Your The One

Your the one who sets my world on fire. The one I call when I need help. The one I think of the whole day and night.


1. Your The One

Your the one who makes the stars shine

The moon glow at night

The cold winter days warm

Your the one I call when in need


The one that makes my world bright

Bring me sunshine on a cloudy day

Let me whisper your name

I feel so alone without you


My heart hurts when you leave

I want to be your mirror on the wall

Bring you coffee on your day

Send you flowers with glee


Pick you up when your down

Your the one that makes me smile

You happened and so did I

In a world made for two


Just you and I walking along

while playing a song

What did I do until you came along

I was broken, dull, and tired


Had nothing or anyone

Your the one who calmed my sea

Made me want to be

The best I could

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