It all started with a touch.

What happens when normal school girl (y/n) starts her new school in London, will she make new friends, gain enimies or even fall in love? read to find out more.

(Niall will have a girlfriend in this, she is just a made up character).
Can I please get some names for Nialls girlfriend - I'm thinking something along the lines of Milly.

I am open to any ideas, so please if you have an idea, just comment it below.
Thankyou, beautiful directioners. <3 xoxo.

WARNING - This story may contain some sexual content.


1. Can't wait to leave hell...

(y/n) P.O.V

As I sit on my window sill, with many thoughts and emotions running through my mind I wonder - what if no one likes me? what if it gets worse? what if the teahers don't like me? but then I realize, nothing can be as bad as what I am going throught at my old school, getting bullied everyday, having to live in fear, crying myself to sleep everynight. The only thing I hve going for me there is my education, and my boyfriend Josh Stevens. You see I am seen as one of the most smartest kids in the states, I've won many awards and certifcates for many different things including- maths, english, science, drama (singing, dancing, acting) and I have even won certficates  in the language department. You may be thinking "wow, this girl is full of herself" but really I'm far from it, quite insurcure actually. Anyway back to the important stuff, you see my mum has agreed to let me move, we are moving to London tomorrow, I am going to be going to the private school there, big step I know, I just cannot handle another minute at that school, wait? no scratch that, I can't handle another second at that school. Anyway, about my boyfriend Josh, he is the most popular guy at our school, I know lamest kid in school going out with the most popular kid in school, weird right? Back to the point, you see my boyfriend is a bit of a tool, I am seriously considering dumping him, it's just hard you know? My biggest issue is, can i trust him? You know being the most poular kid in school, and not having a girl around is very 'hard" according to him, you see tool. My point is I hate that school and I hate being there and I can't wait to get to London. You know the school I will be attending has a lot of famous people, might get to meet One Direction, haha nah doubt that. Yes, yes in case you were wondering I am a hardcore directioner, I love them more than my own boyfriend, but you know not hard to, not hard at all.... so anyway, thats enough about me for one day I might go to sleep, got a big day ahead of me tomorrow.                                                                                                                         As I close my eyes, and drift off to sleep I quietly whisper to myself  "I can't wait to leave hell"....

Okay guys that was the first chapter, of my first Movella, how did you guys like it? honest opinions please, as I said I am open to any ideas you may have. I know that it wasnt that good, but as I said first Movella haha. I promise it will get more interesting in the next few chapters, so please do not stop reading. Thanks guys. xoxo. <3

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