It all started with a touch.

What happens when normal school girl (y/n) starts her new school in London, will she make new friends, gain enimies or even fall in love? read to find out more.

(Niall will have a girlfriend in this, she is just a made up character).
Can I please get some names for Nialls girlfriend - I'm thinking something along the lines of Milly.

I am open to any ideas, so please if you have an idea, just comment it below.
Thankyou, beautiful directioners. <3 xoxo.

WARNING - This story may contain some sexual content.


4. Meeting the girls.

(y/n) P.O.V

"Hey you must be the new girl (y/n) is that right?" Danielle said sweetly, "yeah I am" "Well I'm Daniele, this is Eleanor, that's Perrie, and she is Charlotte." "yeah, I know who you guys are" "Oh yeah, I thought you might, but I just wanted to make sure haha." After the girls had introduced me to them, I said goodbye to mum, and we walked out of the principles office.

Charlotte's P.O.V

We started off by showing (y/n) around the class rooms, and where she needed to go for all her classes, then we introduced her to a few people, including the teachers, and we just showed her all the areas of the school etc. She seemed really nice, and I really want to introduce her to a few more people who go to this school, but we decided we will introduce them to her last.

Eleanor's P.O.V

Wow, (y/n) is so funny, she makes us laugh till our sides hurt, she is super adorable, soooo nice, I am so jelous of her hair, she has got blonde natural wavy hair it is gorgeous and her eyes are so big and blue. I know someone who will be very interested with her...

Danielle's P.O.V

We had just finished showing (y/n) around, she was really funny and super cute, we made her sing for us, and wow, she has got an amazing voice it gave us all goosebumps, she is stunning. I was just about to tell her something then she said "guys I need to go to the bathroom, can you please wait for me here?" we all just said "sure", then she walked off.

Perrie's P.O.V

"Guys, I need to tell you something about (y/n)" I said. "what?" they all just replied, "well I was thinking that wouldn't (y/n) be perfect for Harry?" Eleanor replied. "yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing, she has everything Harry looks for in a girl." "yeah I know, she is smart, cute, talented, blonde, nice, beautiful, blue eyes and she has the best sense of humour!" Charlotte said. Then I replied, "yeah, and that is all the qualitys Harry looks for in a girl!" (I made most of the qualitys up). "Yes lets introduce her!" Danielle replied.

(y/n) P.O.V '

"Sorry guys I took so long, there was a long line in the bathroom" they all just said "that's okay", and then Perrie told me "Oh just wait, we still have a few more people we want to introduce to you." Okay..." was all I could say.

Louis' P.O.V

"Hey boys, Eleanor just texted me, she said that, she is bringing over the new girl, so we can introduce ourselves to her." "Oh okay" Harry said raising his eyebrows. You see Harry is a bit of a filrt, refraise he is a flirt, so this should be interesting.

Harry's P.O.V

A new girl hey? I wonder if she is hot? I hope she likes One Direction, otherwise this will be awkward... About 3 minutes after Louis told us they were bringing a new girl over to meet us, I saw them walking over, I couldnt really see her from where I was standing, but once I got a closer look, I realized, that she wasn't hot, she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.   

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