He Loves Me

He loves me and makes no demands. He waits for me and never leaves me.


1. He Loves Me

He loves me

Makes no demands

He always understands

He's my man


He waits for me

His arms open wide

As we walk hand in hand

He understands


All I need he gives

Takes my fears

If I'm down

He picks me up


Tears he cries for me

Because he loves me

He sees in me

What he loves


He leads and I follow

He makes me

The best I can be

He gives me the sea


When we walk in September

Walks on the beach

As we watch the stars

With the moon so bright


Candle light and midnight dinners

These matter to me

Because I love him so much

He sees the beauty in me


He loves me

I follow where he goes

I fly to the moon with him

Because he is my man


I once was lonely

He came along

Gave me love

And so much more


He understands

I never realized

How love could be

I never understood


But he loves me

Makes me the best

That I can be

Because he is my man

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