This is me.

When Kasey June starts her new school in New York, she tries her best to fit in and stay quiet which is hard when you're being compared to someone who is better than you. When everything starts to go her way, everything changes, everyone who seemed close to her are not who they seem


11. ~You don't know anything..~

The car journey to the press conference was awkward, the only words said were ones nobody wanted to hear, “Penny’s burial will be in two days,” my mum said so quietly it was hard to hear her. I said nothing, not wanting to make the moment worse, the air was heavy and cool causing the car windows to condense. Little droplets of rain fell, racing each other down the window. The car came to a sudden halt and the engine stopped, we must be here. I didn’t rush to open the door, instead I pushed it open 30 seconds after mum and dad. Mum didn’t run into the building in case the rain ruined her hair, instead she kept close to my dad so their hands were brushing together, I kept a distance behind gazing at the building we were about to enter. The walls were white and paint was peeling all over them, the roof looked dusty and had a few birds just sitting on them. My mum and dad pushed open the door and held it for me. As soon as I entered a small room, the smell of smoke filled my nose. This place is disgusting. There were two columns of chairs either side of the room with a gap between them so everybody could walk through, there was a small stage with a speaker at the front. This place looked like a church back a few years ago. The room was full, with everyone either with notebooks or cameras. Oh God. Me and my parents took our seats at the front of the room. Suddenly after ten minutes of showing sympathy to me and my parents the press conference started, the lights grew brighter and the room went silent. My dad pushed me up and we both followed my mother up to the stage, “We’d like to thank everybody for coming,” he coughed, “And we’re extremely devastated by what happened. Penny was a beautiful, talented, smart girl,” a small smile appeared to his lips as he pictured her, “She was special, and the past two days have been a hard time for me, my wife and my daughter,” camera flashes blinded the three of us as he spoke.
“And Mr. June! Do you know what caused Penny’s death?” a reporter yelled.
“That is being investigated,” a man who I never even noticed appeared at my dad’s side, he looked like a police man of some sort.
“But you must have some idea!” a women holding a microphone which had a 4 spoke.
“By the small details we have it looks like an accident,” the police man said into the microphone.
“And Kasey! Penny’s sister, she was in the apartment at the time! Don’t you think she may be the culprit?” A voice said loudly, this man had an ABC microphone.
“Well-” the policeman began, I cut him off,
“Yes I was in the apartment with Penny at the time of her death but do you honestly think I’d do something to hurt someone that has the same DNA as me? Fair enough we had our arguments but I loved my twin, so if any of you think I hurt Penny for a single second, piss off!” suddenly all of the emotions I hadn’t felt for the past two days came to me. My eyes filled up and I felt my head going dizzy as the white flashes practically blinded me. I gripped onto the table for support while the crowd went crazy. I felt my heartbeat getting faster and faster, I felt my legs getting lighter and lighter. I fell and blacked out.

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