Stolen Innocence

"I don't want to let you go," he smirked, spinning me around.
"Well I do, I don't like you. I gave you what I had, and you just took more. In fact, you took all I had left. and now you have the nerve to-" I was cut off by his lips on mine.
I kneed him where the sun don't shine and walked away, trying to find the other four boys in the crowd.


5. Chapter 4: Ani-maaal Sheeeit

"THERE ARE NO CARROTS IN THIS CAKE!" I mimicked what Louis had said to the waitress earlier that night.

I couldn't stop laughing, and neither could he.

We walked up the sidewalk to my aunts house.

I almost tripped up the steps in my heels.

Louis ended up grabbing my elbow to balance me.


Honestly, my night with Louis is the best night I've had in years.

He's sweet, hilarious, caring, and cute to top it off.

I bit my lip as we made our way to the door.

"Thank you, Louis," I smiled. "I had a great time."

"Me too," he glanced at the cement then back at me. "You have the prettiest eyes."

"Me?" my laugh turned into more of a snort, which set us both off even more. "You're mister pale blue eyes and long eyelashes."

"You have long eyelashes too," he objected.

"The magic of mascara," I joked, only he didn't laugh along with me. I stopped and looked up at him, "what?"

"You don't need that gunk on your beautiful face, Krista," he stepped closer to me.

"I don't use a lot. Just some eyeliner, mascar-" but I was cut off by his lips on my own.


My eyes fluttered along with the butterflies in my stomach.

I threw my arms around his neck, and didn't hesitate to kiss back.

A tickle was sent up my spine once again.

The kiss was a sweet and gentle one.

Yet, still effective.

Louis pulled away with a smile on his face.

He didn't beg for more like Harry did.

His hands never left my waist.


It was a kiss of innocence.

Something I've been longing for my entire life.

And here after countless boyfriends - well, I can't really say countless.

I've only had three boyfriends my entire life.

One of which that I dated for three years.

And all those kisses still had hunger behind them.

Such as Harry's kiss several hours ago.


I smiled and looked into Louis' piercing blue eyes.


"I've been wanting to do that since the moment I heard your voice," he mused. "Maybe I can hear it again sometime."

"Maybe," my smiled widened and threatened to swallow my face. "Maybe I can hear your voice sometime, too."

"Maybe," we synchronized. We seemed hypnotized by each other, frozen in time.  We would've stayed longer if my aunt Brinley didn't flicker the porch lights.

I blushed and looked at the ground. "See you later."

"Of course," he pecked my lips once more and descended down the stairs.

"Oh, and Louis?" I called before he could leave completely.

"Yeah?" he turned around.

"You're right," I smiled.

"Right about what?" his eyebrows knitted in confusion.

"The mascara thing," I replied, before pinching my nose so I could imitate a snotty girl. "After all it's made of ani-maaal sheeeeit."

He laughed as he headed towards his car, and I watched him drive away before opening the door.

"So! You were out with a boy," Brinley raised her eyebrow. I nodded.

I didn't know whether she was mad or-

"SPILL!" she plopped on the couch.

My aunt wasn't very old, she was in her early thirties.

Her light pin-straight blonde hair, petite figure, and crooked smile made her look even younger.

She once had a husband, and an infant son.

But, they got into a car accident a few years back and died.

Brinley doesn't like to talk about it.


"Well, his name is Louis..."



-Louis Tomlinson-


"There's something about your laugh, that makes me wanna have to. There's nothing funny so we laugh at no-no-nothing," I hummed Niall's part to Everything About You.

I jumped and did a heel click right outside of Harry and I's hotel room.

I took the key out of my pocket and unlocked the door, only to be greeted by eight individual eyes staring at me.

I scanned the room and noticed the tv was off and there was a bowl of half-empty popcorn on the coffee table.

"What's going on?" I let my mind think the worst.

Did something happen to mum?

Did Harry get someone pregnant?

Did the tour get canceled?

Oh, and just when I had a smashing time...

"Louis William Tomlinson, have a seat," Harry gestured to a sofa.

I gulped and did what I was told, not expecting the information they were about to give me.


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