I Would (A One Direction Christmas Special)

*Continuing from These are our moments in time* Imagine Celebrating Christmas and Louis's Birthday with One Direction??? Well, That is what Bodine has been doing for the past 3 years since she met them in Australia when she was 13. She goes everywhere with the boys. But will Bodine meet another boy over Christmas? Will she stay with him or go back to Niall and the boys?


5. You, sir, are in a heap of trouble!

"Niall... Honey, Don't ever go through my bags. There is personal stuff in there." I said smiling. He nodded. I grabbed my period kit and went into the bathroom and locked the door. I did what I had to do an then walked back out into the bedroom. I stopped in my tracks. All of my clothes, toiletries and other stuff were on the floor. I looked through my bag to see what had been taken. It was my diary. "NIALL!!" I screamed as i looked in every room for him. He wasn't there. I grabbed the door key and ran to the boys room. "Are you serous, Niall? You took it without asking? I bet you anything she is going to kill you when she finds out!" I heard Zayn say. I opened the door and stoop there. 


Niall's P.O.V

The door swung open and Bodine was standing in the doorway... CRAP!!! She found out that i took her diary. "NIALL JAMES HORAN!!! YOU ARE SO FREAKING DEAD!!" She yelled as she came running towards me. I jumped off the back of the bed and ran around the room. Zayn and Liam had hold of her so she couldn't get me. I ran out of the room and back to ours. When i got inside, i locked the door so she couldn't get in.


"NIALL JAMES HORAN!!! YOU OPEN THIS DOOR IMMEDIATELY !! OR I WILL GET THE BOYS TO HELP ME BREAK IN!!" she screamed through the door. I slowly unlocked the door and then opened it. She wasn't there. I opened the door completely and looked down the corridor. I closed the door and sat down on the bed. I heard the door open softly and then Bodine came in. She looked very happy. She closed the door and then she locked it. "You, sir, are in a heap of trouble" She said looking disappointed. I looked down at the ground and then i felt someone sit next to me. "Hey, don't be sad. It's ok." She said in a smooth and soothing voice. I smiled.


She then got up off the bed and grabbed my hands. I stood up and she let go of my hands. She grabbed my face gently and i put my hands on her waist. I just saw her staring into my eyes and i started to be carried away by the beauty of her face. I looked at her lips. They seemed so beautiful. I smashed my lips against hers. She seemed surprised but then after a while, she started to kiss back. She put her hands around my neck and stood closer than before. I picked her up and...

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