This is me.

When Kasey June starts her new school in New York, she tries her best to fit in and stay quiet which is hard when you're being compared to someone who is better than you. When everything starts to go her way, everything changes, everyone who seemed close to her are not who they seem


5. ~The Cafeteria~

“I can’t believe you!” Penny threw her tray next to mine almost spilling her salad everywhere. The cafeteria was bursting with noise, hyper for some reason.
“What?” I asked clueless.
“Giving that teacher cheek!” she was so worked up about it.
“In English? Oh yeah,” I forgot about the incident after the fractions I was trying to divide in maths.
“I can’t believe you, you’ve changed so much,” I knew she was right but I refused to agree,
“No I haven’t,” I picked my tray up to move to a different table away from my angel like sister but then somebody almost knocked my pasta all over the floor with the thud of their tray, “Watch out!” I said still looking at my tray.
“Kasey, calm down,” Penny said. I looked up to see the boy who’d been yelled at from before,
“This is my table,” he said firmly.
“No it’s not,” I said. I sat down now, wanting to prove my point.
“Yes it is, let’s move,” Penny picked up her tray not wanting to cause trouble.
“You go, I’m staying,” I picked up my diet coke and took a sip, “Got any friends?” I asked.
“Yeah, they’ve been suspended,” he took a sip of his own drink which was full fat coke. I noticed Penny was slowly dragging her tray along the table which made an annoying noise, “Just pick the damn thing up,” I tipped it so her water spilt everywhere. The boy laughed. I glared at him, “What’s so funny?” he shook his head and began eating which was a sandwich. I began eating my own dinner and then we both finished at the exact same time.
“Why did you even sit here?” he yawned.
“To prove a point,” I replied.
“What point?” he picked up his tray ready to leave.
“That this table isn’t just yours,” I replied picking up my own tray. He smirked as he dodged a bunch of people in his way, then threw it on the trolley. I threw mine there too and then he turned around, “Your not so bad,”
“Thank you,” I replied. We looked at each other and then he pointed at Penny who was screaming my name. I turned around the same second he did and we both went our separate ways.

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