Teenage Casanova

Being an heir to a billion dollar company wasn't all that it was cracked up to be; just ask pompous troublemaker teen, Harry Styles. Sure, it had its ups, but when your CEO father threatens to cut you off and kick you out of the family unless you take over the company when he steps down next year, it ends up putting a little damper on all the fun of being a spoiled rich kid. Growing up definitely wasn't on the agenda at only nineteen years, but maybe with a little time away that would give him the time to think it all over and figure out what the hell he was going to do. And to cause reckless chaos. In enters Kennedy Ross, a good girl from Seattle, Washington, who was being forced into spending her summer with her older sister in Barcelona, Spain. The only thing she wanted to do was get through the next few months with nothing but a good tan and a few memorable stories to tell. She just didn't expect that those stories would include a spoiled brat and a painter.


3. Dark Blue

Here we go.

Harry grabbed the two drinks he had ordered and walked smoothly to the booth in the corner. A rather attractive blonde was sitting alone and checking her phone every few minutes. Harry loved that type. The type that obviously showed that they were stood up and needing someone to comfort them. The type that felt so embarrassed that they would throw themselves at anyone.

The type so vulnerable that Harry knew exactly what to say.

He put on his charming smile and sat one of the glasses on the table right in front of her. She looked up instantly, her eyes going a little wide and her mouth gaping open slightly at the sight of the beautiful man standing before her.

We have a winner.

“I’m so very sorry for intruding, but I saw you sitting all alone over here and I couldn’t just let a lovely woman like yourself be stood up.”

“How did you-” she began to speak, but Harry leaned towards the table, locking his eyes with her and reeling her in.

“My dear, I’m sorry to be rather blunt, but you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.” She blushed quite a lot and looked away a little.

He had her now.

He swiftly joined her in the booth, making sure to be close enough to pull her in, but giving her enough space so that he didn’t come off as creepy. He knew how to work his ways. He had been doing this for months and had perfected, for the most part, his swooning moves.

“May I ask your name, beautiful?” He leaned in towards her, just enough to hear what she had to say; even if what she had to say wasn’t anything he wanted to hear.

He had learned over the past year that listening was key. It had to be the single most important thing. Whether or not he wanted to know her name or know about her dreams or her fears, he had to listen to what she had to say. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to swoon her with those same things she had, inadvertently, revealed. 

“Emily,” he cooed in her ear, which caused her to giggle uncontrollably, “such a beautiful,” he let his finger glide down her arm, but never took his eyes off of her, “beautiful name.”More like overused. He smiled, what seemed like, a genuine smile and continued to reel her in with his eyes.

An hour had passed and Harry was completely engulfed in a conversation with her, which wasn’t unusual. He had to say the right things at the right time. 

“He sounds absolutely awful,” Harry placed his arm around her shoulder, comforting Emily after she had spilled her heart about being stood up. He leaned in close and whispered in her ear, “he obviously doesn’t deserve a dazzling woman like you. He’s missing out.” He twirled her hair a little in his fingers and watched as she fell apart at his soft whispers.

“Why can’t all men be like you? So,” she reached over and placed her hand on his chest and scooted closer, “charming. So…sweet. So,” she trailed off and before she knew it her arms were flying around his neck and she was pushing her lips to his. 

Harry reached up and cupped her face in his hands and moved his lips with her. He gave her just enough to make her satisfied, but just a little to make her need him. 

He moved from her and trailed his lips down her neck. When he reached the right spot, he glanced up in her direction, his eyes beaming into hers. He wanted permission. He had learned so many times that asking permission was important in luring them in. They wanted to feel like you cared. Like you honestly gave a shit about them enough to ask.

Emily began blushing again and nodded, to Harry’s liking, a little too fast. Harry didn’t waste any time as he parted his lips and placed them back against her neck. He pulled Emily closer as he sucked aggressively against her skin. She let out a pleased breath and closed her eyes as she leaned her head back. Harry couldn’t help but stare at her, knowing he had her completely.

Most people would mark their lover with their own love bite, but not Harry. Harry marked them to know what he had. It was as if it was his own little trademark. He had done it to countless women and didn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

“Oh Harry,” she breathed out when he pulled away from the mark on her neck. He was sure that soon enough it would be bruising and by the morning she would be regretting ever meeting him. “Come back to my room with me. I’m staying at the hotel across the street.”

He had done it. He was waiting for the invitation and now there was only one thing left to do. 

Harry and Emily rose, their bodies hardly parting from each other. He kept his hand around her waist as they made their way across the street and up to her room. She didn’t give him much time as she pushed him to the wall the minute her door was open. She pressed her body to his and kissed him as aggressively as possible.

He loved that. He loved watching them fight for something that will only end badly for them. Did that make him a bad person? Possibly. He didn’t really care, though. This was his game. This is how he played. And he loved to win. 

He eventually took control of the situation and pulled her hips with him towards the bed. He pushed her down gently against the mattress and laughed when her arms grabbed his sides and pulled him on top of her. 

