Age is Just a Number, Love is Infinite

Fiahna is a twelve year old girl. She is a major directioner, and knows almost everything about them. She thinks about them all the time, she's dedicated. Finally, at the end of seventh grade her and her friends- Hanna, Allie, Elaha, and Jakelyn- got tickets to a One Direction concert! They were so excited, they made up dances to all of One Directions songs. Little did they know that would be the reason their dreams came true. What will happen? Is there any way that any of them could date a member of One Direction? Read on and find out :) xx


26. Sweet Sixteen

Allies' POV


"Come on! Put it on, you'll look gorg'!" Elaha shreaked, throwing my giant dress at me. I laughed at her and walked into the bathroom to change. All of the girls were helping me with the whole deal, each on one certain thing. I pulled off my robe and tugged the fluffy dress over my head. Once situated, I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair hadn't been done, but the dress was amazing. It looked way better than it did in the store. It flowed down all the way to my ankles, and the green silky material fit perfectly on my chest. I sighed at the beautiful material, and walked out of the bathroom.

"You look amazing girl!" Hanna stated, standing there with hair products. "Let's get started on your hair! Gotta be ready!" She was really excited, but everyone was. She shoved me back into the bathroom, and set her stuff down. She turned the curly iron on, and waited for it to heat up as she blow dried my short hair. After it was dry, she picked up the curler and picked up a piece at the end, curling it. She curled all of the ends.  Stepping back, she gazed at her now finished work, and smiled. She giggled running out and being replaced by Fiahna with a bag of makeup.

"Wait, you're doing my makeup? But you hate it," I said.

"True. It's usless and demeaning that make people think they're ugly without it. I'm just here to add sparkles!" She explained. Plain old Fiahna. She layed her stuff down on the counter and opened it. Sure enough, sparkles. She took her ring finger and dabbed it into some green eyeshadow.

"Close da eyes," She said. I did as told and felt her finger smear some eye shadow on. She did this a second time, and then I felt something else. It was probably the sparkles. She did the same to the next eye, and then applied some eyliner. She most likely inspected her work, and fixed something here and there, and I was spun around.

"Voila!" She said from behind me, and I opened my eyes. She had framed my eyes with eyeliner that curled up a bit farther than my last eyelash, and had green sparkles and eyes shadow over it. I looked like I was in a fairy tale movie, and I was the fairy.

"That's amazing!" I shreaked at Fiahna. She just waved it away and walked off, probably getting herself finished getting ready. Jakelyn walked in soon after and stood in my room with shoes and accessories.

"Just a couple finishing touches. By the way, you're going to love what we all have in store for this party." She smiled.

"Now, I'm scared," I joked as I put my teal hoops in my ears. After I put the rest of my accessories on I, with the help of Jakelyn, slipped into the three inch heels.

"Why so tall?" I asked, wobbling at  first.

"You're short. And trust me, you'll need these," I gave her a confused glance, but I knew I wouldn't be told more. I shrugged it off, knowing I would obviously find out soon. Holding on a bit to Jakelyn, we walked downstairs and towards the car.

"Where are we going?" I knew the other girls left together, where they went was the mystery.

"Don't worry about it," We got into the back of the limo and talked the whole way. The windows were tinted on the inside, so I had no clue where we were going. I was nervous the whole way, but it was my sixteenth birthday, so could you blame me? About ten minutes later, we came to a stop someplace. Jakelyn giggled, and opened the door hopping out. I was terrified, but also excited. Taking a deep breath, and stepped out. I stopped breathing, the oxygen stuck in my throat. It was amazing. There was one giant building, lit up in extravagant colors and designs. Surrounding the magnifecent building was a beautiful lake, and a bit of woods. My mind was blown away.

"Well? There's way more," Jakelyn held out her arm, and I interlinked it with mine, walking up to the door. I put my hand on the doorknob, and without a second thought, swung it open.

"Happy birthday!" Everyone shouted. Everyone. My whole family, all of my friends from school, the boys, even Paul! I was so excited and happy, as I looked around. Bright and sparkling, the room shone out, highly decorated to it's finest and it was huge. It was all just how I imagined. I gasped a bit, and ran to hug everyone- as fast as I could in these tall heels. As I got to the boys, I realized why I was in these heels. Now, I was only about a centimeter shorter than Liam. I gave them each hugs and then said:

"Thanks, for all of this,"

"You're finally sixteen! We loved outtiing all of this together. With the help of your friends of course." Liam said.

"It's gotta be sweet!" Louis exclaimed.

"That's so classic, Louis," I rolled my eyes. We all laughed, and split up for a bit to hang out with the rest of the party.




"Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday, dear Allie,

Happy birthday to you," The boys sang. I almost melted at their angelic voices singing to me. I would never get used to it, no matter how long I know them. I sprung up the steps and engulfed them all in a huge group hug. There was applause behind us, and whistles I knew were from my friends. The boys helped me down from the stage, and other music started playing. After a couple of fast songs, a song I knew came on. I looked over at Fiahna and Hanna, who immediatly had tears in their eyes. This song always broke us down, no matter where we were. At the end, we were always bawling our eyes out. No one knew why, it just had that effect. Liam took my hand and brought me close, slowly swaying as the lyrics came.

"Am I asleep, am I awake, or somewhere in between?

I can't believe that you are here and lying next to me

Or did I dream that we were perfectly entwined,

Like branches on a tree, or twigs caught on a vine,"

Liam sang quietly into my ear. Left, right, left, right. We went back and forth as he kept singing on to Nialls' part.

"Like all those days and weeks and months I tried to steal a kiss,

And all those sleepless nights and daydreams when I pictured this,

I'm just the underdog who finally got the girl,

and I am not afraid to tell it to the world.

Truly, madlt, deeply I am,

Foolishly, completely falling,

And somehow you kicked all my walls in,

So baby say you'll always keep me,

Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you.

Should I put coffee and granola on a tray in bed?

And wake you up with all the words that I still haven't said,

And tender touches just to show you how I feel,

Or should I act so cool like it was no big deal.

Wish I could freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this,

I'll put this day back on replay and keepp reliving it,

'Cause here's the tragic truth, ifyou don't feel the same,

My heart would fall apart if someone said your name.

Truly, madly, deeply I am

Foolishly, completely falling,

And somehow you kicked all my walls in,

So baby say you'll always keep me,

Truly, Madly, crazy, deeply

In love with you.

I hope I'm not a casualty,

Hope you won't get up and leave,

May not mean that much to you,

But to me it's everything,


Truly, madly, deeply I am

Foolishly, completely falling,

And somehow you kicked all my walls in,

So baby say you'll always keep me,

Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love 

With you

In love

With you

In love

With you"

He sang. I was crying now, and I never wanted this perfect moment to end. All I wanted to do was kiss him, feel his lips on mine. Even though I know I couldn't. The only thing I could do, was wish for this moment to never end. But I knew it would have to.  


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