Two in One

Should I try and fit in with the populars or be an individual?
Should I stay friends with Katy or branch out and make new ones?
The horrors and delights of secondary school are confined in this diary written with such passion by young Robyn.


4. Survival

The sound of my brother’s voice woke me up the next morning. “Is Robyn ok?” he whispered in his babyish voice to mum who replied, “I think she had a rough night darling, that’s all,” Then they walked away. I heard there footsteps creaking on the landing and felt touched that my four year old brother was actually concerned about his sister, I knew that give it six years’ time and he would be embarrassed to be seen with me, especially if I acted the way I did last night. Thank Goodness it was a weekend; I would have two days to work out how I was going to survive the rest of my life at Greenville prep? I plunged my face back into the pillow and buried it deep, Alex would never talk to me again and Jacky would make sure that everyone in the school would know about last night, in fact they probably already do. “Jacky?” I heard mum call softly through the door. I decided to answer, after all mum was trying hard and I could tell she felt sorry for me. “Yeah mum?” The door opened just a crack and her head peeped round the door. I smiled at her, which was enough to say, “I give you permission to come in.” She walked over and sat on the edge of my bed, “you know Robyn, you can always talk to me, I’m your mother and I was young once. "I’ve done this all before.”

“Nothing can compare to last night,” I replied frustrated. Mum was struggling to find words to reply to my last remarks, that’s why I was relieved when my phone buzzed. I reached over to my bedside table where I saw the name Katy Morris flashing on the screen. My heart sunk, she would probably just be laughing at me or informing me that the whole school knew about last night. I would have left it and got back into bed if mums fixed stare hadn’t been on me and the phone in my hand. I moved my hands rapidly across the keypad on my phone, pretending to text back whilst mum eyed my suspiciously. “Well if you’re not going to talk to me about this then make sure you talk to someone else, one of your friends. What about Katy?” Mum obviously noticed me react to her name and gave me a sympathetic look before kissing me on the cheek and leaving my room in silence.

Once she had left, I thought for a bit about what she had said-maybe she was right? That’s what made my pick up my phone again and scrolled through my contacts until I reached Maya Thomson. Maya is my cousin; we met up a year ago on a camping trip and shared a pod. You could tell she didn’t really want to be there, she’s 17, just left high school and some dumb family get together wasn’t exactly at the top of her list.  Over the course of the week we became close friends, she told me before we departed to always talk to her if I needed to so here I go: “Hey, how r u? I completely embarrassed myself yesterday on a night out in front of the ultimate populars in my year and Alex (remember him- the guy I told u about in my class?) what should I do?” My finger hesitated slightly before I clicked the send button, she probably wouldn’t even reply, but I guess not much harm could come out of this.

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