Teenage Casanova

Being an heir to a billion dollar company wasn't all that it was cracked up to be; just ask pompous troublemaker teen, Harry Styles. Sure, it had its ups, but when your CEO father threatens to cut you off and kick you out of the family unless you take over the company when he steps down next year, it ends up putting a little damper on all the fun of being a spoiled rich kid. Growing up definitely wasn't on the agenda at only nineteen years, but maybe with a little time away that would give him the time to think it all over and figure out what the hell he was going to do. And to cause reckless chaos. In enters Kennedy Ross, a good girl from Seattle, Washington, who was being forced into spending her summer with her older sister in Barcelona, Spain. The only thing she wanted to do was get through the next few months with nothing but a good tan and a few memorable stories to tell. She just didn't expect that those stories would include a spoiled brat and a painter.


19. Rubik's Cube

It was a new day.

Harry relaxed in his bed with his hands behind his head and a bright smile rising to his face. He couldn’t remember the last time he had woken up and was actually feeling this good, but he did know that he wasn’t going to let anything ruin his mood. For once he was actually excited about waking up. Because today wasn’t like any other day.

No, today was a new beginning.

His new beginning, that is. Being trapped with Kennedy earlier this week had made him think over so many different things and everything that has happened this summer. She cared for him. Sure, she probably wouldn’t admit it if he asked her up front, but he could feel something there by the way she sympathized with him about his family problems. They were finally able to talk; really talk, and Harry couldn’t have been happier about that.

He knew he needed to step up now. He finally had Kennedy close to his grasp and he could feel her getting closer and closer. All he had to do was do the right thing. He had been so set on chasing after her that he was so oblivious to all the people he was hurting in the process. He was even oblivious to her own feelings about what he was doing, and yet he continued to do them.

Harry knew that he wasn’t her favorite person. He was pretty sure that she hated him, but after their time together he was hoping that maybe slightly some of that hatred would fade. He wanted to be able to show her that he wasn’t as bad as he came off. He wanted to prove to her that what happened in the cave was real. Sure, it might take a while. Harry wasn’t exactly sure if people could just change overnight. He knew that he definitely wasn’t one that could. He would still make his mistakes and he probably would still hurt people. But he did know one thing for sure.

He never wanted to hurt her again.

The truth was he never really wanted to hurt her. He guessed that a part of him deep down inside knew this all along, but he was so set on not listening to what his conscious was saying and instead listening to what Luca was saying. He knew that he really hurt her by trying to trick her and then going behind her back to use her sister, even if she didn’t know that for sure. And he was prepared to do anything to make her see that he’s ready to try and fix this.

Try being the keyword.

For once he felt like he really found someone who could care for him if he gave them the chance. Someone who he could talk to about his issues with his father and all these choices he needed to make. Kennedy listened and she didn’t judge him one bit or try to get him to make up his mind just yet. She let him go on and on and just spill his heart out, which was completely unlike him.

He honestly didn’t know where it came from. Even with Niall, one of his closest friends, he never really opened up and talked about his feelings about the issue on hand. But with Kennedy? It almost came naturally. It scared him a little to know that this girl could have that kind of effect on him and he was even more scared that he liked that she had this quality about her. It may have confused him, but he knew deep down that he needed someone like this in his life. He needed her in his life.

Harry stretched out as he got off the bed and dragged himself out into the living room. He wasn’t exactly surprised when he found Luca sitting on the couch and running his hand up his “girlfriend” Carmen’s leg; this happened all the time. Though, it didn’t make him feel any less awkward as he looked away and headed over to the small refrigerator in the corning, pulling out a bottle of water and trying to avoid looking in their direction.

As he stood there drinking his water it hit him. If he wanted to have this new beginning and get Kennedy to stop seeing him as such a bad guy he had to break off his bet with Luca and end things with Hannah once and for all. The feeling was a bit unsettling, as he wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to go about either of these. He knew the easiest one would be Hannah and that still wasn’t as easy as it sounded. Hannah was Kennedy’s sister and a part of him knew this wouldn’t end well and she would take her sister’s side over him any day.

So many scenarios on how this could go played in his head as he heard someone speak up. “Harry,” Luca glanced in his direction when he realized that he was no longer along with his company. He pulled out of the girl’s grasp and grinned at his friend. “I didn’t hear you wake up. How are you this morning?”

