One Direction Imagine

A set of short or long imagines. If you want one comment: name,what boy,what happens! Really prefer writing about someone real then makin my own up! Well luv u guys


8. Meghan for Niall

Your the new kid in Cola`iste Mhuire. People are already bulling you. You ignore it but the second day of school is the worst.

"Hey bitch" says Ashly,"Where the hell do you think your going?"

"Home. Now leave me  alone." You tell her and try walking away.All of a sudden a punch throws you to the ground. You can feel the blood trickiling down the side of your face. You try getting up but she kicks you in the stomach and then punches you to the ground. 

Before she can do anymore harm, the cutest boy in your school(and Ashly's boyfriend) pulls her away from you. He puts her down and you can hear their conversation:

Niall: What the bloody hell Ashly! 

Ashly: Babe its not my fault! She's just so ugly I mean have you seen her??

Niall: Beating her bloody isn't right though Ash. I saw the whole thing. We are over.

Ash: What why!? Is she pretteir than me? Better than me? More popular than me?

Niall: Exactly! She's beautiful, you don't see it though. But shes not popular. This girl is what a true girl should be. Your not a girl, Your a bitch.


You see Ashky stom off clearly crying snd pissed. Niall walks over to you and helps you stand up

"Thank you" You say to him when he picks up your book bag. You reach for it and he says

"I'll carry it for you I live right next to you. Butbyou probaly don't notice me."

You  reach into the bag for wupes and ckean yoursrlf off.

You reach your house but before you can walk up one step Niall spins you around. He crashes his lips to yours, and loks you into the kiss. When you breack apart , He hands you a piece of paper and walks into his house, you open the piece of paper to find his number. You smile and walk into your house. Mabe school eont be that bad.

That is how you became Niall's potato

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