One Direction Imagine

A set of short or long imagines. If you want one comment: name,what boy,what happens! Really prefer writing about someone real then makin my own up! Well luv u guys


4. Caitln for Harry

Your going on a date with your boyfriend of 2 years.  He seemed pretty nervous asking you this time. He said its not anywhere fancy. So you put on a green tank with a denim jacket. You slip on white skinny jeans and some black toms. Deciding you look good you go to to put on some mascara and lipgloss. You still have time so you curl your blonde hair. As soon as you finish their is a knock at the door. You run to answer.

"Hey babe you look beautiful as always" He tells you, kissing your cheek.

"Hey Hazza." you reply and you both get in the car.

"put this on." he says and hands you a blindfold. You look at in his hand before taking it and putting it on.

"Harry I'm trusting you right now." You could imagine him smirking.

You feel the car stop and Harry get out. Your door opens and he helps you out and leads you somewhere.

"Ok open your eyes"

You taje the blind fold off and open them and see candles spelling out the words:


Your fill up with tears as you turn to see Harry on his knee with a box in hand. You couldn't shake your head yes fast enough before you start to cry. Harry pulls you to him and puts the ring on your finger. You smile at the guy you love who is your soon-to-be husband Harry and couldn't think how life could get any better.

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