Age is Just a Number, Love is Infinite

Fiahna is a twelve year old girl. She is a major directioner, and knows almost everything about them. She thinks about them all the time, she's dedicated. Finally, at the end of seventh grade her and her friends- Hanna, Allie, Elaha, and Jakelyn- got tickets to a One Direction concert! They were so excited, they made up dances to all of One Directions songs. Little did they know that would be the reason their dreams came true. What will happen? Is there any way that any of them could date a member of One Direction? Read on and find out :) xx


33. Run

Katie's POV

Running. That's all I remember, and all I thought about. I don't know what happened to Fiahna. Right now, all that mattered was getting Hanna somewhere safe, because I was practically dragging her now. I heard Hanna mumble something, so I got closer to her to listen. She didn't say anything else, probably didn't have the energy. I just barely noticed her pointing, in particular to one house. After that she was gone, I had to carry her- as much as I could with out much muscle. My blonde hair was flowing all in front of my face, and I could barely see. My vision was getting blurry, and it was then I realized I could pass out any minute, other than the fact that I've been dragging Hanna, I haven't had anything to eat in maybe three days. Let's just say I didn't have much energy in the first place. Either way, I couldn't give up, so I just ran. Step by step, closer and closer I got. And I was finally there. I bust through the door and collapsed, Hanna falling along with me. As my body hit the ground, and I was fading into darkness, I'm pretty sure I saw Louis Tomlinson and Josh Devine. 

Louis POV

They made me come back, said I was no use as a zombie. So, Josh came with me, knowing there's no way I'd go willingly. So here I sat, just waiting for something. 
"Come on, man. You've got to eat something, it's been over two days since you had." He pleaded. 
"I can't. I should be out there, looking for her."
"And your not, so starving yourself won't help. And the sooner you get some strength back in you, the sooner you can go." I just shook my head at that. He doesn't get it, it's like nothing you've ever felt, losing someone like that. Not knowing where they are, but knowing they're not at all safe. It's terrible. My thoughts were interrupted when the door slammed open. Someone burst through, whom I had never met before, carrying someone else. It took me less than two seconds to realize who it was. 
"Hanna!" I jumped to my feet, Josh right behind me. Hanna was out cold, with tear stained cheeks, and blood caking places all over her. She looked like she had just woken up from a nightmare, but what happened must have been much, much worse. 
"I'm guessing you'll do fine with Hanna. I'll take the mystery girl up to the spare." Josh said. I just nodded. I had my Hanna back. I can't say I've been happier. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to her room. I lied her down in her bed, and kissed her forehead. There was no way I was going to leave her now, so I lied with her, just feeling her against my chest was reassuring enough. 

Fiahna's POV

Run. Run. Run. For once in my lifetime, only one thing was going through my head. No daydreams, no songs, no exceptions. I just had to run. And run I did. Turning corners, unsure of everywhere I was going. Until, that is, I ran into something. I don't know if it was moving or not, but either way it was an ambulance, and I new help was coming. So that is when I let myself slowly fade into darkness, with the sight of red and blue lights flashing. 

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