Harry made a slight face, not liking that he had been caught and turned to face towards Luca. “Great,” Harry mumbled as he took another sip from his water and leaned against the wall. He decided against conquering the Hannah part of his problem first and went with the Luca side since was already here. His eyes wandered to the girl next to him and a smile appeared on his face. “Carmen, could you excuse Luca and me? There’s something I really need to talk to him about,love.”

Carmen just giggled in response, obviously a little flattered by Harry’s overly intoxicating use of the word ‘love’. She ran her hand through Luca’s long locks and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before grabbing her bag and heading to the door without another word. Luca rubbed his lips as he watched her walk away and once the door closed his eyes darted back to Harry instantly.

“Must be important if you’re ruining my good time,” Luca almost grumbled as he crossed one leg over the other and turned his full attention to Harry. “What do you need to talk to me about, hmm? You seem a little troubled, my friend.”

Harry couldn’t help but notice that every word that came from Luca’s mouth were always so hypnotizing. The man obviously had a way with words and it was no surprise to Harry that he worked so well with the ladies. He could only imagine how many women he had gotten before he brought Harry into this “lifestyle”. And a part of him worried about this considering what he had to say next.

He took in a big breath before letting it stagger out of his mouth. “It’s about our little game.” Harry tapped his fingers over the bottle he was holding, his nerves getting the best of him. He wasn’t exactly sure how he was supposed to tell Luca all of this, but he knew that he couldn’t drag it on any longer. He knew that he had to prove to Kennedy that he could be trusted and he wasn’t going to let this stupid game ruin anything that could potentially happen with the girl he wanted. He finally glanced up from the bottle and met his friend’s eyes. “I want out.”

Harry didn’t know what kind of response he was expecting from Luca, but it definitely wasn’t the one he had gotten. Luca’s eyes lit up as the words left Harry’s mouth and the silence started to rise within the room. He didn’t know what Luca was thinking and the blank expression he held was no help to him at all. Though, if he had to guess, he would guess that Luca wasn’t exactly happy with Harry’s decision.

He knew Luca better than anyone else and he knew that this could possibly start a war.

But yet, Luca seemed to remain calm. Harry didn’t notice any change in his position; no anger rising to his eyes, no swift movements towards him, no nothing. That’s what worried Harry the most, to be honest. Luca was calm; too calm. He was up to something and Harry wasn’t exactly sure what.

Though he did know one thing: it wouldn’t be good.

Luca finally made a movement and crossed his arms over his chest, though his expression stayed the same. “Is this about Kennedy?” Harry shuffled uncomfortably in his stance and sat his water on the table. He was like an open book to Luca; the guy could read him any day and his pages were obviously open today. “I knew it. I knew the moment you told me about her that she’d be trouble.”

“Look,” Harry interrupted him with a sigh, “it’s not just her, okay? It’s me. It’s everything.” He wasn’t exactly lying. It wasn’t just Kennedy, but his own feelings too. He didn’t really know if what he was doing was the right thing anymore. “It’s this life.” 

If someone had asked Harry his thoughts on this a month ago he definitely would have never responded this way. He would have never guessed that by now his opinions about this would have changed. He was so certain of everything at the beginning of summer and now? Now it was all changing. He was changing.

She was changing him.

Luca scoffed, a little annoyed with Harry’s response. “This life? What’s wrong with this life, Harry?” Luca couldn’t help but grin slightly as that look appeared in his eyes.

Harry’s stomach immediately plummeted as he watched Luca’s eyes. They were filled with both confusion and amusement, and that was a mix that Harry hated more than anything. He definitely knew Luca was up to something now. He had seen this look many times before they had gotten into some kind of trouble. He had also seen it once more before all of this even started.

And that was around the time Harry first met him.

It was about two years ago when Harry was home in London and finishing up his final year of home schooling. He had the option of going to a private school and being able to mingle with people very similar to him, but he never really wanted to. Nobody would have guessed it by looking at him now, but Harry wasn’t as cool, calm, and collected back then. If he was being honest with himself, he was a bit of a nerd and definitely full of way too many anxieties. He chose the more sheltered life and was just too afraid to let people in because of his family name.

The Styles’ were one of the most known people throughout the country. They were a powerful business group that dealt with a big part of the UK’s trading system. His father, the chairman of the entire company, was also considered one of the most powerful men to go with their business label. His mother and father were always away on business so it left Harry alone and vulnerable most of the time. He ached for some attention or company, but there wasn’t anybody he felt like he could let in.

