One Direction Infection

Lily Thompson and her Best friend Kenzie Seubert have ONE DIRECTION INFECTION! they go to there concert and they end up meeting them. :D



Lily's P.O.V.

we wake up 5 am. I get all my things together and put in my bag and go out to the living room. "are we ready to go" Liam asks us. "yuppers" I said. then we go on the tour bus. we all pick our bunks. mine is the top bunk on the left. "do you guys want to play a game" harry said. "sure" Kenzie said. "what game" I ask. "How about would you rather" Zayn said. "Okay" I said. "Okay Kenzie would you rather Make out with Louis or Zayn" Harry said. and Niall looked at Harry with an angry face. "uuuum I pick Niall" Kenzie said. "No I said Louis or Zayn" Harry said. "I still pick Niall" Kenzie said. "Nooooooo I said Louis or Zayn" Harry Shouted. "Niiiiiiall" Kenzie shouted back. "fine your turn" Harry said to Kenzie."Niall, would you rather go on a romantic holiday with a guy or never eat nandos ever again" Kenzie asks Niall. "Romantic Holiday I love nandos" Niall said. "okay your turn Niall" Kenzie said to Niall. "Lily, would you rather Sing with us on stage or dance with us onstage or both" Niall asks me. "ummm Both" I said unsure. "Cool what about you kenzie" Niall asks her. "Dance" She said. then we play a couple more rounds and it starts getting late so we go to bed. I go in my bunk. then I got a text from my mom.

Mom- where are you we have been worried sick.

Me- OMG I totally forgot to tell you that me and Kenzie might be staying for a while longer

Mom- Okay where are you staying

Me- just with a couple of friends we meet at the concert

Mom- when will you be back

Me- Idk soon

Mom- okay Miss ya Bye

Me- k love ya :)

end of text

then I sat there for a while. then I felt a cool breeze run up my spine. I shiver. I then quietly get out of my bunk and sneek into Harrys bunk. "Oh hey whats wrong" he said. "I'm cold" I said. "Okay you can sleep with me" he said putting my arm around me and then me resting my head on his chest. then I fall asleep.

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