For Keeps

Maddy and her best friend Fay join the school in London Maddy's favorite cousin Harry attends. They meet his four other band members and form new friendships that may eventually blossom into more. This journey takes through hardships and moments of joy. The real question is at the end of their journeys will they find true happiness?


4. Chapter 4

Niall’s POV
They just got here and Hazza is so excited, its adorable. “Hi I’m Madeline! You can call me Maddy” the girl with the auburn hair said to me with a friendly smile, she must be Hazza’s cousin. Which means the other girl was her best friend, Fay. She was gorgeous, I’d never seen anything like her. She had long blond hair and the bluest, most piercing eyes I’d ever seen, with just the perfect pinch of grey hiding in them. She was extremely fit and had the cutest smile on her face. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. "Hi I'm Niall," I started when Maddy stopped me, "I know who you are silly! Haz has told me so much about you!" Oh no. Was any of it bad? Now I feel terrible, I always zoned out when he talked about the girls! "Don't worry, it's all good though." She said with a smile, as if she could read my mind. She turns around and starts talking to Louis. I see Fay, still chatting away with Harry. They look so happy to see each other, just catching up. I walk over to Zayn who was almost shaking. “Zayny boy, are you ok?” I try to ask with a soft, reassuring smile. “I’m fine, just a little sleep deprived, I don’t want to be rude and leave though.” he replied. He hadn’t even turned around from the little pizza cup snacks set on the snack table since the girls got here, something more was obviously wrong. I left him alone to think for a little while as I walked away with a little smile and a handful of the snacks. After a few minutes he stopped shaking and walked over, he said he felt much better, I was glad. But Fay was still on my mind. We hadn’t even talked yet, or looked each other in the eyes, but she had to be mine. That was all I knew at the time, this time, the beautiful girl would be mine.
Zayn’s POV-
I stopped shaking and went over to tell Nialler thanks and that I was doing better. I turn to walk over to Harry and see a girl, who I assume was Fay since Madeline was talking to Louis. My heart nearly stopped, she was so gorgeous. It seemed like I was in one of those movie scenes, where the fit girl has her back to you talking to someone else, then starts to laugh, flips her hair, and turns to see you, shoots you a stunning smile, and continues her conversation. This seemed so unreal, I had fallen for the blond haired, blue-grey eyed, American beauty who I hadn’t even had a conversation with. I wanted her in my arms at this moment so badly. She had to be mine, I needed someone in my life right now, and she was that person.
Louis POV-
I've been talking to Maddy for maybe half an hour now, she's very fit, and has gorgeous auburn hair. I could do naughty things to her. Maddy excuses herself from the conversation so she can go meet the other lads some more. To occupy myself I walk over to the snack table and grab a carrot, it happened to be the same one Fay, or who I'm assuming she was, was grabbing. Time froze, she was the most stunning being I have ever seen. "Oops sorry, my fault! Hi I'm Fay, I don't believe I've introduced myself yet." said the most ravishing human being I have laid my eyes on. I had no idea what to say and so I said "H-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-" unable to spit out the 'i'. Stupid me. What is she thinks somethings wrong in my head? "Haha, what was that?" she asked with the cutest smile I have ever seen. "I'm sorry, I'm just bad around new people. Um, my names Louis and no, really, it's my fault." I said, now able to calm myself. This was such an odd feeling, I never had trouble around girls! "Well nice to meet you Louis. I really like your shirt!" she exclaimed with some perkiness in her voice. "I bet you'd like what's under it too." I said with a wink, back to my over-confident self. She laughed, oh her laugh made my heart, what's the word? ....Glow. And I loved every second of it. "I bet I would too." she said winking back, she was a little kinky, I liked that. But all I wanted to do was hold her in my arms, I didn't want to do dirty things to her, or let anyone hurt her. I just wanted me and her together. "Now, um, do you by chance know where I can find a bathroom?" she asked with a shy smile. "The lou is right through that door" I reply with, what I hope was a cute smile.

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