One Direction Imagine

A set of short or long imagines. If you want one comment: name,what boy,what happens! Really prefer writing about someone real then makin my own up! Well luv u guys


1. Katy for Harry

You ran out crying because your boyfriend of 1 year was kissing another girl. You ran to the nearest park and your Best friend Harry calls you. He knows that your at the park when you dont answer.

"you ok babe?" he asks you when he gets to the park and sits next to you.

You shake your head and start to cry again. He rocks you back and forth. It is going on 7. You look up and find your best friend looking at you with heaps of love in his eyes.

"He cheated Harry. You were right he was wrong for me" you tell him.

"Its ok. Just dont cry again" you look at him with a questioning look and he tells you," whenever you cry i feel like ive kicked a puppy."

you giggle and give him a hug. When he pulls away from your embrace, and says " I can't do this any more Kat." He crushes his lips to yours. Sparks flow through you like a wave of electricity. When you break apart he says," kat your my best friend but I love you. And when you were going out with that jerk off I knew i would be better for you and all i-"

You cut him off by putting your lips on his. He pulls you to him. The kiss was sweet as you've always imagined.

"What was that for?" Harry asks with that smirk on his face that made you go weak at he knees.

"I love you to Hazza." you whisper as he pulls you in for a hug "always have." And that is the start to your relationship

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