It all started with a touch.

What happens when normal school girl (y/n) starts her new school in London, will she make new friends, gain enimies or even fall in love? read to find out more.

(Niall will have a girlfriend in this, she is just a made up character).
Can I please get some names for Nialls girlfriend - I'm thinking something along the lines of Milly.

I am open to any ideas, so please if you have an idea, just comment it below.
Thankyou, beautiful directioners. <3 xoxo.

WARNING - This story may contain some sexual content.


2. Finally leaving.

(y/n) P.O.V

"Wake up sweetie" was the first thing I heard in the morning, which annoyed me a bit cause I am not a morning person at all, but then I realized "wait, I am not going back to that shit hole anymore I'm finally moving to London!!!" I am super dooper excited, I have never been so happy, well other than the day, my amazing mummy told me she bought a house in London and we will be moving there and I'll be going to one of the top schools in the world, but still, today is the day.

No ones P.O.V

(y/n) was finally one the flight to London, she has been waiting for this day to happen for years and years. Life couldn't be any better for (y/n)

(y/n) mum P.O.V

I really am going to miss the little town of Echuca, it was quite nice there, but I'm doing this for my daughter, she means more to me than any little town, and besides it is really unfair for her to go through that at school, I wish she would dump that boyfriend of hers tho.

 (y/n) P.O.V

OMG London is amazayn!!! (haha, see what I did there) the athmosphere, the people, it is just everything I could of hoped for and more. (I skipped the flight and the landing a bit, so it doesn't drag on too much). I am so glad I get to look around for a bit before I start my new school tomorrow, I am so nervous, sometimes I wonder how i got into such a scholastic/professional school, it is an absolute honour if I do say so myself.

I decided to go on a bus tour around, because knowing my mum she will probably get us lost. There were so many tours to choose from, but we decided to go on the Big Ben Tour, as it is my dream to go see Big Ben. We went to the ticket guide to get our ticket for the tour, the lady was so nice she gave us a discount, just because it was our first time in London. Then we had a butler to escort us to the place where we wait, he even carried our luggage for us, and there is a lot of it, and it is not light. Man, all I can say is I feel like I am living the in  fairytale dream like we are royalty, never could get this kind of service in Echuca.

10 mins later.... We were on the bus to go on our tour, I was thrilled to be here, and the bus drive was half an hour to get to the Big Ben but oh my god, London is just extraudinharry!! (did it again haha) I saw so many different sites, it was beautiful. We are now getting off the bus, and wow, I have absolutely no words for this, Big Ben is even better than I thought, I cannot believe that people say that it is nothing but a giant clock, it is alot more than that.

No ones P.O.V 

After (y/n) and her mum got back from the tour they were exhausted, because after they had a good look at Big Ben, they went to a shopping centre and bought A LOT of stuff, including clothes, gifts, souviners, etc. They had a fairly big day today.

(y/n) P.O.V

I am sooo tired, not even funny it is ridiculous. Who knew how much fun I could have shooping with my mum, and might i say my mum is a full on shopoholic, she bought 10 pairs of shoes not even exageratting!!!! and when i asked how many shoes do you need all i got was, "you can never have too many shoes!" it was still so fun tho. Not many 15 year olds get to do this very often, so I feel mjorly privliged to be here. 

Sorry guys for the boring chapter, I just wanted to get my characters to know London a little bit, just before I get to the good stuff! haha, the next chapter will be a lot better I promise, I even have a little twist planned in the next one you will not imagine. (I hope you are enjoying what you have read so far) xoxoxo. <3

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