Forgetting is So Hard to Do (sequel to The Direction Love Travels In)

Sequel to The Direction Love Travels In. Takes place 6 months after Kaylynn's death. It shows how each individual character changes and moves on. For some it's harder to do. And it's the ones you least expect. Kaylynn finally earns her wings. And Louis and Bella advance their relationship


13. Surprises

   Amber unpacked her bags in her room. The tears came back to her eyes as she remembered the love she left behind. she missed Niall..she wanted him to be here with her. Tears streamed down her face as she remembered the memories they made, the precious, the few.

     Niall snuck into the hotel room he had just rented before arrriving. He threw his bags onto the bed and changed into his jeans and a nice clean shirt. He fixed his hair quick and grabbed his wallet and phone. He practically ran out of the hotel room and caught the first cab he could find. He had to see amber... he couldn't live without a proper goodbye. He bought flowers and got back into the cab. He got there as soon as possible. niall ran to the door and rang the doorbell.

A tall well built man opened the door with a smile. "Umm hello... what can I do for you sir..." he asked hesitantly as he looked to the flowers In Niall's hand.

" Is Amber there? I really need to talk to her...I have to see her..." niall pleaded.

Amber's dad gave him a weird look. "Look kid... if she broke up with you I'm sure she had a really good reason to..." he began, niall interrupted him.

"Break up? What? No...she just left and I followed her here...all the way from Pennsylvania... I didn't get to say goodbye..." Niall explained holding back tears.

Amber's dad patted nialls shoulder. "She's upstairs...3rd door from the left..." he said as he backed away from the door. He was shocked that this.boy flew all the way here to say goodbye to his daughter. He knew right away that this one was a keeper.

niall smiled and thanked him before running up the stairs to her room. He stood in the doorway and smiled at her. "Amber..." he said softly.

Amber turned around slowly and gasped when she saw niall standing in her door way. She ran to him and wrapped her arms around him real tight. "Oh my gosh niall!!" 

Niall hugged her back and rested his chin on her head. "I didn't get to say goodbye...." he whispered.

Amber pulled away and looked up at him."I waited for you...I didn't know if you were coming...I didn't see you..." she replied her voice shaky.

Niall laughed softly. "Funny story wouldn't let me through....I bought the next flight out and you wouldn't believe the amount of fans that just happened to be on that one plane my god. All the girl next to me kept talking about how was how much she loves me I was like oh god please don't recognize me" he explained with a laugh. Amber laughed with tears in her eyes. Nialll wiped her tears with his thumb and kissed her forehead. "I couldn't bare being without you.." niall whispered.

Amber smiled. "I missed you so much...I haven't stopped crying since last night." She said softly.

Niall pulled her back into a tight hug. "your dad scared me" he laughed softly.

"yeah he's pretty big" amber replied with a laugh as she pulled away and looked into his eyes. "you look exhausted..."

Niall looked back into her eyes with the same smile he wore before. A smile he had renewed after he met amber.  He couldn't answer amber, he was just so astounded by her beauty. Love had brought him all the way here. Love had made him buy that ticket and rush to ambers arms. Love was real, this was love.

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