Forgetting is So Hard to Do (sequel to The Direction Love Travels In)

Sequel to The Direction Love Travels In. Takes place 6 months after Kaylynn's death. It shows how each individual character changes and moves on. For some it's harder to do. And it's the ones you least expect. Kaylynn finally earns her wings. And Louis and Bella advance their relationship


11. No Regrets

Faith slid her hands under Zayn's shirt and moved them up his bare stomach as she leaned in closer to the kiss. she pulled away shortly as she peulled his shirt off.she smiled and then slide her hands up his stomach while pushing him down slowly onto the couch. she kissed him again. Zayn put his hands on her waist and gripped them firmly as he kissed her back. he slowly slid his hands up to her bra and fidgeted with the hook. he un strapped it and pulled away as he slipped bother her shirt and her bra off. he kissed down her neck as she leaned her head back. he held her breasts in his hands as he kissed her neck.

things happened to fast for Faith to change her mind. within minutes she had felt an amazing amout of pleasure and pure guilt. now they lay close togeher cuddling on the couch. "what did we just do?" she whispered.

"its going to be okay..this will br our little secret" he replied as he held her tightly.Faith nodded solemly as she spaced out.

she escaped his embrace and threw her clothes on. "zayn.... look...i dont know what came over me.. but i love harry and.." she began. Zayn smiled.

"no worries...i was a one time thing." he replied. Faith shook her head and ran her fingers through her hair. she screwed up bad, real bad. she walked out of the shack leaving zayn alone in there.

He stood up off the ratty old couch and slipped his clothes on. if harry ever found out about what had happened, that would be it for him. Zayn Knew harry was still hung up over what had happened with bella and now he just went and had sex with Harry's new girlfriend. Zayn fixed his hair and sighed. he truely was a Bradford Bad Boy.

Harry looked all around for faith, still there was no sight of her anywhere. he heard the back door open and shut. he turned to see faith with her head hung low. he flashed her a smile. "there you are! I couldnt find you anywhere!' he stepped closer to see that she was crying. he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. "whats wrong love? is everything okay?" he asked feeling concerned for the girl that stole his heart with just one look. she remained silent and cried harder. "do ypu wanna talk about it?" he asked. she shook her head and looked up into his eyes.

His Naive expression broke her heart, just like she was going to break his. not today, not tomorrow. hopefully he'd never find out. Harry kissed her forehead. "I know that your life has been rough and scary, but i promise you that everything is going to get better. you're with me now..." he smiled and wiped her tears with his thumb.

she hugged him tightly crying even more. "im sorry harry..i love you" she sobbed. harry held her tight and kissed the top of her head again.


Niall stepped out of his shower and dried off. he wrapped his towel around his waist and picked up his brush and looked in the mirror singing loudly. "HIT THE PEDAL HEAVY METAL SHOW ME YOU CARE! I WANT YOU TO ROCK ME, ROCK ME, ROCK ME YEAH." he laughed and brushed his hair back. his heart felt complete. for once he felt one hundred percent happy for once.

Niall changed into some new clothes and sat on the edge of his bed and looked at his phone. "Devan's 7:30 ?" he texted amber. he put his phone back into his pocket and went back to the mirror and gelled his hair up into a quiff like he always use to do. his phone buzzed he took it out and read it with a smile.

"yeah sure i just gotta finish up my paper and ill meet you there :)" she replied.

"great meet you there xx" he sent and continued primping in the mirror. He still had a whole hour to wait when he finished making himself look good. he called and made reservations and then sat on his bed thinking of something to do that will occupy his time. he took out his laptop and signed onto his twitter. he tweeted about his date "cant wait to take my princess out tonight!" he attached an image of him and amber smiling and him kissing her cheek.

Amber replied to his tweet "aww niall :3"

niall smiled and replied "hey finish your paper girl i wanna spend the rest day with you!"

It was amazing as he watched all the retweets rise. he went and retweeted fans who complimented Him and Amber.

"any mash up names?" he tweeted. withen seconds he got over a thousand responses.

"NAMBER!" somebody replied.

niall liked that one.he quote retweeted it and added "@amberrose whatta you think about this one?"

amber replied with a smile. "cute :)"

     Niall and Amber met at Devan's, one of the Nicest restaurants in Hershey. they sat at the table and looked over the menu. "so um about that concert tomorrow.." amber began as she put her menu down.

Niall put his down too and looked at her. "yeah what is it princess?" he asked with a smile.

"well i kinda cant go.." she replied reluctantly. "my mom wants me to come back home..she paid for my trip and i sold my tickets and everything already sorry.." she exlplained holding back her tears.

"wait you mean you're leaving me.... i mean hershey.." he says starting to feel that sad feeling again. He didn't want to loose another girlfriend.

"yeah.. tonight actually." she said her voice shaky. Niall didnt know what to do, how to react. he remained silent holding back tears and looking into her eyes. amber broke the stare and looked down towards the table. "im sorry"

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