Teenage Casanova

Being an heir to a billion dollar company wasn't all that it was cracked up to be; just ask pompous troublemaker teen, Harry Styles. Sure, it had its ups, but when your CEO father threatens to cut you off and kick you out of the family unless you take over the company when he steps down next year, it ends up putting a little damper on all the fun of being a spoiled rich kid. Growing up definitely wasn't on the agenda at only nineteen years, but maybe with a little time away that would give him the time to think it all over and figure out what the hell he was going to do. And to cause reckless chaos. In enters Kennedy Ross, a good girl from Seattle, Washington, who was being forced into spending her summer with her older sister in Barcelona, Spain. The only thing she wanted to do was get through the next few months with nothing but a good tan and a few memorable stories to tell. She just didn't expect that those stories would include a spoiled brat and a painter.


24. I Feel Alive - PART II

(I have a horrible habit of writing way too many words each chapter and since this was, like, almost 9k I had to break it up and post it in 2 parts. Sorry! Hope you like it though!)



And at that point, she realized that every thought she had about not being ready or not being sure if she could do it vanished. She wanted to be with Zayn. She wanted to spend time with him and date him and be around him. Kennedy wanted to be with him and she didn’t think anything would ever change her mind about that.

Zayn still seemed unsure for a while, but eventually brought back that smile she loved so much. It made her heart melt as he pulled her in for a hug and rested his head on top of hers, giving it a little kiss. If her heart hadn’t already melted at that point, she would have been sure that it would have exploded now.

When he pulled away, there was a change in his expression. “Kennedy, do you trust me?”

She had never been asked by someone before if she trusted them. Trust was not something she took lightly, nor did she give out that often either. To get trust, you have to earn it; and not many people she knew had earned it with her before. But Zayn? Zayn had earned it.

And she really did trust him, if she was being honest with herself.

“I do, I trust you.”

He took her hand quickly and pulled her in the direction they had parked, almost running. If she wasn’t already confused, she definitely was now. He gave no explanation to his spontaneous behavior, nor did he show any sign of doing so. She wondered what was going on, but figured that this was part of the trust thing.

She said she trusted him so she would.

He helped her with her helmet, smiling widely and bringing back that attitude she adored. This was the Zayn she wanted to spend her night with and she was glad he was back. He hopped on his bike, waiting patiently for her to climb on behind him and wrap her arms around him again. And then he didn’t waste time before he was pulling back out onto the road.

She watched this time, opting to keep her eyes open, despite her mind yelling at her to close them so she wouldn’t be scared. She figured that he was taking her back to the hotel as they drove towards it, but when he took a turn to the right and headed down the road towards the highway, that was when even more confusion rose within her.

“Where are we going?”

“Just trust me, okay?” He hollered over the wind, smirking as he revved the engine and pulled onto the highway, traveling a little faster than they were going. 

She held on tighter, but for some reason she couldn’t help but grin as they drove. It made have been terrifying and scary, but the more she road with him, the more she trusted that he would never let anything happen to her. And that caused the adrenaline to kick in.

They traveled outside the city limits, much to her surprised as she wondered where exactly they were going and what they were doing. After what seemed like forty minutes of driving, Zayn eventually pulled off the highway and down the road, into an empty parking lot near a park.

She looked around as the bike came to a stop and she got off. “What are we doing here? Are we going to swing or something?”

He just laughed, reaching into his side bag on the motorcycle and pulling out a folded blanket. “I actually had this plan where we were going to take a walk on the beach after we ate and then sit down and just kind of talk. But, since that didn’t work, I thought maybe we could watch the stars here instead? I like to come out here every now and again and paint so I thought I’d share with you one of my most favorite spots.”

“Thank you so much.” She took the blanket from him as he got off and took his helmet off. “Really, this is even better than what I imagined. I would love to watch the stars with you.”

“Great,” he grinned, leaning in and giving her a peck on the cheek this time. “How about I walk down to this restaurant I usually go to and get us some carry out and you find us a nice spot and sit and have our own little picnic?”

“Sounds perfect.”

She parted ways with him and walked up the hill towards the park. When she reached the top she was in awe at how beautiful it actually looked. No wonder he loves to paint here,she thought as she walked farther into the open field before laying the blanket down. She felt relieved when she looked around and didn’t see anyone. She had Zayn all to herself with no interruptions this time.

And especially no wine to be spilled.

She snuggled into Zayn’s jacket that she still had on as she sat down on the blanket and stared up at the sky. She was so thankful that it was clear out so that they could see how beautiful the stars were. This whole new date seemed like something that would come out of some movie, and she was really glad that she got to be the love interest this time.

But there always come a climax in every movie, and she wondered what hers would be. It worried her a little; she really didn’t want anything to come between the two of them now. She was finally certain that she had made the right decision and she didn’t want something messing that up now. 

After a little while, Zayn appeared at the top of the hill carrying two styrofoam containers as she hurried over to their spot. “This place has the best food I have ever tasted. And don’t worry, I didn’t order anything with shellfish this time. Sorry about that before.” He sat down next to her and handed her the food.

“Don’t worry about it. I should have told you that I couldn’t eat it.” Kennedy opened the box, the smell dazzling her. “Wow, this smells so freaking good,” she laughed as Zayn handed her a plastic fork. “So you come here a lot?”

“When I get the chance. Adalia told me about it so I decided to check out their food for myself. And, while I was in the neighborhood, I found this place and found the peace and quiet an amazing place to concentrate on my art.”