People always wanted something from him and he was sure it was around the time he was eight that he started to build up his own walls. He didn’t want to let anyone in and ruin everything. He didn’t want to let anyone in, period.

Well, anyone other than Niall. The boy who lived up the road from him was the only one Harry truly trusted and the only one who never wanted anything from him. Even so, Harry still kept up those same walls. He was apprehensive about it and he just wanted to feel a little bit of safety. It was nice having Niall around, of course. The years the two boys grew up were amazing and Harry had really grown fond of the boy.

And then it was ruined when Niall announced he was leaving for Barcelona two years ago. Of course Harry didn’t understand the sudden change, but he wasn’t going to stop him either. He would put on a forced smile and try to make it through the loneliness without his best friend. It broke his heart though. He had nobody now that Niall was leaving. He didn’t know what to do with himself. 

And then it happened.

Niall’s going away party was probably the first social event Harry had ever been to in his seventeen years of life, other than his parent’s business parties. He felt so out of place and along, even when he was completely surrounded by tons of people. They were all like him, of course; kids who came from wealthy families and have everything they ever wanted. Even so, Harry still felt like he didn’t belong. 

He would never truly belong unless someone came in and taught him how to actually let go and live for once.

He guessed that’s around the time when Luca came into the picture; the night of Niall’s going away party. He had come up to Harry and introduced himself and it was like everything was all gone from there. Luca seemed different than anyone he had ever met; even Niall. He had such a way with words that it immediately drew Harry in and he had his hooks in him. They really connected and Luca made it so easy for Harry to just talk for once. They seemed to have so much in common that Harry didn’t mind telling him all these things.

And Harry felt good. Oh, he felt really good for once. He felt like he had finally found a new friend who he could open up to and have around while Niall was gone. Someone who wouldn’t make him feel lonely and who he could rely on if he needed someone. He definitely thought Luca would be a good friend for him. He just never would have realized what all Luca would do for him.

It was around that time that Luca introduced him to her. She was the most beautiful girl Harry had ever seen; Tara. She was one of those girls who could light up the room when she walked in and everyone’s jaws would be on the floor. So, of course, it made Harry curious when she came up and talked to him of all people. The girls he knew never went for him, unless it was to use him in some way. Nobody wanted to be near the kid with social anxieties and terrible acne problems. There were tons of guys that Tara could have gone straight to, but she chose the one who definitely didn’t fit in.

And Harry was hooked. Oh, he was completely hooked on her. He had always been told he wore his heart on his sleeve, and in this case that observation wasn’t wrong. He went in hard and head first and didn’t care what happened. He put so much into her and gave her anything she ever wanted. He did anything she wanted and all he wanted to do was please her. And it seemed to work, too. She seemed so captivated by him, which was definitely okay because he was so captivated by her as well.

He really loved her.

But that was a long time ago and things change. People change. Harry definitely had after the whole ordeal and it was all because of Luca. He was there to pick up the pieces immediately after his heart was broken so badly. It was like he waiting for the moment to storm in and help Harry fix his life after everything shattered.

And Harry let him. He let him help and do whatever he needed. He was like a ragdoll, being tossed around and changed all at once. Luca definitely changed everything. He changed Harry’s looks, his way of thinking, and, even, his personality if that were possible. For once Harry felt cool. He felt like he belonged. He felt like he had finally found himself and was able to do what he wanted and just let go and live. He didn’t need anyone except Luca and Luca made sure to show him that. He didn’t need a girlfriend or to fall in love or anything. He did as Luca said and just had fun and broke some hearts like how his own had.

And it was around that time when Luca was changing Harry that he first saw thatlook. The look as if he were planning something. Harry didn’t know what it meant at that time; hell, he still didn’t exactly know. He did, however, know that he was seeing that look right now and that it could only be trouble for him.

Harry looked at Luca after a while and let out another breath. “Everything.” He finally answered him and stood his ground. “Everything is wrong with this, Luca. I can finally see clearly now and I don’t want to do this anymore. I’ve hurt so many people, especially Kennedy, and now I just want to go back to who I was before all of this.”

