Forgetting is So Hard to Do (sequel to The Direction Love Travels In)

Sequel to The Direction Love Travels In. Takes place 6 months after Kaylynn's death. It shows how each individual character changes and moves on. For some it's harder to do. And it's the ones you least expect. Kaylynn finally earns her wings. And Louis and Bella advance their relationship


5. Stranger With Her Face

"you actually followed me on twitter not to long ago.." she admitted excitingly.

niall smiled. "did i?" he asked. amber nodded and continued to grin

"yeah! oh my god i cant beilieve im here with niall horan..." she murmmerd to herself.

niall let out a little laugh. "youre cute princess"

 amber blushed majorly "god did you just..oh my god you called me princess....okay amber calm down dont blow this..." she exhaled slowly.

niall laughed. "so youre a really big fan than?". he hadnt felt happy for a while. its like amber had cast a spell on him.

 "like maybe the biggest one.!" she looked down to the ground. "okay well um please feel free to deny this but.." she looked back to him "since i was fourteen i kinda had this crazy fantasy type thing that i would get my first kiss from you..i mean like i slapped at least six guys who tried to kiss me cuz well i..." he interrupted her with a kiss. it was short and sweet, like a peck, but niall felt a ping in his heart that made it feel like more than a friendly peck. he pulled away and smiled. amber looks shocked

"wow" was all she could manage to say.

niall looked inot her eyes and leaned in again and kissed her again. this time slowly and passionately amber didnt hesitate to kiss niall back. she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back matching his slow passionate pace. niall gripped her waist with his hands and kissed her more passionatley. she pulled away and smiled. "woah there nialler..." she laughed.

niall laughed nervously and ran his hand through his hair. "sorry i uh..." he began.

"no dont be sorry i just well woah." she interrupted. the taxi came to a stop.

"okay love birds nialls gotta go..." the driver announced.

niall flashed amber one last smile. "here" he said as he scribbled something onto a small slip of paper and then got out of the car. amber looked down at the paper to see he had written his number on it. the taxi driver winked at her and then dropped her off at her usual spot.

     Niall walked into his house with a wide grin on his face. he hadnt felt this good in a while. he walked to his room and sat on his bed. he heard the crackling sound of a paper. he picked it up. it had his name written neatly on it, the i was dotted with a heart, he immeadiatly knew it was kaylynn who had written this. he unfolded it eagerly as his eyes read it hungerily.

"dear niall,

     Love is such a complicated thing, I'd like to put it all down in words. Before I begin, I'd like to tell you I love you. And I remain true to every letter of it.

   You remain the love of my life, even though my life has ended. It will never be easy, I know... I've embraced changes with you, and I began seeing life with you. But then again, love has to work two ways. i dont want you clinging onto the sad memories of you and me. i want you to smile when you remember me, not cry.

     Before you came into my life, I'm carried along my past with me. I was never perfect, never been a god of best things. And I will never be perfect, i mean nobody is. I may have difficulties dealing with things that happened before, I had no control of my fate my life was drawn for me, but then life is a true beauty for everyone. It always brings realization for wrong-doings, it hones everyone's dream. And to focus on what lies ahead is always one great moment to look forward to. I won't be wallowing on the errors of the past, I can tell everyone my story, but whatever it was that happened before remains undoable. It can only be rectified by the future.

It's always hard to tell someone your dark sides, and being accepted for what and who you are is another hard thing to do. I never dreamt of temporary things, because then it would only make me happy for a little while. Since I was younger I learned to be happy with what I have. Enjoying life with the simplest things is best. But enjoying simple things with the one you love is even better.

When I started dreaming with you, I set aside all my personal problems and tried living in the moment. BUt time caught up to me and it was my time to go. I've learned to accept my burden and move on, thats' what you have to do.

Niall, I was never impeccable, but when you walked into my life you complete me. You make me feel blessed, and your love leads me to the road of happiness. Everyday, every moment, every single second, just a thought of you makes my world go around and i would just forget about what might come next.

I'll continue holding your hand till the world sets itself in a place I don't know. Now when you touch my hand and let it go, I won't say no. All I want is your happiness, I want to see you smiling all throughout your lifetime.

Far out there, someone better is deserving of your love. Way up there, somebody is more ideal than what I got. But with all of these things, with all the lies that world can give. One thing remains so true. One thing till death I know I will treasure and won't make me feel blue. i love you with ever last piece of my heart. i will never forget you. so please go on and live with a smile. i love you

-yours forever and truly


     niall began to cry again as the depressed feeling returned. he was stupid to think he would ever get over her anad move on because that would be impossible. for a moment he had forgotten about the identical girl he had met and kissed in the taxi until his phone went off from a text.

"is this nandos? i think i got a fake number.."

niall laughed, it was amber. "nope this is niall lol" he replied as he saved her number to his phone.

"okay wow ummm this is real not dreaming or something.. right?"

niall laughed. "as far as i know this is 100% real." he responded. niall laid back onto the bed letting the note drop to the floor. he and amber texted for what seemed like hours. he learned that she was only 19 years old and was from Rhode Island. she went to Boston College with a Soccer scholarship. apparently she was an amazing player.

"wait whats soccer" he asked.

"lol i think you call it football.." she replied.

niall laughed. "oh well then...i challenge you to a 'soccer' game"

 "pshh ill kick your irish butt"

 "so uh me and the boys are playing a concert real soon here in hershey. would you like to go..i can get ya tickets" he offered.

"i already got tickets... thats why im ill be there.." she smiled at her phone.

"will i see you at the meet and greet than?" he askeed.

"no" she responded. "yes" he corrected her.

"huh?" she asked.

"ill give you the passes...tomorrow at Starbucks?" he asked trying to set up a date. he wanted to see her again

":) sounds good to me

"great.. ill see you there! hows noon sound?"

"il be there" she replied "but i got to go now! promised my mom id get some studdying done while i was here! ill talk to you later!"

"bye" niall replied. he put his phone down on the table. he breathed slowly and smiled. he hadnt felt this good in a whille . his phone went off again. he picked it up to see a message from harry.

Harry had texted him "im really sorry for what went down todat..i kinda lost control.... meet me at ihop?"

niall didnt want to go alone he texed amber. "hey um on second thought how about you me and harry meet up at IHop?" he asked. he prayed to the high heavens that she would accept his invitation.

"omg of course! studying is the last thing i want to do right on my way." she replied. niall smiled and got into his car driving to ihop.


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