“Feisty,” he leaned down towards her and kissed around her ear slowly. “I like it, Emily.” The way he said her name drove her absolutely crazy. She pulled his face back to hers and kissed him deeply.

He laughed to himself, loving every moment of it. There were so many types of girls he had pursued and they all had their own personality to when it came to him. There were the usual girls. The ones that were always around and easy to get into bed with, considering how they would grope him the entire night. Then there were the harder girls. The ones who didn’t give in too easily. You had to say the right things at the right time to hook them and reel them in.

And then there was Emily; the desperate and needy type. Harry’s favorite. The type that felt so lonely and vulnerable that they would do anything if you whispered the right words into her ear. 

He felt her fingers hook on his pants and he knew she couldn’t wait anymore. He slowly looked down at her with this devilish look before falling right back into his routine that he had become so accustomed to. 


Harry felt the cool breeze flow through the room as he awoke to the girl, whose name had slipped his mind at this point, standing at the open window. He sighed internally, wishing that it would have been him who had woken up first so he didn’t have to get so nasty. He hadn’t had to let a woman down in such a long time and it was always his least favorite part.

It was when his morals would block his path. They would tell him how wrong he actually was. How awful he was to treat women like this. But just as he was about to give way of those morals, Luca’s voice would pop up in the back of his mind. “They’re ours to mess with. Don’t get so emotional. Tell them how it is, even if you have to be nasty about it.” 

A part of him knew Luca was right. He chose this lifestyle. He chose to use women for his own pleasure. He chose this and now he had to suck it up and take control. 

“You’re awake,” she noticed his heavy gaze in her direction and retreated back to the bed. She slowly slipped her arms around his naked torso and nuzzled into his shoulder. “I had such an amazing time last night, Harry. I haven’t been this happy in so long.”

“Really?” He smirked and turned slightly to face her. He leaned in close and watched her face as she puckered her lips slightly, obviously waiting for a kiss. But that’s not what she was getting. He moved towards her ear and whispered softly. “It’s a shame this is goodbye.”

She pulled away quickly, staring at him with wide eyes. “What do you mean?” Her bottom lip was poking out and quivering, and Harry was pretty sure she could have started crying at that moment. 

“I’m sorry, love, but I’m just not interested,” he rose from the bed and grabbed his clothes from the night before. He pulled his boxers and pants on quickly before shaking his head with a laugh and turning back in her direction. “You really didn’t think this was serious, did you?”

He had completely caught her by surprise. He watched as a tear quickly fell from her eye and rolled down her cheek. “H…How rude!” 

“Thank you,” he grinned as he picked his shirt off the floor and pulled it over himself. “You were quite good, though. If that helps.”

“You’re absolutely terrible!” She got up quickly from the bed, her entire body shaking. He couldn’t help but laugh as he watched her face turn red as the anger piled up. “You whore!” She yanked her arm back and slapped him right across the face. He touched his face softly, staring at her with that same awful smirk. She didn’t necessarily hurt him, but the sting from the slap did make him laugh a bit. All of them were the same. If he didn’t do something they liked it earned him a slap.

He chuckled before taking a step towards her. He reached up and cupped her face in his hands. She was caught off guard for a moment, obviously struggling between finding him completely repulsing and completely irresistible. Her took his thumb and stroked the side of her cheek softly as she closed her eyes. 

It was at that point that he realized how much of a dick he had become. He was turning into Luca. Maybe not by looks, but on the inside he was becoming exactly like him. Luca had no respect for women. He didn’t care about anything but manipulating them, getting them into bed, and hurting their feelings. 

Was Harry really that bad? Was he slowly becoming his best friend? He wasn’t quite sure. He wasn’t sure either if that’s what he wanted. But something inside of him told him that this was the path he was to go down.

Harry just laughed. “How about round two before I go?”

She quickly shot her eyes open and pulled away. She shoved her hands against his chest, her face turning that same shade of angry red. “Get out!” She screamed and practically forced him towards the door. “Get out right now! You are the worst person I’ve ever met! How could you do this? How could you toy with people like this?!”

He turned and faced her again once he was out the door. She stood there, as if she were waiting for him to answer. What should he say? That this was him? That she should get over it and move on?


“Sorry, love, but I don’t really care.”

She slammed the door right in his face.


Harry sighed as he rode the elevator back down to the lobby, wondering what was on the agenda now. He looked at the clock on his phone and wished that it was telling him it was time for tonight. 

But then it dawned on him. Why? Why did he care so much? He had no idea if she would even show up. She didn’t give him a definite answer, right?


He groaned and tilted his head back against the wall. What was that even supposed to mean? Was she coming? Was he getting stood up?

He didn’t understand this at all. For as long as he’s been doing this, he hadn’t once met someone so…devastatingly perfect. For some reason he couldn’t get her out of his mind. He wanted her more than anyone he ever wanted. There was something about her…

Her lips…
Her hair…
Her eyes…

He was so drawn in by her. He wanted nothing more than to kiss those lips, run his fingers through that beautiful hair, and meet her eyes before taking her as his own. He wanted to take her the moment he saw her, but he knew that wouldn’t have done any good. Even trying to get to know her seemed like it wasn’t going so well.