Luca only continued to smile in return as he shifted his legs into the opposite position and tossed his hair slightly. His eyes burned into Harry as he said, “So you want to go back to the geek who got cheated on, huh?” Harry cringed at the thought. He hated being reminded of what had happened and he wished that he could forget about that forever. Unfortunately, Luca didn’t seem to be letting it go that easily. “You want to go back to being vulnerable again? Harry, what happens when this bitch fucks you over? You’ll be so devastated again that you’ll come crying right back to me needing me to fix it all again.”

Harry swallowed hard, his stomach twisting into knots. He hadn’t really thought about that. He hadn’t thought about the possibility of getting his heart broken again. He could still feel that sting from how painful it was the first time that he knew he never wanted to experience it again. He couldn’t go through it again.

But Kennedy was different. He didn’t know how exactly, but he did know that this girl was definitely different than Tara. They were the complete opposites of each other and Kennedy was the better choice. And she was worth the trouble it could bring, Harry believed. 

“You’re wrong,” Harry countered, looking straight at him with intense eyes. “You’re so wrong, Luca. My heart isn’t going to get broken again. Kennedy won’t break it, I just know it. I won’t let that happen again, because if I can get her to see the real me then I will make sure I never hurt her. And then she’ll never break my heart.” 

Luca sighed, the look on his face growing more irritated at this point. He seemed as if he thought this would be simple, but was quickly mistaken. “You’re so fucking naïve, Harry! All these bitches are the same, don’t you see?!” Harry couldn’t remember the last time Luca had actually gotten angry with him. The boy was always so calm and, seemingly, peaceful that it surprised him a bit. “You can say right now that she won’t break your heart, but she will!” Luca finally got up from where he was siting and walked towards Harry, putting his hands on his shoulders and looking him in the eyes. His face softened quickly, as if he was ready to sympathize with the boy. “You can’t trust her, okay? I’m the only one you can trust. Remember how I helped you? You can trust me and trust me when I’m saying that you don’t want to be with this girl for anything other than sex.”

Harry’s stomach dropped again as he bit his lip. Was Luca right? Was he really being naïve about this? Kennedy really could break his heart and he would never see it coming. She could crush it worse than Tara ever did and the thought terrified him. Harry couldn’t go through that again. He wouldn’t go through that again.

He really didn’t know what to think. He wasn’t sure what to do now with all these things Luca was saying. He was so set on giving all of this up when he woke up and trying to make Kennedy see him different. And now? Now he didn’t know if that was the right choice. Was Kennedy the right choice?

“Luca.” The two of them turned around and saw Niall standing there, an angry look spread clear across his face. Harry felt a little bit of relief as his mind was pulled away from all of the confusing thoughts as he stared at Niall. Niall only focused solely on Luca though, the anger building up quickly and clear within him. “Can you leave me and Harry alone? I need to talk to him.”

Luca only grinned, knowing that he was getting under Niall’s skin and loving every second of it. The two obviously didn’t get along, that Harry could see quite clearly. He turned back to Harry and slapped his cheek playfully. “Don’t forget what I said, mate. She’s not worth it. Super sexy and worth the fuck, but definitely not worth your heart.” He let go of Harry and turned away, bumping shoulders with Niall playfully on his way out.

Harry stood a little paralyzed, the same thoughts floating right back to him. Niall must have known that what Luca had said was getting to him, because he rushed over quickly and pushed his face. Harry snapped out of it a tiny bit and looked over at his friend, a smile crossing Niall’s face as he tried to cheer him up.

“You okay?”

No, he thought and he was honestly surprised that his face didn’t give him away. Instead, he shook the thought away and put on his own playful smile. “Of course I’m okay. Why wouldn’t I be? I’m always okay.”

And that was the truth. To everyone around him, Harry Styles was always and would always be okay. But to himself? He didn’t think he was ever okay. Sure, he was amazing at putting on this cover most of the time and letting everyone know that there was nothing wrong. He could go about his life and nobody would ever know what he was truly feeling and how badly his heart hurt.

And it did. It did hurt at that moment. He was so confused about what to do that it was honestly making his heart hurt. He was so certain this morning that he wanted to be with Kennedy; to show her he was worth it. But now? Now he didn’t know. Now he didn’t know anything really.

