It all started with a touch.

What happens when normal school girl (y/n) starts her new school in London, will she make new friends, gain enimies or even fall in love? read to find out more.

(Niall will have a girlfriend in this, she is just a made up character).
Can I please get some names for Nialls girlfriend - I'm thinking something along the lines of Milly.

I am open to any ideas, so please if you have an idea, just comment it below.
Thankyou, beautiful directioners. <3 xoxo.

WARNING - This story may contain some sexual content.


3. New school.

(y/n) P.O.V

*the next morning*                                                                                                                                    The sound of what makes you beautiful woke me up in the morning (yes guys, I have a 1D alarm clock), and then  I realized new school, new life. I am so nervous, I hope people like me. Today I decided that I will curl my hair, and have a light amount of makeup, I going to wear my favourite black shirt and my pink shorts with some basic sandles. I finsihed getting ready and hoped into the car.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            "Sweety are you nervous?"  my mum asked in a kind tone. All I could reply was "yeah, a liitle bit", "you have nothing to worry about honey", yeah your right it is going to be briliam!" "yeah, yeah, now maybe go down a little on One Diretion stuff, it is getting kind of creepy" "WHAT!? never mum!" "haha, yep okay, oh look were here!".

Wow, this school is huge it is going to take me forever to get around here. *5mins later* "So, you must be (y/f/n)?" the pricipal, Mr Davis asked, "yes, yes I am" "well, (y/n) we are very pleased to have you here, I have heard nmerous records of your acheivements, and might I say wow it is an honour to have student such as yourself" "oh, thats very kind of you, thank you very much". "So Mr Davis, how is (y/n) going to get to know the school?" my mum asked sweetly, "well Mrs (y/l/n), I was just going to get to that, she will be escorted around by these four very lovely young ladies, you see we have a speacial program at our school, it is called the 'Welcoming Committie', the Welcoming Committie is responcible for showing you around, introducing you to the teachers and students, and making sure you are most welcome to the school". "Oh, we didn't have any of that at our old school, we were kind of expected to know our way around, and may I ask, who are the four girls who will be showing me around?" "Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention, you may actaully might of heard of these girls, they are Eleanor Calder, Perrie Edwards, Danielle Peazer and Charlotte (sorry don't know your last name)", "Oh really? yes I actually have heard of them, they are the girlfrriends of Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik" "Oh, I take it you are a fan of One Direction?" "Yes, she is" my mum interuppted. "Okay, thought so." Will you please excuse me, wihile I go and call the girls up"....


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