One Direction Infection

Lily Thompson and her Best friend Kenzie Seubert have ONE DIRECTION INFECTION! they go to there concert and they end up meeting them. :D



Lily's P.O.V.

I woke up to Harry playing with my hair. "what time is it" I asked Harry. "8:14" he said. "we should get up" I said. "okay" he said getting up. We do to the Kitchen. Liam is making breakfast and everyone else is at the table talking. "Morning" Kenzie said. "good morning" I said sitting next to Niall and Harry sitting next to me. "Lily we should go to the mall and get some more clothes, today" Kenzie asked."Sure" I said. "can I come" Louis shouted in a girlish voice. "sure but only if you drive" I said. "YAY" Louis shouted. then Liam came out with pancakes and bacon. we ate breakfast. "Okay I'm going to get ready then we can go" I said. I went to the bathroom. I took a shower then got changed into my clothes I was wearing yesterday and put my hair in a side pony. "Okay lets go" I said coming out of the bathroom. "Okay" Louis said heading toward the door. we got to his car. "do you guys know how to get to the mall" Louis said. "no we were hoping you know" Kenzie said. I got my iPhone out and searched for the nearest mall. we found one that was only 50 minutes away. we got there. "so were first" Louis asked. "let's go to American Eagle" I said starting to head to American Eagle. we found a couple shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories for Kenzie and I. and Louis got a couple shirts. we payed for them then left. "hey you girls should get some fancy clothes just in case" Louis said. "Okay" I said. "we should go to DEB theirs a lot of nice clothes there" Kenzie said. we get to DEB. we look around. then Louis got exited. "what" I asked Louis. "this dress would look awesome on you" Louis said to me. "go try it on" Louis said handing me a short, purple, one sleeve, and sparkly dress . I put it on and it fit perfectly. I left the changing room. "You look Beautiful in that dress" Kenzie said. "yeah you do now spin for me" Louis said doing a circling motion with his finger. I spun then went in the changing room and got changed. Then I found a perfect dress for Kenzie it was a turquoise dress with spaghetti strapped dress. she tried it on. "you look awesome" I said. "thanks" Kenzie said spinning. she went in the changing room and got changed. we payed for the dresses and went back to the hotel. Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn were in the living room watching Sponge bob. We sat by them. "so what did you buy" Niall asked. "ohhh just come more clothes and stuff like that" I said. "cool" Niall said.

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