There was one thing Harry didn’t realize though and that was that Niall knew him and he wasn’t buying this at all. Harry just pushed past him and sprawled out on the couch, trying to act like it really was okay. “Harry,” he grumbled, waiting for his friend to turn back around and open up to him. He had been so closed off and sheltered for such a long time that Niall really missed his friend. He wanted the old Harry who used to tell him all sorts of things and fill him in on what was going on. But this Harry was so afraid of feeling and putting his emotions out there that he remained so closed off from the world. “Harry, talk to me.”

Harry chuckled, pushing himself up into a sitting position and continuing to just grin at Niall. “Talk about what? I told you, Ni, everything is perfectly fine.” That was just who he was. He hated bothering people with his own problems so instead he bottled them up. That’s what he was used to and he was sure that’s how it was always going to be.

“You’re definitely not fine. I know you Harry and I know that you’re taking everything Luca said to you and believing it.” Niall kneeled down in front of him and touched his knee, trying to get him to look him in the eyes. “Harry, please. Don’t believe him, okay? He is completely wrong and I know you know that deep down. Please…” Niall pleaded for Harry to just understand; to get that Luca wasn’t always right. That the guy was going to ruin his life more than he already has if Harry keeps listening to him.

But was Harry going to accept that? Of course not.

“I have to go.” Harry pulled away from Niall and slipped on his shoes before heading to the door. He didn’t bothering looking back at his friend, or listening to his constant calls for him to stop, because he knew he would only be giving him that look as if to say, ‘are –you–serious–right–now?’ But Harry was serious. He was serious in believing that Luca was right; he was always right, after all. He couldn’t just give up their fun game because of one sincere night.


When the door closed behind him he shook away all the bad feelings he had and turned to head next to his room and to the Ross’ door. He fixed the bottom of his shirt and knocked softly, waiting for someone to answer. A part of him really hoped that it wasn’t Kennedy, considering all the confusing feelings he was having at the moment. He was sure that if he were to run into her right then and there that his own mind might explode with all the conflict.

And then it immediately bounced to what he was thinking about when he woke up; breaking up with Hannah. He knew, despite what Luca had said, that he really did need to get rid of her. It wasn’t that he despised her company; she wasn’t that bad. He just wasn’t interested in her and didn’t think it was beneficial to anything anymore. He knew that if he were to stay with her then that would only draw things apart for him and Kennedy and she wouldn’t want to be with him while he was still with her sister.

So that was that. It was time; finally time to break it off with Hannah for good.

The door finally opened and he stood ready to walk in there and just end it before she could even say anything to convince him not to do this. But when Hannah appeared at the door with a tear stained face he couldn’t help but let his smile drop as he stared at her. Why was she so upset? He started to have an inner panic attack and wondered if she just knew everything that was going on. Or maybe he was being paranoid. Either or, he knew that he was going to have to calm down the sobbing girl.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He walked into the room and led her to the couch. Hannah stayed silent though, other than her sobbing. He started to wonder if something really bad happened and his mind immediately sprung to Kennedy. Was she alright? Was she hurt? He just really wanted to know what was going on so he could stop jumping to conclusions. “Hannah, what happened?”

And then it happened. The four words a nineteen year old never wants to hear from their girlfriend. The four words that could scare anyone away the second they are spoken.

“I think I’m pregnant.”

Harry was pretty sure he could hear the funeral march playing through his mind as he went over the words at least eighteen different times. He felt his hear stop and was pretty sure that this was the end. He was going to die right then and there and the last words he would ever hear would be that Hannah, his “girlfriend”, thought she was pregnant, with his child.

Yeah, the more he thought about it the more certain he was that he was going to die from the shock and terror of the situation.

No. No, no, no, no, no. No way is this happening. No way was Hannah pregnant and no way was Harry going to be a father. It just couldn’t be real. Either this was some sort of cruel joke that someone was setting him up on or he was dreaming. He pinched himself just a bit after that. Not dreaming, he mused as he went straight back to thinking about it being a joke. Niall could have possibly done it, or maybe even Luca. He knew that this just couldn’t be true. He was always so safe; hell, he was practically the king of being safe. So how could this have happened?

He was about to call her out on it when he looked in her direction, but by the look on her face Harry felt his stomach drop again. She was still visibly sobbing and he knew right then and there that she wasn’t joking. Either she was telling the truth or she was a damn good actress, because he was really falling for it now.

His breathing started to pick back up, a little too fast, and now he was pretty sure he was seconds away from hyperventilating. He tried his best to calm himself down, but there was no use. He was freaking out. He was more than freaking out, he was having a damn panic attack.

