One Direction Imagine

A set of short or long imagines. If you want one comment: name,what boy,what happens! Really prefer writing about someone real then makin my own up! Well luv u guys


11. Alyssa for Liam


"YOU CHEATED ON ME!" You scream at Liam, throwing a magazine of him pulling away from kissing another girl.

"Its not what you think." He says but your already running to your room.

You get there and lock the door falling to the ground sobbing.

" Lyssa come out please."

" No." You say through tears.

********************************* Next Day**********************************

You wake up to find a note by the door from Liam:

Lyssa, Just let me explain, please. 

Go to the place we first met,

The table we shared that one night.


What? He knows that your a curious girl and  that you love mysteries. Sighing you get dressed. You put on your blue tank with your gray sweatshirt over and jeans. You walk into the bathroom and put you light brown hair into a bun, put on some mascara and lip gloss. You put on Black Toms and drive to Starbucks.

You're rushed with emotion becuse this is the first place you saw him. The table you both shared had something on it. A Note:


You came, I'm surprised

Go to the  movies, same cinema

Watch for a while.


You get back in your car and  drive to the movies. You get a ticket for whatever was playing in cinema 6 and watch. Soon you see a note on the screen for you:


I'm sorry.

Go to the place the tears fell.


You run out of the cinema as the message leaves the screen. You drive home and walk in to find a note on the floor where the magizine you threw was. You pik it up and read it:


That girl was my cousin. We were huging.

I would never cheat on you, you're my princess

and even if you hate me now you always will be.

I'll love you even  if were not together.

You're my forever.

I love you.


You  feel  salty, hot teas running down your  face.  You hear someone come into the room so you turn around.  Liam.

"Hey " he  says.

"Hey"  you reply

You look down at the note thats still n you hand.

~run to him! Never let him go!~ your brain sreams at you.

You couldn't take the silence . You run into Liam's  arms , and put you're arms around his neck not letting go. You feel him hugging  you  tighter.

"I never  meant for them to see me hug her. I swear  you're the only one for me. I  love  you  so much." he whispers in your  ear.

You  pull away looking at him." Liam, I could never hate you" you say reffering to the note," I love you and  always will."

He smiles and you couldn't help it, so you smile back. He pulls you close and kisses you.

" You're my forever"


 { just thought I would say that the last note outline looks like a heart}

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