Age is Just a Number, Love is Infinite

Fiahna is a twelve year old girl. She is a major directioner, and knows almost everything about them. She thinks about them all the time, she's dedicated. Finally, at the end of seventh grade her and her friends- Hanna, Allie, Elaha, and Jakelyn- got tickets to a One Direction concert! They were so excited, they made up dances to all of One Directions songs. Little did they know that would be the reason their dreams came true. What will happen? Is there any way that any of them could date a member of One Direction? Read on and find out :) xx


25. Fabulous Fifteen

Jakelyn's POV

That's at P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydeney! Oh my Gods, can we go there?" Fiahna screamed, running around the hotel room. We were currently in Sydney and it was the most fabulous day of the year. My fifteenth birthday. We were having a party, and it was "Alice in Wonderland" themed. Fiahna was running around with bunny ears on and a bunch of makeup with a half costume, she's always wanted to be a bunny, and now she finally is. I, of course, am Alice. We're doing the Tim Burton version: Louis is the Mad Hatter, Hanna the White Rabbit, Niall the caterpillar, Allie the Queen of Hearts, Elaha the little Mouse, Harry the Cheshire Cat, Liam is Bayard the Bloodhound, Zayn the Jaberwalkie, and Fiahna obviously the Mad Rabbit. I've never liked big parties, so it's just the ten of us, although with them it feel like fourty. Suddenly, I was tackled to the floor on my way to where the boys had set up 'Just Dance 4'.

"Fiahna! Stop jumping over the couches!" Liam shouted from inside the other room.

"You'll never catch the Mad Rabbit!" She screamed running away.

"But the Mad Hatter will!" Louis added chasing after her. I struggled to get up in this enormous dress.

"Can someone help Alice up?" I asked. Harry suddenly appeared next to me, purple stripes and all.

"Yes," He purred.

"How did you get there so fast?"

"I'm the Cheshire Cat. I'm everywhere," He joked, grabbing my hand and helping me up.

"Why, thank you, Ches," I said. We laughed, walking into the room with 'Just Dance 4'. There were three people missing; Fiahna, Niall, and Louis.

"Louis' never going to catch her," Zayn said.

"True dat." We all agreed. Just then Louis ran in, huffing out of breath.

"Have you guys seen Fiahna? How can she hide so well in this room?"

"With the help of Niall," Allie chuckled. He shrugged, then sat down on a couch across from where I sat down awkwardly next to Zayn in this big dress. I heard giggling, then Fiahna dropped head first towards Louis from the ceiling. My eyes widened when I saw her stop, and smiled behind Louis head. Looking up, I saw Nialls head on the ceiling, and him holding Fiahna's ankles.

"Im'ma boop your head!" She screamed, patting Louis' head once before flipping back towards Niall and disappearing. Oh my gosh. Louis shreaked and spun around as I saw how good Fiahna and Niall were at hiding. They ducktaped a cloth to the ceiling, using white tape to blend in the white cloth and ceiling, then left an opening to go in and out. Clever. I started laughing along with everyone else who noticed, then saw Just Dance on. I gasped and screamed:

"Me first!" I, surprisingly, shot straight up and grabbed a controller. Fiahna dropped next to me and sat on the couch, saying:

"I'll wait to see my competition. I'm the pro," She smiled.

"It's true, that is," Allie said, grabbing a controller, as well as Zayn and Liam. They set it for Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson

"Wait a second," I said before they started. "Since it's such a big deal to all the gurlies, why don't we make a competition for gift opening?" There was a stack of gifts on the table in the other room, so I knew it would work.

"Highest score? In each group the person with the highest score will wait and face the other two. Then the highest score with that wins." Liam explained.  We all agreed, and they started the song. We all cheered, and about halfway through I was in the lead. After was Hanna, Harry, and Niall dancing to Justin Bieber's Beauty and A Beat. Niall had won that, and then it was the pro's turn. Fiahna, Harry, and Elaha danced to Gangnam Style by Psy. Of course, the pro won. So, it was Niall, Fiahna, and I.

"Let's do this thing!" Niall shouted.

"It's on," Fiahna said.

"Like Donkey Kong," I finished. We laughed, and I chose What Makes You Beautiful, it just seemed right for the end of the round. I didn't count for the competition, so it's whoever else has the highest score.

"You're Insecure,

Don't know what for,

You're turning heads when you walk through the door,"

It started, and we all began dancing. It was going the same, with Fiahna in the lead. She was beating us, really bad. Then, I was thinking; thank you Louis. He spilled some water, and Fiahna slipped as she jumped, and put Niall in the lead. Fiahna, though, quickly recovered and was catching up to Niall. Last seconds, coming down to it. 5...4...3...2...1... It's over! Niall wins, by one point. A single point. Fiahna was seriously mad, there goes her streak. She started playfully chasing Louis around, although I'm not sure how playfully. I walked to the kitchen for some cake, and Zayn was there too.

"Happy birthday, again," He smiled.

"Why, thank you, Jaberwalkie. Maybe I just won't murder you," I smirked.

"I like that plan," I giggled as he walked out of the room, giving  me a kiss on the cheek and a tight hug. A spark electrified through my body as I held back a nice sigh. I couldn't wait until I was eighteen. Three more years.


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