It all started with a touch.

What happens when normal school girl (y/n) starts her new school in London, will she make new friends, gain enimies or even fall in love? read to find out more.

(Niall will have a girlfriend in this, she is just a made up character).
Can I please get some names for Nialls girlfriend - I'm thinking something along the lines of Milly.

I am open to any ideas, so please if you have an idea, just comment it below.
Thankyou, beautiful directioners. <3 xoxo.

WARNING - This story may contain some sexual content.


5. Is that you?...

Louis' P.O.V

I was watching for the girls to turn up at our lockers, then when they started walking up I looked at the new girl, and thought to myself, she seems very familiar. Is that who I think it is...

(y/n) P.O.V

"OMG guys, One Direction goes to this school, wow, I actually don't know how I am going to react!!! "(y/n) just calm down they can see us, please don't make a fool of yourself, cause this is who you will be probably bd hanging out with from now on, including us of course". Perrie said. "what?! okay, calm down (y/n) just calm down, play it cool don't go all loony tunes, don't start cying, and please for heavens sake don't under any circumstance try to rape any of them!" "omg, (y/n) hahaha, you are soooo crazy! we all just said and then we just started laughing our guts out.

When we got up to them, they all said hi, and I played it really cool surprisingly. Louis kept looking at me, I was maybe he knows, maybe he remembers, but then I thought to myself not a chance. But the Louis finally opened his mouth, "are you who I think it is?" "Yeah depends who your thinking of." "your not (y/n) are you?" "YES!! oh my god, I thought to you would never remember me Louis" "how can I forget you" then he ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug. "okay, I am seriously confused, what is going on" Eleanor asked. "oh well..." I said, then Louis interuppted me and said "she was my bestfriend for 5 years, we have known eachother since we were 5." "But then he moved, and we haven't seen eachother for like 5 years +."

Eleanor's P.O.V

"Wow, yes that rings a bell now, I have been wondering for ages, Louis always talks about how much he misses his bestfriend, and how hw woeld do anything to see you again, and all this time he was talking about you, thats majorly ironic I think". "Yeah, it is so good, we are reunited again", Louis said. "Yes, it makes things really good." I replied.

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