Age is Just a Number, Love is Infinite

Fiahna is a twelve year old girl. She is a major directioner, and knows almost everything about them. She thinks about them all the time, she's dedicated. Finally, at the end of seventh grade her and her friends- Hanna, Allie, Elaha, and Jakelyn- got tickets to a One Direction concert! They were so excited, they made up dances to all of One Directions songs. Little did they know that would be the reason their dreams came true. What will happen? Is there any way that any of them could date a member of One Direction? Read on and find out :) xx


2. Last Day Of School

Fiahna's POV

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEE- I slammed my hand on the annoying alarmclock, to shut it up. I'm so glad this is the last day of school, I'll get three whole months of no alarms. I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen for some breakfast. I poured myself some milk, with cereal and got a fork out of the drawer next to the sink. I ate my breakfast- after being attacked a couple of times by my evil cat, Penelope. This was one of the only days I had my outfit planned out, and one of the only days I canmess around while getting ready. I got out my IPod and put 1D on shuffle. I walked into the bathroom when "I Would" came on. That was my favorite song in the album, besides "She's not Afraid" but I haven't bought that yet. I was wearing a sleevless violet dress, the yop was ruffled, and it had sequins all along the middle, in a row, and I added a black cover up so I wouldn't get 'Dress Code'. I put my black flats on, and put my hair into a side pony and slightly curled the end of it. I put a tiny bit of light pink lipgloss on and a flower in my hair that was the same color as my dress. Perfect. Too bad I'm already with a lot of time left. I'm not carpooling today so I asked my sister- Ashley- to take me then.


We arrived at seven forty, but luckily Elaha was already there. I went up to and said, "Hay gurl hay!" She turned turned around and spun her finger around, so I spun in a circle so she could see my whole outfit.

"Gurl, you gorg!" She exclaimed.

"Not as booootiful as you!" We started laughing, Elaha was wearing a red dress that went down to her knees, and the sleeves were flowy and short. It was a simple dress, but pretty all the same.

"Hey, what time is the cerimony again? I keep forgeting," I laughed.

"It's right after homeroom, then we're off to my place and party!" Elaha exclaimed. I smiled, I couldn't wait until the cerimony. I may be shy, but the awards are fun. My friends and I always end up getting a lot of them, we're all smart. The door to our homeroom- with Mrs. Lamirez- opened for us to come inside early. We all walked in and set our stuff down- which for me was a small purse with my student ID, my phone, and IPod Touch- and just started chatting. Of course, about One Direction.


Hanna's POV

My homeroom's never really fun- I have Ms. Cavenant- but today it would be. I was wearing a baby blue dress that goes down to my mid-thigh and is a one shoulder, and is a simple wavy dress. I walked into class with Emily and Bella, and just started talking as we waited for the award show to start. I wasn't sure if I was getting anything, I've been absent so I'm not getting the 'Perfect Attendance' award. I'm sure Fiahna and Elaha would be getting the most awards, Fiahna said when we got classroom awards last year in sixth grade, when the teacher was giving out the awards for straight A's all three trimesters every one started wispering "Fiahna and Elaha" then when she did call their names, they started chuckling and some snorted- very quietly at least. I looked at the clock and silently counted down the second until the cerimony. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. BRIIIIIIIIING! The alarm blarred, and Bella Emily and I all looked at eachother and smiled, then walked out of class to the awards. They were always fun, and you're being rewarded for every thing you've done this year, who doesn't like that? It was about a two minute walk to the gym, and it was packed with parents, teachers, and students. I spotted Elaha, Allie, Fiahna, and Jakelyn already in their seats with an extra next to Fiahna. I told Emily and Bella, then walked over and sat down.

"What up?" Fiahna asked once I got there.

"I like your outfit. It's cute." I told her.

"Tanks," she smiled. Mr. Heinz came out, and the whole room hushed.

"Welcome, everyone.I wouldlike to start off with the 'Perfect Attendance Award' There are six acccepters; Hannah Calla, Elaha Coralise, Fiahna Duncan, Jakelyn Grant, Emily Parker, and Allie Sanda." Mr Heinz said. Every one started clapping, and my friends walked up on stage to get their award and a picture. They came back, and Ms. Cavenant went up to the microphone. The clapping died down and she began to speak.

"These next awards go to two people. 'Most Reading Counts Points' goes toa miss Abby Dawson, at four hundred sixty nine points, and 'Most Books Read' goes to a miss Fiahna Duncan at fifty eight books!" she said. Fiahna and Abby smiled as they walked up on stage. This wasn't surprising, since Abby reads books with a lot of points, and Fiahna is in love with reading. There were many more awards and I got 'Straight A's All Three Semesters' 'Honor Roll' and 'Citezenship' It was an awesome day, but we were still all waiting for the 'Presidential Award' both gold and silver. I have no doubt it will be Elaha or Fiahna, there in Algebra 1 for crying out loud. Mr. Heinz came out again, the awards in hand.

"Okay, these are the last awards for the year, the 'Presidential Awards'.  I'd like to change it this year, and reveal the silver winner first. So, to keep you from further waiting, the winner for the 'Silver Presidential Award' is... Hanna Blakenhooper!" My mouth dropped open. Everyone looked at me and clapped, but I just sat there frozen in surprise.

"What are you doing?! Get up there!" Fiahna said, nudging me up. I smiled going on stage, still not believing that I won this award. I was so happy, and I almost sprinted to the little statue. I shook Mr. Heinz hand and looked out in the audience for the pictures, and smiled. After, I stepped to the side, adrenaline still running through me, and waited for Mr. Heinz to call the gold winner up.

"Alright, congratulations, Hanna, now for the gold award. This person worked very hard this year, and showed exeptional work and expert skills in P.E. So this award goes to... Fiahna Duncan!" I started clapping hysterically for Fiahna. She smiled and got up as if it was nothing, and that she knew she was going to get it. She acted cool and confident, good thing she's a great actress. She shook Mr. Heinz hand and smiled at the camera's like this happened every day. As she turned around to stand next to me she winked, and I started laughing at her. She smiled, and we walked off stage, trophy's in hand. If I thought yesterday was amazing, then today would be phenominal.

That ended the cerimony, and Elaha, Jakelyn, Allie, Fiahna, and I drove to Elaha's house, blasting the radio and singing like we're drunk. Once we got to Elaha's house, Fiahna finally dropped the actand freaked out about the trophy, and of course I joined in, although we might have annoyed the others a bit with our fangirling. They should be used to it, expecially since we started making the dances for the concert Fiahna's taking us to. We had the best time there, and made a whole dance to "She's not Afraid," and a music video that was posted on youtube. This summer is going to be awesome.

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