One Direction Infection

Lily Thompson and her Best friend Kenzie Seubert have ONE DIRECTION INFECTION! they go to there concert and they end up meeting them. :D



Lily's P.O.V.

The Concert is over and so we go to the door Harry left to go in. The one with the guards. we go up to the guards. "Is this were we go to go backstage" Kenzie asked the guards. "yes it is" one guard said opening the door. There is only a couple fans back here. Then I see Harry run up to us. "you guys came" Harry said tired from running. "follow me" Harry said grabbing my arm. He took us to a room with a One Direction sign on it. I started to walk in and the first thing I see was Niall in his boxers, Zayn without a shirt, and Louis with only a shirt and boxers. "ummmm" I said putting my hand over my eyes. "oh I know you want to watch us" Louis said putting on his pants. then Harry guided us to the couch then started to change. once they were done they sat down on the couch with us. harry on my left and Niall to my right and next to Niall was Kenzie. and Liam, Louis, and Zayn sat on the other couch.. "So whats      your girls names" Louis asked. "I'm Lily and this is Kenzie" I said pointing at me and Kenzie. "what lovely names and even more lovely girls" Niall said. me and Kenzie started to blush. "awww its so cute when you girls blush" Harry said with a huge smile. "thanks" Kenzie said shyly. "so tell us about yourself" Liam said leaning forward. "Well I can play the guitar, I can sing, Dance, and a brown marshal arts. oh and I play football(soccor)" I said. "wow very talented" Zayn said. "and you Kenzie" Niall asked. "I like to draw, I can do gymnastics, and I play the piano" kenzie said. "cool, so Lily you can play the guitar" Niall said. "Yeah, and I'm pretty good at it to if  I say so myself" I said. "would you mind playing for us" Niall said to me and handing me a guitar. "sure what song" I asked. "Little Things your really good at that one" Kenzie said. I started to play Little Things then they started to sing with my playing. "Wow your great" Harry said. "maybe even better than Niall" Louis said. "Heeeeeey" Niall shouted. "ahhhhh I  could never be better than you, Niall" I said giving Niall a Hug. "Thanks, Lily" Niall said giving a hug back. "and Kenzie you can do gymnastics, can you show us some moves" Liam said clearing the area. "Okay" Kenzie said taking off her shoes and stretching. she started off with a cartwheel then a front handspring then finally a back flip. "your really good" Zayn said. "Lily, you Dance too" Harry said. "Yeah" I said. "Well I bet not as good as me" Louis said jumping up. "well can you do the pat the dog screw in the light bulb and just go crazy" Louis said doing the dance move. "ahhhh thats easy" doing the dance move a little bit better. "well how about stop the traffic.......let them through" Louis said doing the dance move. "easier than the other one" I said doing the move. "Louis I think you have some completion" Niall said. "ugggggg" Louis said sitting down angrily. "awww Louis cheer up your still better than me" I said to Louis. "yaaaaay thanks Lily" Louis Shouted. "ahhhhhh I can't take this any more I'm starving" Niall screamed. "where do you want to go" Liam said. "How about Nandos" Zayn said. "Yeeeeaaaaah" Niall screamed. "Do you girls want to go" Harry asked. "Sure" Kenzie said. "can I please sit next to Lily" Harry asked. "sure" I said. "yaaaay" Harry said putting his arm around me. "I call sitting next to Kenzie" Niall shouted. "Okay" Kenzie said smiling. then Niall grabbed her hand. Then we all went out the back door to the Limo.

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