One Direction Infection

Lily Thompson and her Best friend Kenzie Seubert have ONE DIRECTION INFECTION! they go to there concert and they end up meeting them. :D



Lily's P.O.V.

"Hey, Lily I was wondering if you would like to go to the formal dance we have been invited to" Harry said. "when?" I asked. "tonight at 8pm" Harry answered. "okay, I would love too" I said. "since we are talking about this dance, would you ,Kenzie like to go with me" Niall asked Kenzie. "sure it sounds fun" Kenzie answered. "So do you guys have any dresses" Harry and Niall asked. "yeah Louis told us to get some" Kenzie told us. "yeah I kinda knew that you were going to ask them so I told them to get one" Louis said looking at Harry and Niall. "well its 6 now I think we should start getting ready" I said getting up holding Kenzie's Arm. "okay" Niall said. Kenzie and I then go in the bathroom in Harry and I's room also bringing the bag with the dresses, shoes, makeup, and hair supplies. we both get undressed and change into our dresses. "hey Lily, can you help me with my hair" Kenzie asked me. "sure how do you want it" I ask messing with her hair. "ummm in a fancy bun...... oh and can you put some sparkles in my hair" she said. "okay" I said starting to put it up. it took 1 hour to do both of our hair and 55 minutes to do our make up. then we put our shoes on then. walk out of the bathroom and in to the living room. there Harry and Niall were there in there tuxes. "wow you girls look beautiful" Niall said. "thank you, you guys look very handsome yourself" I said. then Harry and I locked arms and Niall and Kenzie locked arms and we walked to a limo the boys must of gotten. it takes 30 minutes to get there. There was a were a rope and guards from to limo to the doors to the building. there were millions of fan out side of the rope trying to meet Harry and Niall. we went in and the first thing me and Harry did is go take some pictures and Niall and Kenzie went to the food table. We took a couple pictures. then 3 girls, who looked like they were fans, asked if I could take a picture with Harry. but then the girls started to talk to him and wouldn't let me in the conversation. I then went to a table and just sat there while they were talking to him. After like about 25 minute Louis and Eleanor came to the table and sat by me. "wheres Harry" Louis asked. "oh hes over there talking to those girls" I said trying to hold the tears but couldn't. "Eleanor, you stay here while I have a little talk with Harry" Louis said getting up. "so whats your name" Eleanor asked. "Lily" I said. "I'm Eleanor, Its nice to meet you, Lily" she said shaking my hand. "so how long have you known the boys" she asked. "oh for about 2 days" I said. "cool" she said. we had a nice little chat and getting to know each other. Then Louis came back with Harry after about 1 hour. "hey, Lily Harry has something to say to you" Louis said pushing him towards me. "Lily, I am so sorry that those girls were all over me" He said looking down. "its okay" I said patting his back. "would you like to dance" he said extending his arm. "Sure" I said grabbing his hand. we got out there and they were playing a fast song. but right when we got out there they start playing a slow song. We come together and start slow dancing. then I rest my head on his shoulder. "I love you, Lily, you know that right" he said in my ear. "Of course I do and I love you too" I said lifting my head up. "would you be my girlfriend" he asked. "Oh Harry, Of course I would" I said. Then he leaned and kissed me. then the slow song was over. but then all of a sudden u hear...... "you insecure you know what for" they played. "oooooo I Love this song" Harry said starting to dance. "me too" I said and starting to dance with him. then the song was over and Harry and I went to the food table. we saw Niall just eating and eating and Kenzie just sitting there drinking her punch. "hey you guys" I say. then sitting down. Then Liam and Danielle came and sat by us. "hey" I said when Liam and Danielle sat down. "Hey, Lily, I would like you to meet Danielle, my girlfriend" Liam said. "Hi, I'm Lily, It's very nice to meet you" I said shaking her hand. "Hey, Lily I think Niall and I might go home, He has a tummy ache" Kenzie said with her arm around him. "sure but how will we get home" I ask Harry. "Oh I'll have someone drop my car off and ill take us home. "Okay, Thanks" Kenzie said. "Okay maybe next time you wont eat so much" I told Niall with a smirk. "yeah, yeah, yeah" Niall said heading out the door. then about 3 hour later we left.

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