Kennedy smiled sadly as she dug into her food, almost dying instantly at how good it tasted. It was like her taste buds were exploding. “Oh my God, this is amazing!”

“I knew you’d like it!” He laughed, biting his lip as he looked at her face. “You’ve got a little on your cheek, goof.” Kennedy blushed, trying to wipe it away and looked at him. “Nope, still there. Here, let me get it.” Zayn moved over slowly, getting so close that it made her heart start racing again. He leaned in a little, taking his finger and wiping it away so gently. “There.”

Their faces were inches apart and she was sure that at any second he was going to close that gap by kissing her. So when he moved away and sat back in his spot, she was a little surprised. Out of all the times they had close moments where they almost kissed, this was the one she wanted to happen more than anything.

After the awkward silence moved past them, Kennedy moved back to their previous conversation. “So how’s Adalia doing, by the way? I haven’t heard you talk about her recently.”

He seemed upset by the question. “She’s been pretty sick lately with the flu, but she’s been improving a little each day. She’s a strong woman so she’ll pull through. I just wish she would do it faster so I could spend more time with her, you know?”

“I love how close you two are.”

“She’s like my family when my family isn’t here.”

That prompted Kennedy’s question from earlier. She hesitated slightly about asking it, but decided that there was only one way she was going to learn more out about Zayn. And that was to ask the difficult questions. “So, you never answered my question earlier. About why you moved here.”

Zayn sighed as he stirred his food around with his fork. “I’m sorry I don’t seem so up to answering it. I guess it’s a touchy subject for me. I didn’t take the decision to move here lightly. It took months and months of thinking it over before I actually decided to come. My mum was not happy about it either, and I’m sure she still isn’t.”

“So why did you?”

“Everyone at home was preparing to go off to university and were getting their lives together. I, on the other hand, was working two jobs at the time and was barely passing my classes. My family didn’t have very much money so I did whatever I could to help my family out as best as I could. But it was just all so stressful.” He fiddled with his fingers after he sat his food down. “My mum wanted me to go to university so bad, but I didn’t, because we couldn’t afford it at all. And I really didn’t want her to have to help me pay for that. So, I decided to take a year off and keep working. But I just wasn’t happy there. I knew everyone was disappointed in my choices and I just couldn’t take hurting them anymore. So… I left in the middle of the night and looked at a map and randomly picked to come here.”

Kennedy was a little stunned, never expecting any of this from Zayn. He seemed so happy and thrilled about life usually, that the thought never crossed her mind that he had to struggle.

“For months I worked my ass off washing dishes and doing all these other odd jobs. I’d send money home to my family to help them out still, but I didn’t have the heart to face them again. I abandoned them and I regret it so much. I will always regret it, but I just can’t go back. What am I supposed to say? I gave up the chance to go to university to be a struggling artist in Barcelona? That’s not really something to be too proud of. I’d rather not show them how much I’ve failed.”

“I had no idea.” Kennedy’s voice was just as shocked as her expression. “Have you ever thought about the future? Like, do you think you’d ever go to school if you could? Go home and be with your family?”

“To be honest, I don’t know. My life is here now. I don’t think I’m brave enough to go home.”

Kennedy reached over and took his hand, linking her fingers with his and smiling. “I think you’re brave. When you needed to get away, you left instead of being miserable. Even though you didn’t have to, you still send money home to your family to help them out. You’re out here, in this country that you’re still fairly new to, living life and doing all these great things like working in the retirement home and being friends with Adalia and even doing your art.” She smiled widely. “You’re not a failure. You’re far from it, Zayn. I think you’re amazing.”

His eyes lit up as he stared at her. He dropped her hand, but instead of pulling away he moved closer to her; as close as he had not that long ago. She wondered if she had food on her face again, but the look in his eyes told her otherwise.

And then, before she even had time to react, he gently touched her face with his hands, pulling her closer and meeting her lips with his. She thought she would have been more surprised, like she usually was, but that wasn’t the case this time. No, this time she didn’t even hesitate as she kissed him back, closing her eyes and just letting it happen.

Zayn kissed like he painted; elegantly and beautifully. He was so gentle with her, afraid that he might stain the canvas before he got where he wanted to go with the painting. The feeling was mutual to her, because she definitely didn’t want to do anything to ruin his perfection. But the more the kiss progressed, the more the colors started to come together perfectly. 

She laid on her back, not breaking the kiss as Zayn moved over her, his hands sliding down her sides, which only caused her stomach to be engulfed with those same butterflies as before. She was going to ignore them, though, refusing to let this moment be ruined by her own insecurities. She just wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer as their lips mashed together in perfect sync. 

His facial scruff tickled her face after a while, causing her to chuckle into their kiss. She could feel Zayn’s lips curling into a smile as he moved his hands again, this time into a position to where they gently tickled her sides. She tried not to break the kiss, but she couldn’t help but laugh more into it and pull away. 

She stared up at him, amazed by how beautifully he mixed with the sky above. It was like he was meant to be preserved in one of his paintings and never messed with again. She wanted to keep that painting; she wanted to keep him. She couldn’t believe how much her mood had changed from being scared of going out with him, to being so crazy about the guy she was with right now. 

“I’m so glad I came,” she whispered, touching his face softly. “I’m really falling for you. And it scares me a little, but a part of me knows I don’t need to be scared with you.”

He leaned down again, giving her a small kiss. “Don’t be scared. Because I’m falling so hard for you and I promise I’m not going to hurt you. I swear.”

And she knew that was the truth. She trusted him.

Maybe things will start to look up from here. Well, as long as that stupid flutter doesn’t come in and wreck everything up.

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