This is me.

When Kasey June starts her new school in New York, she tries her best to fit in and stay quiet which is hard when you're being compared to someone who is better than you. When everything starts to go her way, everything changes, everyone who seemed close to her are not who they seem


6. ~Home Alone~

When we got home from school it was around 4:30 which was later than I would of liked thanks to the stupid bus journey, “Thank God,” I slammed the door after Penny. She dumped her bag on the floor and kicked it into the corner with her heel. She was soaked and hadn’t spoken to me since I made a remark about her hair on the bus. My what was perfectly curled hair was now straight and damp, it looked like rats tails all tangled. I tried not to let it bother me and not make a big deal out of it like Penny was, “I can’t believe this!” she said looking into the mirror,
“Speaking to me again?” I asked. She stopped messing with her hair for a split second but then carried on, “So I assume not,” I replied making my way to my room.
“You assume right,” she grinned. I tried not to laugh as I pushed open my door. I had to remain bored and like I couldn’t care less. I didn’t have anything to do, I thought about doing my homework but then thought no, I wanted to see my maths teachers reaction. I switched my laptop on and logged into Facebook for the first time I’d been here, there were stupid chains all over my news feed. I had 10 new notifications about people writing on my wall, I clicked each one to see messages from people saying ‘Remember when..’ or ‘I miss your crazy self…’ I was stupid then and I’d changed so much, I deleted each post. Done. I decided to go and watch TV. I shut my slowly dying laptop down and pushed my door open, I expected to see Penny doing her science or maths homework but she wasn’t at the table. Great, now I have to sit in the living room with her. I stormed into the living room but she wasn’t there. I happily turned the TV on and enjoyed the peace, not for long though. Every channel soon had that same nightly evening crap on. I switched the TV off and got hungry, I remembered dad was working until 8 and mum was working until 7, “Penny, I’m hungry!” I yelled from my seat. She ignored me. I got up and stormed angrily in her room, it was neat and empty. I looked in our spare room to expect to find her reading or something. I began to panic, but then snapped out of it, she was probably plucking her eyebrows or something. I walked into the bathroom. Penny was there alright, but she wasn’t plucking her eyebrows or taking a shower, she was lying in her own blood. Dead.

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