He should move on. He should have moved on and forgot about her by now. She couldn’t be worth it. He never spent this much time over a woman. So why her? Why was she so different that he couldn’t get over her?

The elevator reached the lobby and Harry walked casually out. He passed a few worthy looking girls and stopped for a second, throwing them his lustful eyes. He would have to come back tomorrow for them. 

He continued his way outside and stopped instantly when the cool breeze hit him. He exhaled and took it in, not helping but smiling. The one thing he loved more than sex and women was the feeling of freedom.

He hadn’t felt this kind of freedom since before he left London. He had been under such tight supervision all his life that he couldn’t catch a break. It was rule after rule for him. “Can’t do this” or “can’t do that”. He was tired of it. Just because his family was important it didn’t mean that he didn’t deserve a chance to live his life.

It was around when he was seventeen when he met Luca; the son of an important business client to his family. Harry’s father told him to get along with the boy and make sure that he felt welcomed. He would have never guessed that it was Luca that would be calling all the shots eventually. 

It didn’t take long for them to become friends. Luca was very smart and very convincing. He told Harry of an exclusive group at their local country club. Harry didn’t quite understand what he meant by exclusive, but he soon found out.

Tons of them were there. Most of them were people Harry knew. They were his father’s business partner’s sons. But why would they all be in one place? It didn’t make much sense to him, but he went along with it. He did his best to follow Luca’s lead and fit in.

And that’s when he learned about it. Learned about them. They weren’t all here by coincidence. They were all there for a reason; to toy with women. Luca explained it to him as a lifestyle. That being a casanova was what they did best. Harry tried to wrap his head around it. Why would they do something like this? He had always been taught that women were to be treated special. Not as some kind of toy. 

At first, he tried to stay away. He steered clear of Luca and everything about that group. He moved on and met a lovely girl. She was his everything. His world. He put all his hopes and dreams into her and what their life could be.

But as they say, sometimes dreams die.

So he went back. He learned everything he needed to know from Luca and he joined them. He didn’t care anymore. Everything he thought he knew was gone, so why not have a little fun? Why not mess with women like they messed with him? He wanted payback.

And this was the best way to get it.

Harry pulled himself away from his thoughts and fixated on what was standing in front of him. Or rather, who was across the street from him. And at that moment, a part of him wished that she wasn’t there.

He watched her every move. The way she walked. The way her hair moved in the wind under one of her adorable sunhats. The smile that came on her face when she was talking to the hotel doorman. 

Damn, she was making everything hard for him.

He opened his mouth to yell for her, but stopped himself. He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t keep doing this. She had to make up her mind about tonight. And if she came, then tonight would be the night that he would make his move. And if she didn’t…then he had to move on and forget that Kennedy ever existed. 

It didn’t make it easier. If Luca knew exactly what was going on in his mind, he wouldn’t keep his words nice about it. Luca didn’t like lingering on a woman for too long. It wasn’t how they were supposed to act. They weren’t supposed to get so emotional over their “toys”.

And yet she was different. And it was driving him mad.


Harry pulled his blazer over his shirt and straightened himself out. He looked over his reflection in the mirror and wondered if he was good enough.

“That’s the third jacket you’ve tried on, mate,” Luca chuckled from the sofa and shook his head. “Trying to find the best to swoon her?”

“Of course. I always have to look my best.”

It was true, he always did his best to impress. But a part of him knew this time it was different. The girl was different. Of course, he wouldn’t admit that to Luca. He was allowed to keep his own little secrets. 

Harry paced back and forth, looking at his watch every now and again. He was getting a bit nervous, wondering if she would show. 

“Don’t worry yourself, okay? If she shows, then she shows. If she doesn’t, it’s not something to get ticked about. There’s plenty of girls that are going to be at that party.” Luca placed his hands behind his head and watched his friend pace. 

“I’m not worried,” Harry lied slightly as he stopped by his dresser and sprayed himself with his best cologne. That could reel her in, right? It had to. It always worked.

Luca laughed and rolled his eyes. “You’re such a shit liar, you know that? It’s alright, mate. You just want her so bad that you can’t get her out of your head. And you’ll get her.”

Harry knew that Luca was right. It all came down to tonight. He had to have her. It was now or never. The ball was in her court now. And all she had to do was show up.

As if on cue there was a knock at the door. Harry stopped dead in his tracks and stared at it. Could it be her? Was she really there?

“Are you going to get it?” Luca laughed as he rose from the couch when he realized that Harry wasn’t moving. “Fine, I’ll get it.”

Harry tried to take a deep breath and prepare himself, but he couldn’t help but feel those nerves sneaking back up. Stop it, Harry. She’s not someone to get worked up over. She’s just a girl. It’s just a game. Calm. Down. His inner thoughts weren’t helping one bit. 

Luca glanced back at Harry once and chuckled before pulling the door open.

Kennedy…I’m waiting for you. It’s your move now.

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