This is me.

When Kasey June starts her new school in New York, she tries her best to fit in and stay quiet which is hard when you're being compared to someone who is better than you. When everything starts to go her way, everything changes, everyone who seemed close to her are not who they seem


9. ~Useless and used~

After the most awkward interview ever I was free to go out of the apartment. As I stepped outside the New York air hit me. It wasn’t exactly fresh or clear but it was better than being trapped in my room all day. Taxi’s flew past in blurs of yellow across the road. The roads and sidewalks were busy today, everybody was going somewhere in a rush. Nobody knew my current situation and pushed past me as if I was a piece of litter floating around that didn’t matter. I should be in maths right now, handing in the homework I didn’t do and watching the teachers reaction, I didn’t even smile at the thought of her gob smacked face like I did yesterday, I didn’t want to. They said it was an accident, “What happened?” I’d asked the man who was interviewing me.
“Oh, the police just think she slipped, not many details have been released,” he said it kind of awkwardly.
“On what?”
“Water?” he said slapping his notebook shut quickly causing a sudden breeze to my face.
“So it’s 100% an accident?” I’d asked nervously.
“100%,” he sighed and smiled. I knew it wasn’t 100% an accident. Penny was clumsy, but not clumsy enough to slip on water and then die. I shivered at the thought of her still and lifeless body and quickened my pace. Car horns beeped and fumes made me cough. ‘I hate it here,’ I thought, ‘It’s horrible,’ as soon as I’m sixteen I am so moving back to the UK. I was looking down at my converse that had black marks on the tip of them when somebody decided to almost knock me into the road, I snapped my head upwards nearly pushing people over while flapping my arms around to balance. I saw the culprit, it was that boy I saw at lunch yesterday, “Watch it,” I hissed.
“Sorry,” he said a little lifelessly, “And sorry about your sister,” he said slowly as if he wished he hadn’t bothered saying it. We’d both stopped in the middle of the sidewalk so people had to stop themselves from smacking into the back of us or swearing,
“Whatever,” I started walking again trying to get away from him but he caught up, “Why aren’t you at school?” I asked realizing he wasn’t going to leave any time soon.
“I have a biology test,” he said casually.
“Ah,” I kicked a stone in front of me so it skidded a few paces along the floor.
“How come you aren’t?” he said it so seriously I nearly stopped again.
“Um, I don’t know, it’s not like my sister hasn’t died or anything,” I said in one big rush causing a lump in my throat, I couldn’t cry, not here not now.
“Oh God Kasey, I’m sorry,” he said suddenly sounding sympathetic.
“Whatever,” I whispered, “You know my name, how?” I asked puzzled.
“Your going around the school Kasey. Everybody’s speaking about you and Penny,” he said it as if I was stupid. I quickened my pace even more so he was practically running to keep up,
“Oh, and your name stranger?” I half joked.
“You have some serious mood swings,” he laughed, “Andy,”
I laughed back and glared jokingly,
“So where you heading?” he asked.
“I don’t know, anywhere, away from there!” I swung around so I almost hit a few more people behind me, I pointed to my building in the distance, it looked worse than ever now.
“I know where you can go!” he grinned. I looked at him questioningly, “Come on!” he sped off into the cool air pushing past crowds of people leaving me with no choice but to run after him.

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