One Direction Infection

Lily Thompson and her Best friend Kenzie Seubert have ONE DIRECTION INFECTION! they go to there concert and they end up meeting them. :D



Lily's P.O.V.

I woke up. I was on the couch and Liam was at the end of the couch. my feet was on his lap and he was rubbing them while watching toy story. "Morning Cupcake" He said. "morning" I said tiredly. "Did I sleep her all night" I ask. "Yeah but I brought you a pillow and blankets" he said. "yeah thanks" I said. then Harry came in. "Hey where were you last night" Harry asked. "Oh I fell asleep on the couch" I said sitting up taking my feet off of Liam. "Oh Okay" he said sitting between me and Liam. "we have another concert tomorrow and I was wondering if you are coming with us" Liam said. "Oh yeah sure" I said. "so what are we going to do today" I ask. "how about an amusement park" Louis said coming out of his room hopping on one leg trying to get his pants on. "Okay that sounds fun" I said. "sure" Liam said. "can I come" Zayn said sticking his head out of his room. "Oh Zayn you talked and yeah" I said. "thanks" he said going back into his room. "how about Mt. Olympus" Liam said. "Okay" I said. "they have water slides, roller coasters, go carts, and other stuff" Liam said. "that sounds cool" I said. "Okay I'm going to ask Kenzie if she wants to go" I say. "okay" Harry said. "Knock, Knock" I say knocking on the door and walking in. "Kenzie are you awake" I said tapping her on the shoulder. "Yeah" she said tiredly. "the boys and I are going to Mt. Olympus the amusement park and we were wondering if you wanted to come" I ask her. "Ummm just a sec. she shakes Niall and he wakes up. "yeah" he said with a stuffy nose. "Lily and the boys are going to Mt. Olympus amusement park and want to know if I can go" She said to him. "awww Okay I wish I can go but I'm to sick" he says. "are you sure you don't need me" she asks. "No I'm Okay go have fun" he said. "thanks Ni" she said hugging him. "Okay go get ready" I tell Kenzie. "okay" she said getting up. I leave and go in Harry's and I's room grab some clothes and a swimsuit and towel then go in the bathroom and get changed. then I go out and she every one is ready. "okay let go" I said heading to the Harry's car. it took 50 minutes. we all pay for wristband then go in. it is a huge amusement park. "so were first" Kenzie asks. "a water slide" Liam said. "Okay" I said. we all go to the mat racing slides. "uggg look at the line" Louis said. "oh well" louis said heading to the back of the line then us following him. I took 15 minute to get up. "Okay 3, 2, 1, GO" Louis said and starting to go down the slide. Harry was first then Liam, me, louis, zayn, then kenzie. "that was fun" harry said. "where next" zayn said. "GO CARTS" Liam said. "yeah lets do that" Zayn said. "Okay" I said. we all go to the go cart course and we get in our go cart suit. "okay lets pick teams" Harry said. "I want Harry" Liam said. "Okay" Harry said. "I call Zayn" Kenzie shouted. "Yeah were going to win this" Zayn said giving Kenzie a high five. "and that leaves Louis and I" I said. "yeah you guys should just quit because we are going to cream you" Louis said putting an arm around me. then I saw harry give Louis a mean look like hes saying get your arm of my girl. "Okay round one is Harry, Zayn and Lily" the announcer said. use three get in the go carts. "In your marks get set GO" the announcer shouted. we all took off. I was in the lead then Harry and last Zayn. we do a lot of laps but I still end up winning. But Zayn got Second and Harry got last. We got out of the go carts. "way to go Lily" Louis said giving me a high five. "I told you guys should quit" Louis said. "yeah yeah whatever" harry said taking the helmet off. "nice try Zayn" kenzie said giving him a hug. "Thanks" Zayn said.  "Okay next round Liam, Kenzie, and Louis" the announcer said. they get in the go carts. "Get ready get set GO" the announcer said. and there off. Liam in first, Kenzie in second, and Louis in last. they do the same amount of laps. Liam won, Louis got Second, and Kenzie got last. "Okay third place goes to Kenzie and Zayn" the announcer said and handing them the trophy. "Second place goes to Harry and Liam" the announcer said handing them the trophy. "and last but not least first place go Louis and Lily" The announcer and handing them the biggest trophy. "Burn told you guys" Louis said to the boys and Kenzie and also giving me a high five. "where next" Zayn said. "lets go on some roller coasters" Louis said. "Okay" I said. "lets go on the one that goes strait down then goes under ground" Liam said. "are you sure that sounds kinda scary" I said. "Its Okay I have you" Harry said grabbing my hand. "Fine lets go" I said. we go there the line is super duper big. its takes 55 minutes to get to the front of the line. "lets sit in the back" I said. "Okay" Harry said. then louis sat with us and Liam, Zayn and a random little boy sat in front of us. "you guys look like Liam and Zayn from One Direction" the little boys said. "Yeah we get that a lot" Liam said. then the ride started. and Harry put his arm around me. "I want a hug" Louis said putting an arm around me. then we take a sharp turn and harry falls on top of me. "are you okay" I said laughing a little. "Yeah I fine" harry said. "and I am not getting squished right now" Louis said sarcastically. "Oh sorry" I said getting off of him. then we go up. "Oh no" I said holding Harry. "I'm scared too" Louis said grabbing me. "awww my little babies" harry said. and I burst out laughing. and we start going down. I scream. "Its okay I got you" Harry said. "who's got me" Louis said. then I pull Louis in to our hug. then we go under ground. it was pitch black. then we hear someone scream. and guess who it was......Zayn. Then we come above ground. then it was done. we get out. and walk down the stairs and see Elounor........kissing another guy. Louis sees her. hes in shock. he starts crying. and walk over to them. "Who is this" Louis said. "Louis I can explain" She said starting to cry. "No just don't" Louis said and running to the car. then Harry and I go after him and Liam, Zayn, and Kenzie went to Elounor. "How could you do this to Louis" Kenzie said to her. and she just stood there still shocked and still crying. "You know what, just forget about him and leave him alone" Zayn said and we all just left. I get to the car. Louis in there crying his eyes out. I get in and sit next to him. I give him a hug and rubbing his back. "It's Okay Lou she doesn't deserve you" I said. I pull away from the hug. "your still the sass master from Doncasta" I said. " yeah......but my mom calls me boobear" he said happily. "you can always cheer me up when I'm sad" he said. then the rest of the boys and kenzie come in. "louis are you okay" the boys and kenzie said. "yeah I'm fine now can we just go home" Louis said. "yeah sure" harry said starting the car up. we get home and the first thing Louis does is go on twitter and tell everyone then he goes on facebook and puts his relationship status from in a relationship to single. then Niall come out. "hey guys did you have fun" he said. "well kind of" I said. "then what is it" Ni asks. "well everything was going fine until we saw Elounor kissing another guy" I said. "Oh louis you must fell horrible" he said to him. "no its okay she just wasn't right for me" Louis said then I saw him kinda glance over to me. what does Louis like me i thought to myself. well I have to admit is is very funny and cute and I do kinda have a crush on him but i'm with Harry. "so Niall you look much better" Liam said. "yeah I feel great" he said. then we all went to bed.

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