Age is Just a Number, Love is Infinite

Fiahna is a twelve year old girl. She is a major directioner, and knows almost everything about them. She thinks about them all the time, she's dedicated. Finally, at the end of seventh grade her and her friends- Hanna, Allie, Elaha, and Jakelyn- got tickets to a One Direction concert! They were so excited, they made up dances to all of One Directions songs. Little did they know that would be the reason their dreams came true. What will happen? Is there any way that any of them could date a member of One Direction? Read on and find out :) xx


1. 1D Day

Fiahna's POV

It was a normal "1D Day" A.K.A. Tuesday. My stupid, annoying alarm blarred. Six thirty, great. At least I talked myself out of taking a shower this morning, so I took one last night. I got up and went across the apartment to the kitchen. I made a bowl of cereal, I grabbed a fork- I refuse to use spoons, for Liam. After breakfast I went back to my room to figure out what to wear. I decided on my grey Niall T-shirt. Then I put on my favorite shorts, and "Zayn Jacket"- the blue jacket Zayn wears with a red F. I brushed through my hair then shut the light off and got my dogs out of the room. By the time I got my black and red converse on I still had twenty minutes left, of course. I put on One Direction, and went to the middle of the living room and started jumping around, fliping my hair and messed it all up. Maybe that's why it's always frizzy. I heard a knock on the door, and immediatly my dogs started barking like crazy. I shut the music off, grabbed my bag and walked outside to go to school.  The car ride was quiet- for me- like usual, except for the occasional One Direction song, or the radio host talking about them.

I finally got to school, and looked around for Hanna, Elaha, Jakelyn,or Allie so I could fangirl. I walked to the other side of the school to my homeroom, and there they were. We each showed each other our shirts and laughed. We talked about One Direction news until the first bell rung so Jakelyn, Allie, and Hanna walked to their classrooms. Elaha's in my homeroom so she stayed, obviously. We walked in and sat down. Although a minute later the anouncements came on.

"First off, I would like to have Fiahna Duncan come to the office please, Fiahna Duncan. Fiahna's teachers please escuse her from her classes the rest of the day. She will be back tomorrow for the awards." I was surprised, I didn't know what was going on. Everyone stared at me as I got up and walked out of the classroom. I walked up to the office wondering was I in trouble? I had gotten up to the office, took a deep breath,  and walked in.

The office was as it usually was, quiet, clean, and intimidating. I looked around the corner and saw my mom and Mr. Heinz talking. This is either very good or terrible. I walked over to them and halfway there they noticed me. Their faces were impassive, and that's what scared me the most.

"Hi, uhm am I in trouble or something?" I asked. They just laughed and shook their heads.

"If anything the trouble will be picking what friends to take with you," Mr. Heinz laughed.

"What do you mean?" I asked, very, very confused.

"Considering everything you've done and gone through, we've decided that you deserve a reward." My mom said. What? Before I had a chance to respond Mr. Heinz pulled out six pieces of paper. They were tickets to- what? oh my god. They got me tickets to the One Direction concert, front row. Before I could think, I screamed, and fangirled.

Hanna's POV

I was surprised when Fiahna was called to the office, like, three minutes ago, but not as surprised as when the next announcement came on.

"Sorry for the little interuption, but everyone up here in the office thought it would be better if you knew why Fiahna was called up to the office, especially for five of her friends. So here it is, because of her dedication to school and all of her hard work- since we've never seen such excellence in someone else, we have decided to get her One Direction tickets," There was a gasp in the room, me included, "So here was her reaction," and she played a clip of it. Fiahna screamed, and started hyperventalating and mumbling 'Thank you' and 'Oh my gosh, One Direction!' "So, who will you be taking, other than an adult of course?" Mr. Heinz asked. I held my breath, waiting to hear the answer, to see if I would be meeting One Direction. "Well, just, to my friends, I can only pick five people so don't be mad at me. Okay, I'm taking," she took a breath, "Jakelyn Grant, Elaha Coralise, Allie Sanda, and Hanna Blankenhooper," I couldn't help myself, I shreaked. Every one stared, but at the moment I didn't care. The intercom came back on and she said, "If your name was just called, please come up to the office, and their teachers excuse them from the rest of their classes, they will also be back tomorrow for the awards." I immediatly shoved everything into my backpack, and looked at my teacher, and she nodded, so I ran out of class with all the other students eyes on my back.

