This is me.

When Kasey June starts her new school in New York, she tries her best to fit in and stay quiet which is hard when you're being compared to someone who is better than you. When everything starts to go her way, everything changes, everyone who seemed close to her are not who they seem


7. ~I'm sorry~

I screamed, loud enough for the whole city to hear me, “Penny!” I screamed hoping it would make her come alive. I stood back from her, my emotions that I’d been hiding and keeping back for over a week coming out now. I felt empty and horrible, I needed to rewind. I didn’t want to leave her alone but I had to. I ran to the kitchen phone and dialed dads number, it rang seven times and then went to his voicemail ‘Hi, this is Jonathon June leave your number and I’ll call you back,’ his bored voice said.
“Dad! Just home now!” I gasped not making sense. I then dialed mums work number, luckily someone answered, “Hello Suzanne June’s office,” it must have been her PA.
“Please! Where is she! I need my mother!” I gasped.
“She’s just filling out some forms in the other building across the city, can I take a message?” I slammed down the phone and picked it up again dialing 999,
“Your number has not been recognized,” a programmed voice told me. I remembered and dialed 911,
“Hello Americas emergency services what can I get you?”
“Police, ambulance, anything!”
“Calm down and tell me what’s happened,”
“My sister! She’s lying on the floor, I think she’s dead, please come quick!”
“Apartment 3B Mason Grove Plaza, New York,”
“They’re on there way,” I slammed the phone down not bothering to speak back to her. I sat by the door running my fingers threw my hair waiting. After about five minutes the door swung open almost hitting me in my face, I immediately jumped up and showed them to our downstairs bathroom. I was made to wait outside, “She’s my twin! My sister!” I screamed.
“Look, it’s best if you wait here,” they slammed the door. I heard yelling and buzzing, they must be doing CPR or something. After around ten minutes the door opened, and the male paramedic shook his head, “She’s gone,” he whispered.
“What!?” I screamed.
“She’s dead,” he said, “Come with me,” a women behind him grabbed my hand. I threw it off of me,
“Get off! I won’t come with you,” I said. I sat down on the floor.
“Come on, we need to take you to the police station,” she bent down next to me so that her blonde hair was brushing in my face. I knew Penny would of hated it if I would been difficult so I got up, for her. We left the apartment and made our way out of the lobby leaving behind my sister and some creepy detective men. We passed Ms. Hughs our doorwomen who looked like she was going to faint. To be honest I didn’t feel so good myself. I was pushed into an ambulance next to the blonde lady and she started up the engine, “So my sister,” I began slowly, “What happened,”
“I don’t know,” the blonde lady indicated to the car behind us.
“Well where was the blood coming from?” I asked.
“Her head,” we both stayed silent until we arrived at a police station which was around twenty minutes from our apartment. I stepped out into the air that was freezing, it hit me hard and I almost fell over. It was almost dark now and the sky was letting out its final glow. The blonde lady scanned her pass on the police station door and took me inside. She lent at the reception desk and said something which I couldn’t pick up. I was then taken into a room which smelt like paint with a desk and two chairs. I was going to be questioned. The blonde lady smiled and waved goodbye. I managed a small wave. I was startled by the door slamming behind a tall plump man, “Hello,” he said.
“Hi,” I replied looking down at the table, I picked at the peeling plastic until it fell off. He sat down facing me, the desk was that narrow our arms were practically touching. I took mine away,
“What’s your name?”
“Kasey June,” I replied not wanting to be difficult.
“Can you tell me where you were between 4 and 4:30?”
“On a bus,” I hesitated, “With Penny,” I added quietly. The room was really silent until the policeman spoke again spraying spit in my face, if I hadn’t found out my sister was dead I would of made some kind of remark about it.
“How about 4:35 and 5pm?”
“Um, my room on Facebook,”
“Where was your sister?”
I took a deep breath, “I don’t know, um, I don’t know, in the apartment somewhere,” I felt my eyes well up with tears.
“Take your time; how about, was she acting differently?”
“No, she was being normal,” I replied sniffing.
“Right, I’ll get in touch with your parents and we’ll get you home, if you remember anything strange, contact me or the station,” he passed a card over to me, whoever designed it was obviously bad at editing. He got up scraping the chair across the floor which made me grit my teeth. I knew this wouldn’t be my last time here. I was one of the suspects at the moment. Right now I wished I wasn’t such a horrible cow. I wished I was nice so that my last few minutes with Penny would have been nice.

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