One Direction Infection

Lily Thompson and her Best friend Kenzie Seubert have ONE DIRECTION INFECTION! they go to there concert and they end up meeting them. :D



Lily's P.O.V.

I wake up by a big bump the bus hit. "wow" I said almost falling out of the bunk. then Harry catches me then pulls me back in the bunk. "thanks, hey what time is it" I said. "around 8am" He said. "Okay I'm going to get dressed. I grab my clothes then go in the small bathroom and get changed. I get out then go in the Kitchen. "Hey, why weren't you in your bunk last night." Kenzie asked. "oh I got cold and slept with Harry" I said. "oh okay" she said. I go in the kitchen and put some pop tarts in the toaster. then I sit at the table and finish eating them. "so when are we going to get there" I ask. "in 1 hour or so" Liam said. "Okay" I said. I then go and sit on the couch with Niall and Zayn. Zayn turns the TV on. and SpongeBob was on. Then Harry's runs out putting his pants on. "yay SpongeBob" He said. we watched all  2 shows. Then we get here. "okay Lets go" Harry's said grabbing me in a hug so I don't get hurt and ran out the door. we were chased by millions of fans I lost my hairband, bracelet and my left sock. Then we get in the the back door. "OMG they are crazy" I said. "yeah didn't you have a hairband and a bracelet before" Zayn said. "yeah some girls stole it and my left sock" I said. "its Okay ill buy you a new one" Harry said. Then we go to there dressing room and get changed. after that they go do sound check while we sit and watch them. then when there done we go to the backstage. they rehearse. then a guy said that they we on in 5 4 3 2 1 then they ran out singing Na Na Na. we watching and cheering. they sang One thing, What makes you beautiful, Kiss you, Live while were young and alot of others songs. "Okay we are going to bring some girls out her for this next song" Harry said. "Lily and Kenzie can you come out here" Niall said. We looked at each other then we walked out. they pulled out 2 chairs. then we sat down in them. I had a huge smile on my face. Then they started Singing Little Things. Harry's was singing to me and Niall was singing to Kenzie. then they got done and kissed both of us. then so guards showed us off stage. then they sing a couple more songs then they said they were done. they walked off stage. I literally jumped on Harry and gave him a huge hug. "WOW" He said stumbling back. "Thank you" I said giving him a kiss. then we went back to their dressing room and they got changed but we didn't mind because they did it before in  front of us. then we all go to this big room with a table and chairs. we sat down. then the doors opened and millions of fans came in and lined up. they had CD's, posters, and 1D stuff for then to sign. and some even had presents and got pictures with them. then most of them was gone. then there was this little girl about 5 years old who came up to me. "can you sign this shirt I made for me" She asked. "sure thing sweetie" I said. Then harry gave me a pen and I Signed the shirt she made of me and harry. "I have to say that you are beautiful" she said. "awwww thank you sweetie your a cutie too" I said. "thanks" she said. then she went to Harry and handed it to the shirt and he signed it. "your Lucky you have a Beautiful girlfriend" She said. "Thanks and I know" He whispered to her. then the rest of the guys signed a poster. And Niall even got a cookie from her. when they were done signing her stuff she ran back to me and gave me a huge hug. she was short so she was hugging my knees. then I keeled and hugged her. "Bye Lily I hope I can see you again" the little girl said to me. "bye I hope I can see you again too" I said to her then her mom came and they left. "well she was sweet" I said. "yeah and I really like that shirt she made" Harry said. "yeah me to" I said. "Oh yeah and thanks for what you did for us today" I said. "your welcome" he said giving me a hug.  then I got a text

Sis- where are you!?!?!?

Me- with Kenzie didn't mom tell you

Sis- No :(

Me- its okay ill be back soon :)

Sis- Okay I miss ya bye :*(

Me- Cya ttyl

end of conversation

"uggg my sis misses me" I said. "awww thats cute where do you live" Harry said. "Miami Florida" Kenzie said. "wow thats cool our last stop" Liam said. "yeah but then you have to go back to the UK" Kenzie said. "well maybe we can stay awhile" Niall said. "yeah you can stay at Kenzie and I's House" I said. "yeah we just have to ask Paul" Liam said. "Okay" Kenzie said.


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