Age is Just a Number, Love is Infinite

Fiahna is a twelve year old girl. She is a major directioner, and knows almost everything about them. She thinks about them all the time, she's dedicated. Finally, at the end of seventh grade her and her friends- Hanna, Allie, Elaha, and Jakelyn- got tickets to a One Direction concert! They were so excited, they made up dances to all of One Directions songs. Little did they know that would be the reason their dreams came true. What will happen? Is there any way that any of them could date a member of One Direction? Read on and find out :) xx


7. One Big Night

Jakelyn's POV

Yesterday was hilarious and awesome to say the least. If only Zayn had had his pants pulled down. I have to admit, though, the Irishman had some charm to him. I couldn't wait to see what the day would bring today, so I jumped out of bed and into the shower. I came out fifteen minutes later, refreshed, with my hair in a high messy bun and a black over the shoulder shirt with jeans. Simple but effective. I smiled at my thought, and ran over to wake Allie up. She tried to push me away, but I practically dragged her out of bed anyway. I walked downstairs and saw Fiahna already up. That was surprising. She loooked up as she heard me coming down the stairs. She smiled and ran over to me.

"Hey, Niall said that a bunch of their friends were coming over for a party! He said it should be fine for us, especially since he knows I can beat the shit out of anyone who tries anything, and there will be beer." She said excitedly. I smiled and thought of everything that could happen.

*9 hours later- 7:00*

It was finally time, and the living room was already  packed. I knewthis party would be awesome, but I kept worrying what would happen if the boys got too drunk. Then again, I thought of Fiahna, she would protect us. She may seem the nicest and care free but she's not afraid to break a few limbs either. I smiled at the thought and ushed through the crowd until I found Zayn. He already had a beer in his hand and over half of it was gone. I knew I had to stop worrying, so instead of going to Zayn I walked over to where Fiahna and Hanna were dancing. I jumped near them and hip thrusted once I hit the ground. We all started laughing and started dancing again. About an hour later we were still dancing, and I was barely tired. I turned around for a second, seeing who was around me, and saw Zayn walking over to us.

"Hey, can I steal Jakelyn for a sec?" He asked us. Fiahna and Hanna nodded, and he grabbed my arm lightly tugging me into the den. There was no one here, and I kind of liked it until I noticed Zayn stumbling. He was drunk. He turned around and looked at me, his eyes a bit darker than I remember.

"Zayn, you're drunk, don't come closer," I warned. He shook his head, a smirk on his face.

"If I did that, I wouldn't get to feel your lips, feel you on me. You can't tell me that isn't what you want." He was coming closer, and I felt my back press against a wall.

"Not yet. Especially not while you're drunk. Get away from me." I said, as confident as i could muster. His smirk was making me melt, but he kept coming closer and I would not let my first kiss be like this. "Fiahna!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. She burst into the room seconds later, and was in between Zayn and I just as fast.


Fiahna's POV

I heard my name, and seconds later I was in a room with Zayn and Jakelyn. She was pushed up against a wall and he was coming closer. She had fear in her eyes, and I could tell Zayn was drunk. I was in between them in a flash. I put my hand up and said:

"You're drunk Zayn. Who knows what you'll do. So if you take one more step I crush your scones." I said. I trusted Zayn, but not the drunk side. I knew Jakelyn had to be really desperate if she called me and didn't handle it herself. Regretably Zayn took another step forward and I kicked my foot up into his crotch. he doubled over, while me and Jakelyn rushed out of the room.

"Okay, I think I've had enough. Go upstairs and I'll get the girls and meet in your room." I said. She nodded and rushed up the stairs while I walked over to where Niall, Elaha, and Allie were. I was walking up behind Niall and I over heard him talking. He was slurring his words so he was drunk. Great. I was about to reveal myself, when I over heard Niall say:

"Yeah, Fiahna totally kissed me the other day, seemed like she actually meant it," and he started laughing. The girls stood there dumbfounded at what they had just been told. I felt my eyes start to get wet, and blinked it away. My expression hardened as i grabbed the back of Nialls shirt and dragged him to the empty kitchen. I turned around and slapped him across the face. I made sure I walked away before I could do more damage. I can't believe I trusted that jerk. I stalked up to Jakelyn's room, being completly selfish not helping with the rest of the group. But right not I didn't care. I collapsed on Allie's bed and cried. I let it all out and told Jakelyn. What could possibly happen next?

Allie's POV

I've been looking for the girls all night. Where could they have gone? I didn't know anyone else at the party, so I felt really awkward. Finally I found Liam talking to Harry and Elaha. I walked up to them and smiled.

"Hey, have you seen any of the other girls?" I asked.

"I haven't seen Fiahna since she dragged a drunk Niall into the kitchen, but he left a while ago, not sure where either of them went." Elaha said.

"Why would she do that?" Liam asked.

"He said some things, not noticing Fiahna behind him," She explained.

"Well, I haven't seen anyone else." Harry said.

"I'm gonna look for them some more, they're shy so they wouldn't be alone." I said. They all nodded and Liam followed me.

"Have you checked the den?" Liam asked. I shook my head and we walked that way. I opened the door and stumbled in to see Hanna and Louis making out.

"HANNA BLAKENHOOPER!" I screamed. She only turned her head, as Louis started kissing all on her neck.

"Don't try and stop us, bitches." She said, and turned her head back to Louis, and stuck her tongue in his mouth so Liam and I could see her do it.

"Hell no," I said. Liam and I walked over, and Liam grabbed Louis pulling him off of Hanna, his hands that were squeezing her bum drawn away.

"What's wrong with you?!" Louis shouted at him.

"She's twelve Louis! You can't touch her like that!" Liam yelled in his face.

"Allie! Why? You knew I've wai-" Hanna started.

"No," I interuted, "You may want it, but he's drunk, he could've gone to far and you would've regret letting it happen. We're going to my room now." I said firmly. Hanna shook her head, but I grabbed her hair and yanked her out of the room and up the stairs. I opened my door to find Jakelyn and Fiahna sobbing. Fiahna was crumpled in a ball on my bed and Jakelyn was in the same position on hers. I threw Hanna in the room and shut the door, after I left to get Elaha. I walked downstairs and found her walking into the den. I followed her to see Liam explaining what happened. Harry was there too. I grabbed Elaha's arm and yanked her upstairs and into the room. We listened to what happened to Fiahna and Jakelyn. Jakelyn was crying from freight and Fiahna was from a broken heart. We all came into a group hug and spent the rest of the night with each other. It wasn't until around ten that there was a knock on the door. I got up to get it, and to my disappointment Niall stood on the other side.

"What do you want?" I snapped.

"Look, I'm so sorry. I don't remember what happened, I just remember Liam smacking me and it must've made me sober. At least tell me what I did." He begged. Before I could say anything, Fiahna piped up.

"You wanna know what you did?" Her voice cracked, but she looked confident. She walked over and stood a foot away from Niall, "You did one of the worst things and I let you. But I only have one question. What happened to our little secret, you bastard?" I slammed the door in his face before she could do real damage. She turned around and collapsed on the bed again tears slowly forming in her eyes, as her eyes shut and she fell asleep. What a night.



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