Whisper this Silent Ordinance!

Nyxxi is thrilled to be going on tour with her band 'Silent Ordinance', they were offered a spot on a tour with amazing bands such as My Chemical Romance, Paramore and Green Day to cover for her cousin's band 'Sometime After Dark'. They haven't got much publicity so will this be the band's big breakthrough?


1. Just us, Silent Ordinance!

Chapter 1- Nyxxi's POV.

"Alright then, yeah, I'm a complete and utter idiot for accepting this deal..." Onyx muttered to herself, trying on different outfits and packing each one she liked neatly in her seperate bags, ready for the tour. She eventually settled with her favourite outfit
 and dashed outside to put her stuff in the 'tour bus'. She texted the other members of the band about the plans to go on tour a while ago after her cousin's band had dropped out of the UK and US tour, and her cousin had recommended her band to his managers. She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket after she had shoved all of the merchandise they would be needing in the back of the van they were using for a tour bus, she took a glance at it and saw it was a text from her cousin's manager, it read:

'Hi, would your band mind being signed to our record company for the time being, seen as you are taking 'Sometime After Dark's place in our tour, please could you manage to be at the M.E.N arena in Manchester for mid-day if possible? We would just like to confirm things with your band and make sure you know the route we're going to go on for this tour.'   

Onyx sighed, it was 10am now, so she could easily be there for 12... The main problem was going to be picking the guys up...

We were on the road, stuck in a good load of traffic on the M62, Cyan (Jodie), the lead singer, was hanging either her arm or her head out of the window at all times, desperate to get out of such a small space seen as she was claustrophobic. Charlotte, our bassist, was attempting to draw something, although seen as I was driving I couldn't get a good look at it. Steph, the drummer, was wittering on about the 'fancy' drumsticks she had recently got and was showing them off to Charlotte and Julia (otherwise known as 'Cappuccino' or 'Niea'), who is the lead guitarist of the band, otherwise known as my guitar-buddy. The time passed slowly and we had to pull up once or twice because Cyan needed to get out of the van due to serious claustrophobia, but eventually, at around 11:45am, we got to the M.E.N arena and pulled up where all the bands had parked their buses and vans. I clambered out and instantly went off in search of the manager so we could sort stuff out, the others got out as well and wandered off, Cyan just aimlessly wandering towards the other bands and the other three going in search of shops I presumed, or just going sightseeing? I didn't really know at all, but shouted at them to get me coffee if they could, seen as they were wandering off anyway.

And with that, i was set the task of finding our part-time manager. Easier said than done... 

((Hey guys! please don't steal the band name 'Silent Ordinance', I came up with that and please don't take the name 'Sometime After Dark' either, that is an actual band and, yes, it is my cousin's band. The people in 'Silent Ordinance are real and I'll be putting charrie sheets up of them, their personalities are based on the people, not the appearances! Please don't steal, comment, fav, etc. and respect that I've put a lot of time into this!)) 

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