “I’ve come to give you a make-over!” Her voice was shrill with pure excitement and delight as she stood clutching a ginormous make-up bag. “Sit down Robyn,” mum said pointing her finger towards my dressing table. I walked cautiously towards the chair then let myself sink into the soft cushion. I heard the clatter of Louis downstairs, for a second I felt mum hesitate. I was almost sure she was about to leave me and ruin this magical moment. But she didn’t. Mum stayed right by my side and continued to unzip the bag, out the corner of my eye I saw a glimpse of what looked like colourful treasures. It held such a range of brightly coloured nail varnishes and lipstick. I never knew mum to be glamour queen, in fact I don’t remember the last time I saw her wearing make-up.

She began with the mascara, a dark brown to match my hair. Then on went the eye shadow, a bluey greeny colour, then the lipstick and foundation. I felt mum tackling my mob of hair, my head of great tangles and curls. In the end she got there, she tamed it. I was ready; my make-over was finished. I sat apprehensively facing my dressing table. The mirror was hidden under my t-shirt so as to hide the operation in hand. I felt mums warm sweaty palm grip mine as she took once last look at her masterpiece before removing the t-shirt covering the mirror allowing myself to see the miracle she had worked.



I sat there, mouth open, stunned. Mum smiled eagerly at my response, grinning from ear to ear. “How?” Is all I could muster. “How” is all I could say. I kept repeating the word over and over again, “How?” “How?” “How?”

A ring at the doorbell interrupted my thoughts as I abruptly snapped out of my day dream. I kissed mum and hugged her hard, trying hard not to cry as to keep my mascara from running. “I love you mum, I love you” I repeated with such emotion, I could see she was filling up too. “How did you do it? How did you make me look so beautiful?”


I was still in shock as I reached the front door to find Katy. It was such a change from my usual jeans and t-shirt. Katy was stood in a long black dress with sequins round the top, it was very grown up and I guessed it was probably her older sister’s in year 11 as the little Katy I knew would never be able to buy something that damn expensive as well as the certainty that this dress was from the adults section where as Katy has enough trouble trying to wear things from the teenage section. As it is Katy was struggling to keep her dress up, it kept slipping down, which I found quite amusing. “Bye girls!” I heard a call from the kitchen; in mums please go now you’re letting in a draft voice. So I closed the door behind me and prepared myself for a night I would never forget!

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