“You…You think you’re pregnant?” His voice got a bit higher as he questioned her, the terror clearly showing in his voice. She just nodded in response as she was crying way too hard to answer him. He just stared at her with huge eyes and placed a hand against his chest, trying to take in deep breaths to stop from almost having a heart attack.

After what seemed like forever, Harry finally heard the crying come to an end and he looked back over at her. She sat there, sniffling over and over again as her eyes were on him. “I’m late and I’m never late. I haven’t taken a test yet, but I might be…”

He relaxed just a tiny bit that she wasn’t a hundred percent sure. He finally stood up and pulled her to her feet, grabbing her bag from the couch and handing it to her. “Well, why don’t we go get a test? Just to make sure and get this all figured out, okay?” He was being more understanding than he actually thought he would be. Sure, he was freaking the hell out, but if he showed anymore fear in his eyes then Hannah might start crying again.

It didn’t take them that long, the walk mostly consistent of silence and Hannah’s, somewhat, annoying sniffling as they made it to a small corner store down the street. She left him to search for a pregnancy test as he stood awkwardly to the side, just waiting for this nightmare to be over and taken care of it. Unfortunately, he was sure that his nightmare was only about to grow.

“I thought that was you.” Harry groaned to himself and rolled his eyes as he turned and faced Zayn walking in his direction. Fucking great, he mused as he tried to put on his best fake smile. “I never thought I’d see you in a place like this. Don’t you have all your little servants coming to do your shopping for you?”

“Nah, its usually just thugs like you that come to do my bidding.” Harry smiled smugly in his direction and crossed his arms. He tried to hide the panic on his face as he wondered if Kennedy would be around if Zayn was here.

Zayn must have known what he was thinking because he just chuckled and said, “She’s not here. She’s back at my place. I just came to get us some snacks.” Harry relaxed a bit, feeling better that he wouldn’t be caught by Kennedy buying a pregnancy test with her sister. Zayn raised an eyebrow and continued to stare at him. “I’m just really wondering what you’re doing here.”

Harry shrugged his shoulders, trying to play it off like it was nothing big. “Same thing as you. Hannah and I just came to get some snacks for a little movie date. Nothing unusual there so you can stand down. No need to go running back to Kennedy and filling her in on all our boring details.”

He could have gotten away with it. Zayn could have really bought that they were there for no particular reason. But, of course, Hannah had to come over and ruin it. She stood next to Harry and held up the pregnancy test box.

“This one seemed like the best choice,” she mumbled, another sniffle coming out afterwards. Harry groaned slightly and just nodded, shooing her away to go wait for him at the counter while he finished his conversation. He really didn’t want to turn back and face Zayn, knowing that this was about to get even more complicated than he wanted it to be.

“That sure didn’t look like snacks.” Zayn crossed his arms and stood there, looking as if he were waiting for some kind of explanation. Harry knew that this was no good. Zayn would go running back to Kennedy and tell her everything that had happened and there went any chance he would have in pulling her in.

Harry tried to stay cool, but it wasn’t working. He glared at Zayn for a moment before turning away. “Mind your own business. You didn’t see anything.” He didn’t give the older boy a chance to respond as he hurried away quickly, not wanting to spend any more time talking about what he did or didn’t see. 

All he wanted to do was find out what was going on and whether or not any of this could actually be happening.


Harry fiddled nervously with his fingers as he sat and waited for Hannah’s test to be finished. Hannah sat next to him, equally as nervous as he chomped anxiously on her nails and dug her others into Harry’s leg.

As Harry sat there he couldn’t help but go over everything that could happen in his mind. This could really be it. This could be the end of everything. If Hannah were pregnant, he would have to stop all of this and try to be the best dad that he could. He knew that if it came to that he would probably have to accept the position at his father’s company or else he might not be able to afford to help their child.

The thought of an abortion came to his mind and he couldn’t help but glance in her direction. Could he really ask for that? Could he ask Hannah to get an abortion? He shook his head and sighed, knowing that he couldn’t. He knew that his father probably wanted his mother to and he couldn’t stand the thought of that. He wouldnever be like his father. If Hannah was pregnant he would be the best dad he could be, because he had the worst one. He wouldn’t make his child go through what he did.

