One Direction Infection

Lily Thompson and her Best friend Kenzie Seubert have ONE DIRECTION INFECTION! they go to there concert and they end up meeting them. :D



Kenzie's P.O.V.

we get home. Niall is moaning. "Can you help me to my room, love" Niall asked "sure" I said. we get in his room and set him in our bed. "can you get me another blanket, love..... oh and can you get me some cubed fruit..... oh and can you cut them in those stars like you do" he said grabbing my arm. "sure sweetie" I said leaving. I go into Harry and Lily's room and take one off there bed. then I when to the kitchen and cut up some fruit in stars and put them on a plate. I go to the room I hear Niall moaning and groaning. I go in the room I set the fruit on a table and then I take the blanket and put over Niall and tuck him in. I pull out a chair and watch tv. Niall was sneezing, coughing, and barfing. "Kenzie can you come here i'm cold" he asked. I get in bed next to him and rest my head on his chest. "I really like you Kenzie" he said. "awww I do too Nialler" I said. "I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend" Niall asked me. "of course I would, Nialler" I said lifting    my head. then I leaned in and kissed his forehead. "I'm going to see if Lily and the guys are here" I said getting up. "okay come back later okay, Love" he said. "okay" I said heading out of our room. I sit on the couch and turn my laptop on. I go on twitter. all I see is hate, hate, and more hate. I start to cry. then Liam come in. "oh hi" I say wiping the tears off my face. "whats wrong" He said sitting down next to me. "oh its nothing" I say. "there something wrong what is it" he said starting to rub my back. "its the haters" I say crying even harder. "awww its okay there just jealous of you" he said pulling me into a hug. "yeah but there words hurt me" I say. "its okay now stop crying your going to make me cry" he said wiping my tears with his thumb. "hey do you want to do a twitcam" he asked pulling out his laptop. "sure" I say. the starts the twitcam. "hey everyone its me here with Kenzie" he said to the camera. "hi" I say. we have some laughs and answer some questions. my favorite question was 'If I was a unicorn where would I live, Narnia or Neverland? I said Narnia. "Okay its getting late we should go but before we go I have something to say to the Kenzie and Lily haters" Liam said. "no please don't" I say trying to hold in the tears. "No, haters you guy need to shut up. Niall loves kenzie and Harry loves Lily so just deal with it. your just saying that stuff because your jealous of them" he said. I was looking at Liam. He look at me. I leaned in and gave him another bro hug. then we pulled apart. then Lily, Harry, and Louis came in. "hey, whats going on here" Louis asked. "oh we just got done with a twitcam" Liam said. "Cool" Harry said. "How's Niall" Lily asked me. "sick, he coughing, sneezing, and puking" I said. "awwww can I see him" Lily asked. "well he's sleeping" I said. "okay" Lily said. "I'm tired I think i'm going to bed" Harry said. "Okay night" I said. Harry went to bed. then I went to Niall and I's room. I tried to be as quiet as possible but I still woke Niall up. "yay your back" he said. "yeah" I said grabbing my PJ's. I changed in my PJ's. then I sided in the bed next to Niall and we fell asleep.

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