Age is Just a Number, Love is Infinite

Fiahna is a twelve year old girl. She is a major directioner, and knows almost everything about them. She thinks about them all the time, she's dedicated. Finally, at the end of seventh grade her and her friends- Hanna, Allie, Elaha, and Jakelyn- got tickets to a One Direction concert! They were so excited, they made up dances to all of One Directions songs. Little did they know that would be the reason their dreams came true. What will happen? Is there any way that any of them could date a member of One Direction? Read on and find out :) xx


15. Birthday's of Champions

Fiahna's POV

"Truly, Madly, Deeply I am,

Foolishly, completely falling,

And somehow you've kicked all my walls in,

So baby say you'll always keep me,

Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply in love, with you"

My alarm clock played. Eight-oh-three on September thirteenth. The big double-birthday day. My sister, Ahna, was coming over at around noon, and she was turning twenty-five. I jumped out of bed and ran over to Niall's room, Elaha trailing closely- seeing as my alarm woke her up. We busted into the room, and as the clock struck exactly eight-oh-four, we jumped on the bed screaming:

"Wake up! It's your birthday! You're twenty! Get up! Get up! Get up! Wake up!" He jumped, and Harry almost fell out of bed.

"Do you do this to everyone?" Niall asked.

"Pretty much," I replied. The minute had just passed, and Elaha and I ran back to our room. I went into the bathroom and put on my pink "I Decided To Be Awesome" today T-shirt with a panda bear on it, and my pink short shorts with tiny purple dots. I added pink heart earrings and my gold elephant necklace. Can't be in all pink, now can we? I went out of the bbathroom after brushing through my hair and walked downstairs to the kitchen. I opened the swinging  door and saw Harry and Louis making breakfast.

"Ooooooo, that for Niall?" I asked.

"This side is," Harry replied, gesturing to the right side, "and the rest is all ours," he gestured to the other side.

"Sweet," I snatched a piece of bacon off of the pan.

"I didn't say it was ready though!" He shouted after me as I walked out of the room.

"I didn't say I cared!" I shouted back. I heard them chuckle and I walked back to Nialls room. He was still passed out, of course. I walked into my room and pulled out my book, Beautiiful Creatures and continued reading from where I left off to pass the time.




I had stopped reading about an hour ago and started listening to music. I now took the headphones out and checked the time. Twelve O'clock on the dot. Ahna should be here anytime. I went to walk downstairs, when the doorbell rang. Maybe sooner than I thought. Jakelyn got up from the couch and opened the door. By this time I had gotten to the bottom of the stairs. The door fully opened and there stood Ahna. She has blonde hair brown eyes and was wearing her Green Bay Packers T-shirt and her favorite jeans.

"Ahny!" I screamed. I ran up and hugged her, almost causing her to fall backwards. "Happy birthday!" I let her go and she smiled.

"Heeeeeeey," She replied.

"Come on! Come meet everyone!" As if they hadn't heard me shreak. I was really excited she agreed to come over, and now i'm really hyper.

"Ahna this is-" I started.

"Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry," she said gesturing to each one, "I think you've left your mark at home," She laughed.

"Well, it's nice to meet you," Niall said, extending his hand to shake. Ahna took his hand and shook it.

"Yeah it's awesome to meet Fiahna's five husba-"

"DUDE!" They burst out laughing. I held my head high, making sure I didn't show embarrassment.

"Alright, alright, embarrass Fiahna game isn't working, so anybody got any suggestions?" Allie asked.

"Hide and seek!" Hanna shreaked. I looked at Ahna with pleading eyes, knowing she doesn't like playing that game. She shrugged and nodded.

"Yeah!" I said smiling. We all agreed and somehow agreed that Zayn be 'It'. He started counting and I ran down the hall towards the basement. I looked around and saw a shelf high up in it's own little cabnet thing. I ran over and got on the counter under it, opening the cabnet. It looked big enough, so I climbed in it, just barely fitting my legs in. Shutting the cabnet door, I sat there for what felt like forever waiting for someone to walk in. Soon enough, I heard a couple of pairs of feet.

"I haven't seen her anywhere," Liam, I think, said. I checked my watch, confused. Oh, it's been ten minutes, that's why. I smiled to myself, and after looking around heard them leave. Time to mess with their minds. Getting down from my hiding place, I peered down the hall and saw no one was there. I slowly crept down the hall and looked in the living room. No one. I walked the rest of the way and sat down on the couch. I started fiddling with my hands and sat back, really bored. I saw a cup on the table and grabbed it, starting to clap it and sing "The Cup Song" from "Pitch Perfect".

"I got my ticket for the long way round,

Two bottle a' whiskey for the way,

And I sure would like some sweet company,

And I'm leavin' tomorrow what do you say?

When I'm gone, when I'm goooone,

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone,

You're gonna miss me by my hair you're gonna miss me everywhere, oh,

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone..."

"Really?" Zayn asked from behind me. I put the cup down and faced him.

"Well it wasn't like you guys were gonna find me, anyway. Besides, I was getting really claustrophobic." It's true, I was. I do terrible in enclosed spaces. It's the worst; I'll stick to ample places. He started laughing, and said Niall was 'It'. I decided I would pick an easier place so that wouldn't happen again. Starting to count, I ran upstairs to the balcony. I sat down after closing the door and pulling the curtain shut, and dangled my feet from between the bars and looked out. This had the most amazing view in the world. It looked out onto a gigantic meadow and you could see the mountains way in the distance. If only our house back home had this kind of view. Suddenly the door opened, and Niall sat next to me.

"You hide in the open, and is still the last one found." He said.

"I got skills," I replied, laughing. Things got quiet and we just looked out at the scenery. It was peaceful, and beautiful.

"It really is a beautiful scene, isn't it?" He asked after a while.

"Definitely," I replied. I glanced over at Niall and noticed he was looking at me. I looked over at him, fully, and I got caught in his eyes. I noticed him start leaning in closer, and I did too. Soon our lips were hovering over eachother, brushing slightly. But we couldn't go farther, not again. We pulled apart reluctantly, and looked at each other.

"Wait for me?" I asked. I was scared of the answer, scared of what could happen to Niall if anyone found out, and just plain scared. I couldn't deny what I was feeling, though. I was falling, hard.

"Always. They just don't know about us," He said. I let a sly smile escape to my lips. Eventually we had to get up and go back to everyone else, but I didn't want to. Although, we did find our song. "They Don't Know About Us". 


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