One Direction Imagine

A set of short or long imagines. If you want one comment: name,what boy,what happens! Really prefer writing about someone real then makin my own up! Well luv u guys


10. Authors Note!

Hey Chickadees! Its been a long time since i updated so I need time to catch up. I will not be taking anymore requests after January 10, 2013. Don't worry I will let more orders in soon after so keep reading my books and like/comment/favorite on them!! It means the world to me! Tank you guys so much and I love writing imagines but also check out my books: Only You and Nobody Compares

Have a SAFE New Year. That means don't do something stupid like stalking the boys at their homes or kidnapping them. (Well technically we already stalk them but DO NOT kidnap them.) Lol anywho Luv u guys, stay strong, recommend my books, eat sushi, go to Nandos, Wear stripes, Eat carrots, play guitar, Scream KEVIN, listen to One Direction, Jump around in your One Direction outfits screaming their songs, drive your parents crazy and Have fun.~Luv Paytn

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