Live While We're Young

Everything may seem normal in another day at London High School ... But nothing is what it seems!
Join five girls and five boys, who only give confusion and see what can happen in a year of madness, romance, fights, ...


1. 1


-Kim, wake up or you will miss class! - I woke up with a sweet voice of my roommate Kimberly Jones! Waking up now!
-Argh! Ray let me, if I miss class will be my problem!
-Ok! I'll talk a deal with a certain person ...
Woke NOW! -Spoke
It's good to wait in the cafeteria, ok?!
-Right. - I said entering the bathroom
Well, my name is Kimberly, I'm 16 years old and study in a school, which is not much fun, but it's better than having to live with two older brothers.
Ray is my roommate and also my best friend, or one of them. She is crazy, but it's nice once in a while ...
I went to the dining room was already packed it was almost time to start school, and sat at the table waiting for me with Penny, Trish, and Rebecca Blair.
- Kim Hello!
- Hi folks!
- Kim, who missed! - Said a voice from across the table.
- Do not you? Styles!
- Yes, I am!
- You will not graduate from college?!
- Go to I would, but I changed my mind! You'll have to wait for another year!
- How so? - Asked Penny
- I, and the ...
- I!
- Not you, Louis?! - Ray lamented
- Yes, I am! - Said smiling happily
- Hey people happy?! - Shouted a person I like to call duende
- You do not Niall?!
- Yes, yes Blair, I am!
- So let's have breakfast or not! - Liam spoke of meddling
- Come on, I'm starving! - Niall spoke
- Lots of news Niall hungry!? - Said Zayn, who appeared out of nowhere in my hand, and everyone laughed.
After we had taken coffee, we went to the room where the math teacher (read witch) awaited us with your typical boring guy with a grotesque wart in the middle of the face, which does not let me see you in the classroom, because I wonder how something so ridiculous was growing on her face as well.
- Guys, please, all sitting! - That little voice spoke to her, but annoying all the same that was almost never obey - Now I want everyone to have for new students! Styles starting with you! - I told Harry who was sitting in the first chair.
-! Well, besides being beautiful, wonderful and have super sexy curls, I'm pretty cool, and I am incredibly fun Tteacher, I think that's all! - Spoke and sit
- Now you Louis.
- Teacher of my heart! - Spoke with a funny little voice - I am forced to do this?
- Yes, now speaks Tomlinson soon!
- Ok! I'm pretty cool, my friends say I have a giant ass, I like carrots, I'm pretty ...
- Yes, I know ... - Ray spoke a little too loudly and Louis sent him a kiss and continued talking as he is "cute, cool, fun, etc".
After all talked and laughed a lot Niall is talking about his romance with potatoes and Zayn about your passion for, well, himself, the doorbell rang and waited at least one teacher to leave the room and were desperate to talk to each other. I was talking to the girls on the other side of the room and they were talking about Liam, as if this were an interesting novelty suuper.
- Dude, it's much more beautiful this year! - Trish spoke
- Truth! - Penny agreed-Louis But also ...
- Ooops! What are you talking about me? - Louis spoke appearing between me and Rebecca.
- Hmm .. Tomlinson is nothing! - Ray spoke
- Hey Ray, how is his passion for Max!?
-Louis Forget me!
- Oh, I'm crying - crying face spoke doing
- What have you done with my husband cry for him?! - Harry said hugging Louis
- She cursed me Harry! - He said hugging Harry, these two are very gay!
-Do not worry Boo Bear, she will not scold him! I'll protect you.
- Dude, you're so gay!
- Shut up Becca! Nobody asked you! - He spoke with a voice more gay than before and everyone laughed
- Let people's LUNCHTIME! - Niall spoke ran the boys waiting to go to the cafeteria shortly
- Now on to Niall Georgeus Horan ! - Louis cried leaving with Harry
- So, girls, let's have lunch or I'll have to drag it here? - Becca spoke
- Come on, now I'm afraid to Becca! - Said
- Argh girls , I'm not hungry!
- Then go do something useful Penny - Ray spoke - Agent will go there if you do not want to be alone ... Come on people!
- He will come in 5, 4, 3, 2 ... - I talked already out of the room
- Guys, waiting for me! - Penny spoke to us running like crazy
- I said!
- What do you say?
- Nothing! - falei- let's go now before Niall ends with food!
- To infinity and beyond! - Becca screamed running towards the cafeteria
- This has about 15 screws unless the head!
- Or just have a mental age of ... about 3 years at most! - Everyone laughed at that comment and was talking animatedly to the cafeteria, we got there and saw Becca fight with Niall because he took a piece of him hambuger. Well those are my crazy friends and they will have to endure to the end, an end that never seems to get ...

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