“Will you stay?” Hannah finally spoke up and looked in his direction, her eyes full of fear and confusion. Harry glanced at her, a little confused by what she meant. “If I am pregnant will you stay with me?”

Harry didn’t know what to say. Of course he wouldn’t let the kid grow up without a father, but the idea of staying with her because of her being pregnant? He didn’t want that. He wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment and he wasn’t sure if he ever really would. So what was he supposed to say? He didn’t want to lie, but he didn’t want to upset her either and have her possibly cry again.

Why couldn’t this situation just be less hectic?

Harry was about to respond, but the timer on Hannah’s phone went off, alerting them that they have waited long enough to find out the results. Harry sighed in relief as she got up and headed to the bathroom alone.

It was time. Harry tapped his fingers on his legs and was pretty sure if he tapped any harder he might puncture a hole right through them. His breathing shortened as he wondered what their fate might be. Was he going to be a dad or could he finally go on with his life without any more conflict? He didn’t know, but he really hoped that someone would just tell him already.

About ten minutes later Hannah came out of the bathroom, her eyes glued to the floor. Harry stared at her, trying to understand what was going on and he couldn’t help but notice that a part of her looked a little sad. He was close to just screaming at her to tell him already when she finally looked up and met his eyes.

“Negative,” she nodded, a sad smile crossing her face. “I’m not pregnant.”

Harry sighed out and leaned his head against the couch, relief flushing over him.Thank God, he thought to himself as he closed his eyes and tried to get his heart to settle down. She wasn’t pregnant. They were not going to have a child together. He was not going to be a father at nineteen. Everything was okay in the world and he didn’t have anything to worry about now.

“Well, that’s a relief, right?” Harry laughed awkwardly as he sat up and rubbed the back of his neck. He wasn’t sure what to say at this point, as the silence flowing between them was cooking up a lot of awkward tension. He couldn’t help but wonder if she was upset with the results as she wasn’t saying much. “I mean, we’re too young. Not a good idea.”

“Yeah,” she squeaked as she shrugged her shoulders and looked away from him. Yeah, she definitely didn’t seem happy with the results and that worried Harry a little bit more. What if she wanted to have a baby? What if she really wanted to have hisbaby. This could cause for more trouble if Harry didn’t end it now. He was about to say something when she finally turned back to him and cut him off. “I have to tell you something.”

“Okay?” Harry stood up and walked towards her, waiting for her to go on. The look on her face made him uneasy again and he feared for what she had to say.

She let out a small huff and dropped her arms, looking up and locking eyes with him. “I know we haven’t been dating that long, but I’ve really enjoyed our time together,” she started as she took his hand and gave him a smile. “You’re so amazing and I don’t want to be with anyone else.”

Oh no. 

Her smile grew wider as she said three words that scared him more than her saying she thought she was pregnant. Three words he never wanted to hear from anyone. The three words that he was more scared of than anything in the world.

“I love you.”

His head was spinning as he pulled away from her quickly and stared at her like she was insane. His heart started beating fast as he backed away quickly, holding his hands up and shaking his head as he neared the door. This couldn’t be happening. No, this wasn’t supposed to happen. This was just supposed to be a short thing to get the other girl. He didn’t want this. He never wanted this.

“I have to go.” Harry turned around and bolted from the room, slamming the door shut and leaning up against it quickly. His breathing picked up and his chest started heaving up and down. He felt the hallway start to spin along with his head as he stumbled forward, letting his hand catch the wall to keep him upright. 

“I love you, Tara.”

Harry tried to loosen his shirt as it was getting way too hot and he wasn’t able to breathe. He unbuttoned a few buttons as his mind continued to flash back and forth and spin. He couldn’t keep focus as he leaned against the wall.

“I’m sorry, Harry. I have to go.”

He blinked a few times as he stumbled forward again, trying to get to his door. He heard something from down the hall and looked up, seeing Kennedy and Zayn walking down and laughing to each other. They were so close and they looked so crazy about each other and this made Harry’s head start spinning even more.

Before they could notice him, he pushed his door in and shut it quickly before collapsing down to the floor against it. He pulled his knees up to his chest and buried his head in them.

And not much later a small sob erupted from his throat.

Oh God… What am I going to do? This has gotten too complicated for me to handle. And I know it’s only going to hurt you more, Kennedy when you find everything out. I’m so sorry.

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