Two in One

Should I try and fit in with the populars or be an individual?
Should I stay friends with Katy or branch out and make new ones?
The horrors and delights of secondary school are confined in this diary written with such passion by young Robyn.


2. The night out

“Nice outfit Robyn,” Katy said as we walked through the gate out onto the pavement. I saw Jacky hand in hand with Alex. She was wearing a pearl coloured extremely short dress and as for Alex, he was wearing a jet black suit and had jelled his hair up making him look more gorgeous than ever!

So there I was, about to go into town with my mates. Wait… Let me rephrase that, going into town with Katy and her new friends. I turned and look back at the house one more time before following them off downtown.


When we arrived at the cinema Jacky got out her pink diamond purse and laid a £20 note on the counter, “four of us to see lovers revenge.” She snatched the tickets off the counter when the young women on the counter placed them down then walked off without even saying thank you. I gave the young women an apologising smile then ran off to catch the others up. When Katy saw me running round the corner to join them she looked at me then turned her head back quickly, with obvious embarrassment. What was wrong with her? Suddenly she’s turned into this totally cool; completely and utterly care how I look, all about me friend. I’m the one who had to wait with her in year 2 when she wet herself for miss to find her a dry pair of pants. I didn’t complain. Anyway we entered the dark room and the immediate smell of popcorn hit me, I stumbled as we tried to find our seats and Katy left me and walked over to sit the other side of Jacky. That was it. That was the final straw. I’d had it with that girl. She can’t expect me to still like her, she can’t expect me to still be her friend when she goes round half the time pretending she doesn’t know me, embarrassed to be seen with me in public. And even abandoning me for Jacky! Before I knew it I was sat down in the seat beside Alex! As Katy had moved I was left with Alex, don’t get me wrong, this was not a problem. Not a problem at all. The lights were now off, I could see nothing. The sudden brightness of the screen as the film began hurt my eyes, leaving me squinting at the screen. The film was called “lovers revenge” I had merely assumed that it would be about a lovely couple who broke up then maybe one of them plotting a revenge like a fun prank. But I was wrong, so very wrong. We saw a 10 min clip of their relationship before. Making love on the beach and going on dates. Then the guy said something wrong, something that upset her. Then they split up in a horrendous way. The rest of the entire film was just about the woman plotting to kill him. Yes, kill him! It was a disgusting murder; she strapped him to a table and sawed him in half while he was still alive. During this film though, I was paying no attention to the murderous plot. No, I sat gazing at Alex. I’d never seen such detail up close of his face. The credits ran and I quickly averted my gaze to the floor. I couldn’t have Alex thinking I’m some sort of psycho. Why is it that 99% of me knows he’s a popular and devoting your entire teenage years to making sure you look amazing everywhere you go and have the most expensive, coolest clothes is part of being one. And personally I think it’s ridiculous. So why is it that that 1% of me adores him? The way he looks, the way he acts, just how he is overwhelms me. What I don’t understand is how that 1% can make me love him the way I do when that 99% is so strong in my mind too. Love is something I’ll never work out. What I do know though, is that the film is over and I can hear Alex’s soft yet manly voice in my ear asking if I will please get up and leave because we are the last people left in the cinema and I am at the end of the row so they can’t get out until I move. I am such an idiot, I couldn’t stop cursing myself for that, what an embarrassment, being the last people in the cinema and having to be asked by my dreamboat to move. On the plus side, he spoke to me! I didn’t have to be told twice. Quickly I got up leaving popcorn crumbs over the floor where I had been sitting then evacuated the cinema. It wasn’t over yet though. The night was still young and I had a hell lot of embarrassment still to go. If I could see into the future then I would have gone home at this point. I would have used any excuse what so ever as no excuse would be more embarrassing than what I was to go through that evening.

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