This is me.

When Kasey June starts her new school in New York, she tries her best to fit in and stay quiet which is hard when you're being compared to someone who is better than you. When everything starts to go her way, everything changes, everyone who seemed close to her are not who they seem


4. ~Hello there~

We arrived at school twenty minutes late. Great way to start a new school, “Hey, sorry we got stuck in our apartments elevator,” Penny said to the receptionist. The receptionist looked like she couldn’t care less, she handed both a map, “You’re the Kinsella’s?”
“Yeah,” Penny smiled taking the map. I took one without saying a word,
“Head to the library, that’s were your first lesson is,”
“Where is that exactly?” Penny asked.
“Just look on your map,” we turned away at her sharp tone and immediately checked our map,
“Looks like we’ve got to go left down here,” Penny pointed towards a corridor leading off the one we were walking down. I ignored her and turned right, “Where are you going?!” Penny angrily asked me.
“Exploring,” I said walking faster, “Getting away from you,” I whispered underneath my breath. Penny threw her arms down by her sides and walked through a door which must have been the library. The school didn’t feel that large. Every classroom was pretty much next door to each other. I could hear a teacher yelling at a class, another laughing at something, I could hear booms of a film they must be watching and quietness of the others. I peeked in a few, boring and similar. I decided to turn back, the rest of the school were drama rooms and gym classes. I turned around and stopped when I came around a corner, “You’re an actual disappointment to this school,” it was a teacher. I stayed behind the corner of the wall not wanting to be caught.
“Like I actually care,” it was a boy around my age. He had brown hair and was frowning and moving his hands clenching them.
“Just make sure you turn up at my office tomorrow,”
“Whatever,” and then it was over. Then I could go back out without being spotted. The boy and teacher had gone, I decided to go the library so I wouldn’t be caught and into trouble. I quickly walked to the library door and then fixed my hair which was in perfect curls. I pushed open the door and held the bored expression that I’d held up since our first day in New York. The room went silent apart from a girl who was practically coughing her brains out, “What?” I said as I looked around the room.
“You must be Kasey,” a young smiling lady said coming over to me.
“Yeah,” I said.
“You’ll be sitting next to Jenny and Thomas for this session,” she pointed to two people on the back row. Great, I was next to what looked like a nerd and someone who didn’t care about anything. I went and sat in the seat between them slumping my bag on the ground,
“Hello,” the girl who must have been Jenny said.
“Hi,” I replied not looking at her. Thomas remained not looking at me, he was chewing gum of some sort. The teacher came over to me,
“We’re reading Great Expectations as a class, read the first chapter alone and we’ll read the rest as a class,” she threw down a gigantic book that looked like it hadn’t been read in years. I opened it and thought I may as well do something. As I finished reading the first chapter I slumped back in my chair trying to process the words that I’d just read. It didn’t make any sense. We waited another ten minutes for the rest of the class and then we started to read, “Nerd,” Thomas whispered. I chuckled,
“Yeah, I am,” I played along.
“Oh so you’re British,”
“Posh eh?”
“No eh,”
“Don’t even try your stupid dry humor on me,” he chewed as he talked.
“Gladly,” I turned away.
“Kasey, would you like to read the next paragraph,” crap. I didn’t know where we were up to, I then realized she’d said ‘Would you?’
“No I wouldn’t,” I sat back in my chair.
“It wasn’t a question,” the lovely teacher I’d seen before obviously had a dark side.
“Well I can’t,” the class turned to look at me, Penny being the stupid angel she was raised her hand,
“I will,” she volunteered.
“Thankyou,” the teacher looked down at her book as Penny began reading.
“Be careful,” Thomas whispered, “That’s one teacher who’ll hate you forever, just don’t get on the bad side of them,” I laughed at his words, but his eyes were full of seriousness.

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