For Keeps

Maddy and her best friend Fay join the school in London Maddy's favorite cousin Harry attends. They meet his four other band members and form new friendships that may eventually blossom into more. This journey takes through hardships and moments of joy. The real question is at the end of their journeys will they find true happiness?


3. Chapter 3


Chapter 3:
*Fast Forward 3 Weeks, Maddy and Fay’s arrival*

Maddy’s POV
I had forgotten how beautiful London was! It’s been at least four years since I’ve been here last. I am excited to just have a fresh start and experience the London life, especially to experience it with Fay! Fay had been my best friend since she moved here in the fifth grade and no one else would talk to her at first since she’s American. There isn’t anybody else I would want to have this experience with. I was just nervous that things would change between us, I didn’t want that to happen, she was just too important to me. Meeting Harry’s mates was going to be fantastic! He’d told me so much about them I felt like I already knew them. And to be at the same school with Hazza was gonna be so amazing! We’d been two peas in a pod since we were just in diapers. We had moved all of our stuff into our dorm finally-which is amazing- and now we had to get ready to go hang out with Harry and his friends, the only problem was I had absolutely no idea what I was going to wear. “Fay!” I yelled “Maddy!” she yelled back from the other room, “I have nothing to wear.” I groaned   “Yeah thats why you brought like ten huge boxes of clothes!” She sarcastically replied. She was right, I had plenty to wear. So I picked out a super cute sweater dress, pattern tights, some boots, and a leather jacket. Perfect. I slapped on some eyeliner and mascara and I was ready to go. I looked about as good as I was gonna get.

Fay’s POV
“Well?” I hear from behind me, I turned around and looked “Damn girl you look gorgeous!” I said in a New York accent. Maddy giggled that cute little laugh of hers, “Lets go!” she exclaimed “Cute boys await!” And off we went, this was going to be an amazing night, I could feel it already. Especially in my new leather pants, black suede booties, and everyday white tee.

Harry’s POV
I was so excited! I hadn’t seen Maddy in so long and I was almost positive her and the lads would get on great! I was excited to see Fay too, she had always been so fun. “Haz, are they coming soon?” asked Zayn “Yeah, they just texted me and said they were almost here” I replied. “Yay! I’m excited!” screamed Louis, always the enthusiastic one. “HAZZA!” I heard a girls voice scream. “MADDY!” I screamed back, she ran up to me and hugged me. Fay ran up and joined the hug. They looked amazing, and so much older, I couldn’t believe it.
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