One Direction Imagine

A set of short or long imagines. If you want one comment: name,what boy,what happens! Really prefer writing about someone real then makin my own up! Well luv u guys


6. Sammy for Zayn

Its Liam birthday and your boyfriend, Zayn, is taking you for a dress. No matter how hard you protested he didn't give in. You arrived in the store that sells dresses. Zayn takes a spot on the couch by the dressing room.

You try on a beautiful white dress that has a sweetheart neckline and fluffs out a little. It is a little higher than your knee. You walk out of the dressing room.

"Holy...... Sam.....You look.....Holy..." Zayn stutters trying to get the right words.

"I look that bad huh?" you ask him.

"No you look beautiful." You smile at him. And you hear some 'Daaaaaaannggss' and 'ooooooohh' from a group of 4 boys passing by. You ignore them but Zayn doesn't. He stands up. You've never seen him this mad before. You can see the flames in his eyes. His nuckels are white from him digging his nails into his skin.

The group of boys are making fun of him, laughing because they made him mad. You touch Zayn's arm stopping him from going any farther.

"They're not worth it babe." He relaxes.

"Go get changed so we can go." he tells you.

You go and change, pay for the dress and then go back for Zayn. He's not there. You knew he must've gone after them. You start to worry. Yes he's big and stronger than most boys but you know 4 against 1 will hurt.Even if he's as strong as two of them put together. You rush out the store and look in the crowd of teens shopping. You stand up on your tippie-toes hoping to see him.

You finally see him leaning up against a wall that lead to an emergecy exit and bathrooms. You run over to him.

"Zayn what did you do?" you ask him. You gasp when he looks you. His face is bruised and he has some cuts on his face.

"I didn't want you to be upset with me."

"Baby I am mad but not at you. I'm mad at the guys who beat up my boy." You hug his torso and he hugs you back.

"They said things about you and I was just so mad because you're not anything they called you. You're beautiful, intelligent, and mine." 

You hear the boys that beat up your Zayn. You pull him down for a kiss even when the boys are shouting,'Be with me I wont leave you alone' and 'Baby come back' when you break apart, Zayn grabs your bag and you srart to leave when you turn around and stick up your middle finger at the boys.They stand there shocked as you walk happily out the door with Zayn.



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