I got to the office and went in to see Fiahna, Jakelyn, Allie, and Elaha waiting for me. I dropped my backpack and ran over. We screamed and fangirled to no end, until Fiahna had a thought.

"But, wait, wait, what will we be doing the rest of the day?" She asked. Everyone- including me- shrugged their shoulders.

"I think I can answer that," Mr. Heinz said. He had just walked into the room, and had a smile on his face. "You will be going around and helping in classrooms or taking pictures at lunch, sound good?" He asked. We all nodded, glad we got out of class, and that we wouldn't be bored all day just waiting for the concert. He gave us three cameras, and sent us out to the classrooms. We decided to go to each of our first periods, second, and so on.

Elaha's POV

I still can't get over the fact that I am going to meet One Direction! My idols! I lost count of how many times I thanked Fiahna for picking me. We were starting at her first period, which is english- and honestly, we could've done without that. It's not like anything really bad happens, none of us like the teacher, she never explains anything and tells us what we did wrong in front of the entire class. I don't know one person who likes her. Might as well get it overwith. Jakelyn- ironically the only one of us who doesn't have Ms. Cavenant- knocked on the door. About thirty seconds later the door opened and standing there was Ms. Cavenant. She has black hair, brown hair, and is a little shorter than me- I'm 5'3"- and she's very peppy, and seems almost as peppy as Fiahna, almost- no one is more peppy or hyper than Fiahna.

"How may I help you girls? Oh, congratulations by the way," She said.

"Thankyou, and we're going around the classes and taking pictures, and asking if teachers need any help, so do you need any?" Allie asked, chuckling a bit.

"Uh I think I don't need any right now, we pretty much correct everything other than essays in class, as you should know," She smiled.

"Okay, thank you Ms. Cavenant, see you tomorrow." I smiled, and she shut the door. As soon as the door was shut, we bolted to the next class. We went through the next periods, but stopped before fifth for lunch.

"Do you think anyone would be mad at me?" Fiahna asked.

"It's not like they could pick for you, and besides it was your choice because you earned it. I don't know how anyone can can be mad at you for that." Hanna reassured her. She nodded, but I don't know if she was convinsed.

"We've got to go around and take pictures anyway," She said. We all nodded, we've always wanted to go around with the cameras and take pictures, it looked fun. We went to our table first, just to see our friends. We came up behind them and went to the end of the table. They looked up and I said "Smile!" and snapped a picture.

Fiahna's POV

I was still very nervous, and wasn't sure of my other friends reactions, especially Melanie. She's a major directioner, but she's also after Niall and always tells me I have no chance. She gets on my nerves almost every day, but we're still friends because she's friends with everyone else. We recieved smile's, greetings, and jokes from everyone except Melanie. She gave me a death glare, and I knew an arguement was coming, but I frankly didn't care.

"I have one question. Why them? I'm a much bigger 'Directioner' than them," Melanie stated, standing up.

"Well, first off they are always nice to me, and are people I enjoy being around, two they deserve it, and three there's no way you are a bigger directioner than them, not that it would matter anyway." I said. We were staring each other down, until I shook my head and laughed.

"All you are is mean, and a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life," I sang. I may not like Taylor Swift, but I'll sing her song if it means I show up Melanie. I smiled then turned around and walked away.

"Let's just enjoy this day, shall we? Oh do you guys want to hang out at my house after school? We could start making up dances and posters." Hanna asked. We all agreed, and finished the day happily.

"Yay! Now we can spend the rest of the day at Hanna's! Maybe we could go shopping for outfits! You know what's funny? Sassy! She's so cute, but acts all innocent and sad! I feel like I'm mumbling on and on and on an-"

"Fiahna, you're awesome, but shut your face." Allie said. We all started laughing, and headed to Allie's. This has been a great day, first I get One Direction tickets, then I get out of classes with my friends, then I finally get rid of Melanie, and now I'm going to hang out at Hanna's. This day can't get any better, not to mention it wasreally a 1D Day!





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